Chapter 3 - My Second Chance

Sapphire's P.O.V

I walked down the stairs to the hall. People were still eyeing me from the corner of their eyes. Hell, I have been here for hours... Can they stop doing that? I mentally yelled at these perverts.

"Hey Sapph. Over here." Bella patted a seat beside her.

I smiled in appreciation and plopped down beside her.

"Hey. Can I talk to you a second?" A voice asked as soon as I sat down. I looked up to see Leo's face. "Sure." I said unfazed. "Uhh. Cool." He said, surprised that I answered so nonchalantly. "Hey.. I'm gonna go talk to Leo for a sec. Save my seat." I stood up, telling Bella and Willow before leaving. Willow shot me a disapproving look but didn't stop me.

I followed him to the small lawn beside the house. The place that used to hurt me so much, the place where he rejected me.

"Why are we here?" I crossed my arms. "I know that I hurt you terribly and I want to apologize... Right now, I , Leonard Nico McCain, accept you as his mate." He said, looking into my eyes.

I was shocked. Not to mention angry.

He stepped forward and cupped his hands on my cheeks. I didn't feel loved, like a mate would. I felt disgust. Disgusted that he only accepted me because of my looks. Disgusted that he still had the balls to actually make a move on me. I grabbed his wrist. I judo flipped him and slammed him into the ground.

He groaned.

"I'm sorry, dear..." I sneered. "I bet you never accounted for this twist of events. I, Sapphire Beyonce Jackson, reject you, Leonard Nico McCain, as my mate." I smirked. His eyes widened, before a pained expression overcame his face. His hand reached up to clutch his chest. "What? You must be kidding. Nobody, and I mean nobody, have turned me down before." Leo still had a pained expression on. "Well, let me be the first." I said and spun around, wanting to head towards the pack house. "Don't you still want me?" He called out behind me. "That's where you're wrong. I am over you. You don't effect me anymore." I said coldly before walking to the house.

"Sapphire. I want you. I'm taking back whatever I did wrong. I admit it was one of the stupidest thing I've ever done." He called out behind me. "I won't fall for your player ways like the others did, Leo." I snapped.

I turned to glare at him. "Do you know how much you actually hurt me? I was treated like a loser in this pack, just for how I looked. You have pretty privilege and you take full advantage of that. I'm not the same dumb girl anymore. I worked on myself, both on looks and character. You do not deserve me anymore. Getting rejected by you was the undoubtedly the BEST thing that has ever happened to me."

He disgusted me. Out of everything he has said to me since I arrived home, it has all been about how I looked physically. He said that he wanted me, as if I was an item.

With that, I disappeared from his sight into the entrance of the pack house.

How dare he likes us just because of your looks... Gwen snapped. I know. That's why we aren't going to accept him. He's not worth our time, I reassured her. I'm going to kill him one day, Drew cut in.

Drew, no killing, I rolled my eyes.

Hmph, Drew said and went to the back of my mind.

I found my seat beside Bella and sat down. "What happened?" She asked concerned. "He wanted me back." I growled. "And?" Willow raised an eyebrow. "I rejected him." I shrugged. Two big grins appeared on their faces.

"Good job, baby girl." Willow cooed and messed up my hair. "Don't call me baby girl. That's just weird. Stop messing with my hair too." I grumbled, soothing down my messed up hair. I got a cheeky grin for an answer.

Just then, the Alpha Graysen walked in. He flashed me a quick smile.

What was that for? Gwen grumbled. I threw up a little in my mouth, Drew complained. I inwardly rolled my eyes at them. Seriously though, why would he- Oh God.

Oh dear god no.

"Okay, I know that you have been waiting for a Luna in a long time. I have decided that I can't wait any longer. So, as announced, I have chose a girl here worthy of the position. She is strong and she was rejected by her mate so I don't think her mate will have a problem with that...

Oh hell no. There's only one girl who got rejected in our pack.... and it's me.

No, no, no, no, no, no... I inwardly chanted.

"Sapphire Beyonce Jackson, please come forward. Or should I say, the werewolf that has the honor of being our new Luna." He smiled while clapping. Everyone seemed in shock but followed suit. Each of their claps stressed me out.

I almost puked in my mouth.

Me? What the fuck?!

Go forward, we'll find a way to this, but he is saying this as an Alpha, we can't deny him. Drew ordered. She gets serious and rational in serious cases.

This one, is a really serious one.

I forced my unwilling legs to stand up and walked towards the Alpha. I'd rather be with Leo than be with this old man, Gwen growled. I know, we'll find a way out of this. I reassured her. I plastered a fake yet awkward smile on my face. Internally though, I was seriously freaking out.

This man was like, double my age.

I saw Leo widen his eyes in shock in the corner of my eye. Alpha Graysen slung an arm around my shoulder which made Gwen growl inwardly. I forced back a shiver. Willow and Bella was shooting each other with looks of horror.

"Give her an applause." He ordered. The others politely applauded. Girls had sympathetic and relieved look on their faces.

Bitches, Drew growled at them. Hey, stay low. I ordered her before she got too angry. She growled once more but kept quiet.

"The wedding will be at 7 tomorrow night. That way, we can have pups earlier. The earlier the better." He grinned, running a finger down my face. I froze. "Until then, my Luna." He blew me a kiss before turning to leave. Gross.

I'm pretty sure that my eyes will turn into fountains soon. That is exactly what happened in the next five minutes.

I rushed to my bedroom with Willow and Bella behind me.

I slammed the door shut and plopped onto the bed, crying. I cried and cried and cried, tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably. This is just a dream, just a dream. I chanted to myself. But what I wanted to believe wasn't true. And I knew, that it wasn't a dream.

What did I do?! What did I do to deserve this? I yelled mentally. Anger coursing through my veins.

I didn't like Graysen. I have made up my mind to spend the rest of my life quietly, away from the opposite sex. I wanted to just live my life.

How is this fair? I left to change my life. How is this happening right when I came back to start a new life?

Before I knew it, I fell asleep.

The tear stains on my pillow getting larger with each passing second.