Chapter 4 - My Second Chance

Sapphire's P.O.V

I heard soft footsteps shuffling to my right. My ears perked up while my eyes remained closed.

I jumped up and sprang into fighting position on reflex.

"Gosh! Chill, Sapph!" Bella squealed near me. "Shh.. Bell, shut up!" Willow whispered yelled.

"Will? Bell?" I called softly, reaching for the light switch. "Don't turn the lights on. You'll give us away." Willow voice rang out in the darkness. I felt her hand softly smack mine away from the switch.

I reached for my bedside lamp instead. I pulled the little string and a dim and barely-there light appeared. I could make out the figures of my best friends near my bed. "What are you guys doing here?" I asked yawning, rubbing my sore eyes. My brain was spinning from some thoughts I had even while I was asleep.

I just had an awful dream... something about marrying the Alpha.

"What? Did you really think that we would actually let him marry you? Gosh Sapph." Bella huffed.

"Wait... It... It wasn't a dream?" My voice came out shaky. Tears were starting to well in my eyes. Suddenly, the full force of panic mixed with unwillingness slammed into my heart in full force again. Events from the previous night returned, replaying in my head.

"Shh... Sapph, please don't cry... Shh,Sapph..." Willow pleaded. Bella hugged me as I cried into her shoulder. She started shaking too and I realised she was quietly sobbing along with me. Willow laid each her hands on our back. The feeling of her hand comforted me, acting as the last string of sanity I had left.

First, my mate rejected me.

Then I’m forced to marry some one else I had nothing but dislike for.

"How can he do this to me? I.. I don't want want to marry him." I hiccuped. For once, I felt powerless and scared. Gwen whimpered in my head while Drew growled in anger. "You won't." Willow said firmly.

"How? He's our Alpha... I've to follow his orders, I can't deny him of anything." I sobbed. "You can and we will." Bella said.

"We?" I asked, rubbing my tears away with my sleeve. Willow tossed me a backpack and a hand carry luggage. I caught it with ease despite the weight. "What are these for?" I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion. What Bella said next made my heart leap in fear and excitement.

"Go. Run away to the city."

"But how? How will I do that?" I asked, ignoring the purring Gwen. She seems to like the idea. "We'll cover for you. It's three in the morning now. It's just the right time to leave." Willow said. "Now? As in run away now?" I widened my eyes. Fear gripped my heart. My breath was caught in my throat.

"No Sapph, run in the middle of all your dress fittings or after you get married dear." Bella said sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes at her, but not before she managed to pull a small smile from me.

"But- What will I do without you guys?" I asked. My thoughts were suddenly all about the people I I’ll leave. The people I love that I would have to leave behind. Tears sprung in my eyes and started rolling down my cheek.

"Sapph... You are an amazing girl. You deserve better. You can't just stay and actually mate with that man with rotting teeth." Willow said softly. I lightly laughed at her last comment. "She's right. He doesn't

deserve an amazing girl like you. Just remember... We love you, Sapph. You are our best friend. You mean the world to us." Bella stood, her hand lightly gripping my shoulder.

"You are strong willed, beautiful, confident. You are everything a girl would want to be." Willow continued. "You are precious just like your name-Sapphire." Bella finished, smiling at me with watery eyes.

"I love you guys so much. Please don't ever forget me." I said, pulling them in for a hug.

"We love you too and we will never, ever forget you. Ever." Willow whispered. We hugged for a while. None of us willing to be the first to end the moment. Willow was the first to pull away.

"Okay, back to business. We don’t have much time. The hand carry luggage consists of your clothes while the backpack contains bottles of water, snacks, money, a gun with a few extra silver bullets-" She said. "Wait. How did you get money?" I raised an eyebrow. "My parents. I kinda talked to them about it. It was their idea to run away actually." Bella explained.

I smiled. Bella's parents have been parent figures to me since mine died. They were really fond of me. It makes sense this plan would be coming from them. "Tell them thank you and that I'll miss them.” My smile wavered before I added, “a lot. I’ll miss them a lot.” I swallowed back a sob rising in my throat.

Bella gave me a tight smile.

"Go get changed. Preferably something black." Willow said. I nodded. I took a black shirt and black high waisted shorts from the hand carry bag. I went into the bathroom to change. I washed up and brushed my teeth. Trying to speed up in order to not waste time but at the same time, my heart was heavy with unwillingness. I knew in my mind it was something I needed to do, and yet every part of my heart is filled with fear and sadness.

My mind was desperately fighting against my heart.

I looked into the mirror. My own reflection stared back at me. Don't worry, Sapphire. We'll be there for you, Drew smiled. My eyes of my reflection glinted red for a mere second. Yeah, we'll forget everything about the past, except our old friends of course, and have a fresh start, Gwen grinned.

I smiled and took a deep breath. My helpful prep talkers soothing and giving me confidence to go ahead. I readied myself before walking out of the bathroom with a confident grin.

Let's do this.

Three of us crept down the stairs, as quiet as mice. One little sound would alert everyone in the pack. We masked our scent so no one could smell us. We crept across the large lawn and finally reached the borders.

"God.... They have to increase the border protection here. We did this too easily." Willow mumbled and I grinned.

Typical Willow.

My feet were now a mere few inches away from the borders line. Once I stepped out, it would be too late to back out. I would be a rogue.

Free for all packs to attack or hunt.

"So... This is it." I said, turning to them with a sad smile. The cold breeze blowing through the night didn’t help. I felt cold and miserable.

They returned the small sad smiles with eyes full with tears.

"I'll miss you." Bella hiccuped. "I'll miss you too." I whispered, giving her one final big hug. I squeezed, hoping she would understand the hundreds and thousands of words I wanted to tell her. She patted my


She understands.

"Sapphire Jackson... Never forget about us, wherever you are." Willow said solemnly. I nodded before giving her a hug.

We heard a rustle a distance away. It could just be the trees but there was too much at stake to risk anything.

Willow pushed me away, no doubt having the same thoughts.

They looked at me sadly while I did the same.

"It's time to go." Bella whispered. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I couldn't help but think that this was our last hug. Willow pushed me gently towards the direction I needed to go. "Go. Go to the city where Graysen doesn’t have power over you anymore." She said, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Be careful while crossing pack territories. And Sapph, stay alive please." Bella cracked a smile despite the drops of tears rolling down to the edges of her face.

"This isn't goodbye guys." I choked out. Their faces were full of sadness, all three of us doubting it. We said nothing. I took one last look at them. “Bye guys. I love you.”

Without waiting for an answer, I crossed the border line and ran into the dark forest. The darkness swallowed me as I ran into their cold embrace.