Chapter 10 - My Substitute Ugly Wife

The next day.

Gloria was woken up by the ring of her mobile phone.

In order to meet the setting of the bumpkin, when everyone around used smart phones with beautiful appearances and full functions, she still used the old machine that can only make phone calls and send messages.

Taking the cell phone, and looking at the remarks, she suddenly woke up.

She hesitated for a moment before she got through: "Dad."

Loren's voice was always serious: "did you go home yesterday? Who sent you back? "

He as a father called a newly married daughter, but just asked such a trivial question. Gloria only felt cold.

Usually, Loren seldom called her. He called to ask about this suddenly. Gloria doubted his intentions.

But she still told the truth: "it's the cousin of Kenny."

Loren pondered for a moment at that end, and then said, "when you have time, take your sister to Clarke family and introduce some suitable young men to her to let her make more friends."

The meaning of his words was clear.

After she left the villa of Taylor family yesterday, "Leon" and Anne may have met.

Anne was likely to like "Leon", so she wanted her to create chances to meet each other for her.

These father and daughter had a good thought.

It were Kenny and Anne who made a marriage agreement, but in the end she married Kenny.

Then, they used her as a springboard to find another excellent man to be Anne’s husband.

Everyone in the Shanghai knew that except Kenny, his cousins were all capable.

A trace of self mockery appeared in Gloria's eyes. Anne was him own daughter but She was his own daughter as well.

How can they be inclined so much?

Gloria endured the grievance and tried to keep the voice calm: "I would like to take my sister to Clarke house, but I haven't seen Kenny until now."

Loren became angry immediately, hearing that she didn't even see Kenny.

"You even haven't even seen my husband. You are useless. You still have the face to go home?"

Gloria felt sad, bearing the tears . her tone didn’t change at all."you can send elder sister to Clarke house, maybe Kenny would like to see her? I'm not his real wife. Why does he want to see me? "

Kenny who came out of the bathroom just heard her.

She sat on the bed. Her hair was dark and thick like seaweed, and her fingers were holding her mobile phone. He could see the raised blue blood vessels because of too much force. Her watery eyes were full of tears but she was stubborn and the tears did not flow out. The delicate figure made him want to comfort her.

Kenny squinted his black eyes and found that the new wife looked more and more pleasant.

The person at the other end of the phone said something. Gloria’s face turned white. She didn't talk or hang up.

Kenny went straight to her, grabbed her cell phone and hung up.

Oh, this woman even used this kind of mobile phone.

Then, he looked down at Gloria. She couldn’t know his emotion from his indifferent voice"If you do not want to listen, You could just ignore."

Gloria looked up in a hurry, tears still in her eyes. She felt that his face was not clear.

But strangely, she heard comfort in his words.

But at the next moment, she widened her eyes "how am I in bed?"

She gave up her bed to the injured man. And she slept on the sofa last night!

"You got on the bed by yourself." Kenny said without expression. He went to the bed and lay down beside her.