My Substitute Ugly Wife

My Substitute Ugly Wife

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Chapter: 20
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Synopsis about My Substitute Ugly Wife

Read My Substitute Ugly Wife by L.X. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereHer half-blooded elder sister, Anne Taylor didn’t want to marry that ugly and disabled man. So her biological mother knelt down to beg her, “She deserves a better man. Please, help her.” Those words broke her heart. Being hurt deep, she decided to marry that ugly and disabled man instead of her elder sister. On the day of wedding, the handsome man frowned, saying with disgust, “You are too ugly.” She thought they would be like this and live like strangers in a house, however, this man tore her mask and teased her with smiling eyes while staring at the gorgeous face, “I think we have too many misunderstandings.”
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Chapter 1 You Are too Ugly.

Sitting in front of the dressing mirror, Gloria Taylor was waiting for the makeup artist. The door was opened suddenly, and Tina Taylor came in in a hurry. Seeing Gloria’s messy hair and long gray cotton padded jacket, she scolded, "Clarke’s are all here.Why don’t you change your clothes?" Gloria pushed the black framed glasses on her nose, looking much more dull. She looked down withher eyelids covering her

Chapter 2 As Doing Good.

He deliberately emphasized the word "impotence". His voice was low and attractive, like he was flirtingwith Gloria. The man closed to her on purpose. As his approaching, the sharp and cold aura became stronger. Gloria felt uncomfortable and moved aside. After being doubtful for a few seconds, she chose tobelieve his words. After all, the villa of Kenny was not accessible to ordinary people. "He's your cousi

Chapter 3 The Next Morning

The next morning. Gloria woke up suddenly against the bedhead, only to find that it was already dawn. Kenny didn't come back last night. She was a little relaxed yet worried. It was like a knife hanging on her head; she had to be worried and nervous all the time. …After Gloria bathing and washing, a bodyguard came to take her to the dinning hall. The dinning hall and the kitchen were close. As soon as she en

Chapter 4 Don't Wear Glasses.

The black car stopped in front of Taylor villa. Gloria was about to untie the safety belt when Kenny leaned over. The slender and beautiful fingersgently pressed on the buckle of the safety belt. Pa! The safety belt was released. His handsome face was close at hand. Even if Gloria was calm, she can't help but blush and her heartbeat very fast. There was a panic in her dull eyes. His face was enough to make a

Chapter 5 Like A Servant

When Tina heard "sister-in-law", her face became heavy and she glared at Gloria Gloria bit her lips. Did"Leon" want to kill her? Tina pulled Gloria in the hall of the villa and threw off her hand coldly. She looked at Gloria with a livid face. "Did that man just call you sister-in-law? Is he the cousin ofKenny? " Gloria nodded, "Yes." "Pa!" Tina slapped her in the face heavily, causing her ears buzzing. "Sha

Chapter 6 Take Me Away, Quickly.

Gloria stared at Tina with cold eyes, "apologize? No way. " In Tina's memory, this daughter was really smart and beautiful when she was a child, but as time wentby, she became more uglier and more stupid. This is the first time that she saw such a sharp eyes ofGloria, which made her cold all over. She swallowed her saliva, turned her head and whispered to Anne, "Anne, let her go today. In case thatshe..." An

Chapter Chpater 7 Take It out for Me

Kenny also didn't expect to meet Gloria here. He followed the man to this place, but was attacked unexpectedly. There were many houses and the terrain was complex. He can't distinguish the direction at all. Hewanted to threaten a man to take him away, but he didn't expect to encounter Gloria. He didn't know why, when he saw the stiff face of Gloria, he had an inexplicable sense of trust in hisheart. He put t

Chapter 8 A Clever and Kind Woman.

"What?" Gloria was frightened,"I can't!" Although she hated the man, she feared life. Even though she was born, it was only the trouble caused by Loren and Tina's contraceptive failureand Anne boss her around like a servant in Talyor family these years, she still worked hard to live. She did not know why "Leon" could say such a matter of life and death so lightly, but she would notagree with him. "Do you wan

Chapter 9 He Wanted to Kiss Her.

Gloria looked particularly gentle who put on the medicine for Kenny. This gentleness made Kennymove a little. Then, he wanted to kiss her. She was his wife, and it was right to do anything. But for Gloria, he was "Leon", the cousin of Kenny. He teased her and kissed her again and again, far beyond her endurance. Gloria pushed him away fiercely, far away from him, and said with cold face, "Leon, I am your sis

Chapter 10 Regard Her as a Springboard

The next day. Gloria was woken up by the ring of her mobile phone. In order to meet the setting of the bumpkin, when everyone around used smart phones with beautifulappearances and full functions, she still used the old machine that can only make phone calls and sendmessages. Taking the cell phone, and looking at the remarks, she suddenly woke up. She hesitated for a moment before she got through: "Dad." Lor