Chapter 7 - My Wife is a Hacker by Summer

“You found nothing you like? I think this one is not bad.” Gloria immediately came over to show her a piece of dress.

Norah was jealous that her mom went away as soon as Nicole called her. So, when she saw the clothes in their hands, she went over to them with a plan.

“Mom, this dress looks wonderful, but it is too expensive. Besides, not everyone will look good in it.”

So, was Norah insinuating that she did not look good enough to wear that dress?

Nicole cocked an eyebrow and said, “I am not so fond of a dress like this, but since you have said so, I have got to try it.”

“Okay, try it.” Gloria’s eyes lit up as she instinctively knew that this dress suited Nicole, and so she hurriedly urged her.

Norah did not expect Nicole to say that, and she felt upset at the moment. This hillbilly really dared to try.

Nicole took the dress and disappeared into the fitting room. It was not long before she drew open the door curtain and appeared in this gorgeous dress.

She was used to wearing just pants that were convenient for her to move around. By wearing a dress suddenly, she felt naked.

Nicole usually dressed more casually, but thanks to her curvy body lines, she still looked great, even smart, in T-shirts and pants. Changing into this white dress would not look weird, but make her look skin gelatinous and beautiful.

After letting her long hair down, Nicole and Gloria looked even more alike, so too their temperament.

“Young lady, you look beautiful in this dress.”

“Many people have tried this dress, but none of them look as good as you in it.” The boutique manager sounded flattery, but it was true.

Gloria’s eyes were also filled with elation. “This dress it is. It couldn’t look any better on you.”

Norah looked jealous, as much as surprised.

“Mom, I like this too. Can I try it?”

She was the one who was raised in a wealthy family, so she did not believe that she would lose to a hillbilly.

The boutique manager was caught in the middle. “I am sorry, the clothes in our boutique are all handmade, and this dress is a limited edition of the season, so there is only one piece.”

Gloria was also in a predicament. But seeing that Nicole looked so gorgeous in that dress, she could only say, “Norah, the other clothes in this store are also beautiful. Let’s look at the other pieces.” She then asked the boutique manager to issue the bill and walked toward the cashier counter.

Norah almost stomped her feet in displeasure, but she could not lose her composure. Her mouth twitched as she squeezed a smile.

Nicole sneered.

She had never caused trouble, but she would not run away if someone came looking for trouble. Whoever wanted to affront her, she would surely return the favor.

Nicole was not in a hurry to change back into her clothes. Instead, she walked around the store in front of Norah in this dress and then turned to look at other clothes.

Sensing that Nicole would glow in any dress she wore, just like her, Gloria started to put anything beautiful on her.

Norah saw Gloria buy Nicole several outfits and followed suits, getting herself five to six sets. But Gloria, citing the fact that she already had a lot of clothes, only bought two sets for her.

Norah’s face was looking more and more cast down this afternoon. Seeing that Gloria had been holding Nicole’s hand all day and refusing to let go, the fire of jealousy was about to burst out of her eyes.

“Mom, Norah? What are you all doing here?” A voice suddenly spoke.

Gloria turned her head and saw that it was her son, Steve. “What are you doing here?”

“We are here shopping. Steve, do you miss me today?” Seeing Steve, Norah rushed over and held Steve’s hand, looking like they were very close.

Steve pulled Norah’s hand off his, as he felt awkward when other people were around. “Our company plans to invest in this mall, so I came to check out the situation with the person in charge here.”

Nicole heard from Daniel that her second brother, Steve, was a financial wizard.

“Hi, Steve,” she said hello politely.

Just like Sean, Steve inherited the genes of his parents, born handsome. He looked extraordinary with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. Seeing Nicole, Steve’s eyes lit up. “I just wondered how there was a beautiful girl around my mother. It turns out to be my little sister.”

Nicole smirked, not expecting that this gentle-looking brother of hers was a sweet talker.

Norah pouted, feeling not too happy. “You have never complimented me that way, Steve.”

In more than a decade, they had never been close. Steve could not help but freeze in place. But he quickly responded, saying, “You don’t need me to state the obvious, Norah. You are equally beautiful.”

This obviously sounded insincere. After all, Norah looked much ordinary, and there was actually a slight difference between her and the Riddles.

“Nicole, I am quite busy these days and have no time to go home to see you. But I will bring you out to dinner when I am back in a few days.”

“Sure.” Nicole nodded in agreement.

After saying hello, Steve got busy with his work. Gloria looked on with a smile as Steve and then looked back at Nicole with a doting expression. “Steve’s biggest hobby is to make money, and he is pretty stingy. Judging by his willingness to bring you out to dinner, I guess he values you a lot.”

These words stirred Norah’s jealousy even more.

Indeed, Steve had not invited her to dinner in so many years. But he was so generous to Nicole when Nicole returned.

Was this the difference between biological and non-biological sisters? Why?

She was the sister who had lived with him under the same roof for over ten years, for god’s sake.