My Wife is a Hacker by Summer

My Wife is a Hacker by Summer

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Chapter: 1937
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Read My Wife is a Hacker by Summer by Summer . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereNicole’s life changed drastically when she was reunited with the Riddle family. “Nothing is more important than my sister,” said her eldest brother, the domineering CEO. “You are still a student with no income. Take my credit card and spend however you like,” said her second brother, the financial expert. “I will allow no one to bully you at school,” her third brother, a top student, said. “Why did I compose this song? Because it would put a sweet smile on your face when you hear it,” her fourth brother, a talented musician, said. “You're so delicate. Let me do the dirty work for you if you want to beat someone up,” said her athletic fifth brother. ust when Nicole was barely accustomed to the pampering of her five brothers, she found herself having a fiancé, a nemesis from whom she had hacked a hundred million dollars. She needed to cancel the engagement, no matter what. But he pressed her against the door and said, “How can you run away just like that after stealing my money, you brat?” “Even if I don’t run, I don’t have the money to pay you back,” Nicole acted tough. “Oh, yeah? Then I will take you instead of money.” He then carried her on his back and took her away.
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Chapter 1

On a rainy day in September, drizzle moisturized a mountain town and washed clean the stone streetswith a refreshing earthy smell in the air. An eighteen-year-old girl was on her way to the principal’s office at the only high school in the towncenter. She dressed austerely, but it did not hide the fact that she was beautiful. However, her emotionlesseyes made her look sullen and unapproachable. “Mr. Barrett,

Chapter 2

Regina was not in the same league as Nicole, both in looks and studies. She even did not expect thather family background, which she had always been proud of, was completely eclipsed by Nicole’s, andthis made her feel jealous to the extreme. “Get in the car, Nicole.” In full view of everyone, Sean helped Nicole open the car door like a gentlemanas he looked at her with gentle eyes. “He is so charming. If onl

Chapter 3

Bloodline was something amazing. Even though Gloria had not seen Nicole for many years, she couldrecognize the girl in front of her to be Nicole, her biological daughter, at first glance. Nicole also had this special feeling. So, when Gloria rushed over and hugged her, she did not resist. “Oh, Nicole, I have finally found you.” Gloria choked up. “It was my fault for not protecting you wellenough. I was to bl

Chapter 4

Norah gritted her teeth quietly as her resentment of Nicole grew even more. Sean was really busy. He headed back to his office right afterward. Gloria dragged Nicole into a room that faced east on the second floor. The corner of Nicole’s mouthtwitched when she saw everything inside the room was rose pink, very girly. “We don’t know what you like, but thinking that you are also a girl, we asked Norah for advi

Chapter 5

After all, there was a vast difference between the quality of education in small towns and San Joto. Mr. Riddle Sr. frowned upon hearing that. Gloria had a point. What good teachers could a school in asmall town have? Mr. Riddle Sr. took a deep breath, put down his teacup, and looked at Daniel with a serious face.“Arrange a school for Nicole as soon as possible. The children of the Riddle family should not b

Chapter 6

If Nicole successfully entered the high school of Royal Creek Institute, she would be a sophomore justlike her. What if they were in the same class? The thought of these made Norah sick. “Don’t worry; I won’t let Dad and Mom worry about it. I can get into Royal Creek Institute by myself,”Nicole responded indifferently. “What?” Norah was stunned. “How do you get in by yourself?” She was just a high school stu

Chapter 7

“You found nothing you like? I think this one is not bad.” Gloria immediately came over to show her apiece of dress. Norah was jealous that her mom went away as soon as Nicole called her. So, when she saw theclothes in their hands, she went over to them with a plan. “Mom, this dress looks wonderful, but it is too expensive. Besides, not everyone will look good in it.” So, was Norah insinuating that she did n

Chapter 8

Norah was really upset, her teeth almost sinking into her lip. But she had to put up a fake gentle smileas she followed behind the two. When they arrived home, the three of them noticed a luxury car that they had never seen before parkedup in front of the door. Feeling curious, Gloria entered the house with her two daughters and saw a well-dressed man sittingacross Daniel. Even if the man was not facing them

Chapter 9

Nicole keenly caught a glimpse of the determination in the man’s eyes and suddenly realized that hewas seizing the opportunity of her return and came to sound her out, and encouraged her to withdrawthe marriage arrangement. It seemed that he did not want this marriage either. Just that Mr. Johnston Sr. refused, and so he cameto dissuade her from agreeing to this marriage. Nicole frowned slightly. She did not

Chapter 10

Upstairs, Nicole had taken a shower and gotten changed, finally getting a moment of peace. With nothing to do, she turned on her computer. After fiddling with the normal Windows interface for a while, a mysterious window popped up, revealinga list of The Hunter jobs inside. Looking at the list of jobs, a head portrait flashed in the private chat window. She clicked open it andsaw the teammate codenamed Spect