Chapter 9 - Not Your Mate Anymore

I was tired, bruised and in pain. Barely got any sleep and my body was about to give up on me. Josey and Cj looked about the same too.

It's been 9 years in training and we were ready to give up. We haven't even seen my mom or nana since we got here. Hell, we haven't even met the moon goddess herself. We were tortured and battered daily without fail. Fighting experienced wolves who showed no mercy but I learned some new cuss words along the way after I felt like the ones I was using had little effect

"Do you think they'll actually let us sleep in this time so our wolves can get to healing us?" Josey asks between me and Cj. Cj shrugs not wanting to give false hope to Josey.

"They've been pushing us to fight in our human form Josey. So I doubt they'd want us to go back to relying on our wolves.." I say feeling all sorts of depressed. I haven't shifted in years and I feel like I'm losing Athena. They won't let us shift.

Apparently your wolves are too strong for your bodies and you need to build the strength to be one with the wolf. I don't know why I'm not allowed to shift." Cj says to us. "Granted, I feel stronger now in my human form and I'm sure I can take on a rogue like this but I need to shift soon. My wolf is on edge." He says.

"I just miss Athena. I can deal with the pain if I could just feel her, talk to her, you know..? She's disappeared to the back of my mind. It's like she's not even with me anymore." I say to my siblings.

"Yeah I feel different. My wolf has been nagging me to shift. Sometimes he tries to take control when I'm feeling weak. It's really weird not shifting, I don't know how much longer I can fight my wolf" Cj chimes in..

Cj was right. We were stronger and faster in our human form. We had relied on our wolf so much but we were trained to mostly fight in our wolf form.

A white wolf approaches us..reminding me of my wolf... oh how I miss Athena.

"Hello my children.. you all have done well. I know it's been hard on you and that's why today and for rest of the time that you are here, you will be in wolf form. It is time to let your wolf take control. SHIFT!" She said and we all felt that command. All of a sudden we were shifting without even trying. It was like an out of body experience, I was not in control of my own body so I let go and finally Athena showed herself.

She's happy to come out and I let her have all the power. My eyes turn dark, no hint of purple. Athena is back bitches!

"It is time to unlock the powers I have gifted you my wolves. You know what to do. Cj, your wolf will have different training. Follow the path that leads to the stream, there you will be trained according to your wolf's strengths and weaknesses." She says to him and he walks away.

Then she looks at us and nods her wolfy head at us. "It is time. If you thought the powerful aura your wolf's had was powerful, just you wait. Welcome the new power, let it run through your veins. Let it become you" she says to us.

Within seconds I feel a rush go through me. My whole body was an energy ball ready to explode. I felt alive so alive but it was too much. Athena was in control but its like the power was taking over me too. It was all getting intense, I was starting to feel overwhelmed. It was like electric currents moving

through my veins. I could feel it around my heart, my brain was getting fried. All my childhood memories came back to me.

All that I have forgotten. My mother singing to me. My mom telling me she's going to leave us soon but that we would meet again. As soon as they came they left and it all stopped. I looked up to see a woman standing next to the wolf, a very beautiful woman.

"Hello Sabrina. It is nice to finally meet you." The lady says to me. "I am luna, the moon goddess." She says and Athena bows her head in respect.

She walks over to us and kneels in front of us, "That is not necessary. We are family and I've been waiting for this day for some time now. Shift" she says to Athena who wasn't too happy about that command. I shift back fully healed with no scratch on my body. On the ground is Josey who seemed to have lost consciousness.

"Tell me Sabrina, do you not wonder why a day on earth is 10years here?" Luna asks me.

"I did wonder but I couldn't ask anyone here." I say back to her and then look at Josey on the ground, " Is she going to be okay?" I ask the moon goddess.

"I have too many wolves to take care of. They all need my guidance, they all need me and I need the years to be able to attend to each and every wolf." She says to me. She then walks over to Josey and the wolf licks Joseys wounds and they heal.

"About Josey, she will be ok. The power surge must've drained her. She isn't as strong as you it seems. Although it makes sense, her only power is element manipulation but only of water. We thought she had the power of telepathy but it seems she can only share her memories and not read minds. Water on the other hand, is a great power, one which I bestowed upon her." She says looking down at Josey.

She looks up at me as she walks closer to me, "You however, are much too powerful. I have never seen anything like it before me. Do you want to know what you can do?" She says and I nod my head at her. She had me at superpowers.

"You can control all the elements. Wind, earth, fire and water. You were also gifted the power of telepathy. It's a funny one that one since wolves can mindlink, but you my dear can control the mind. Your last final power,is telekinesis. My advisors say those are not your only powers and that the purple eyes are of a special power but we know nothing of it." She says to me as she puts a strand of hair behind my ear.

"When one is gifted multiple powers sometimes another power forms so the powers can all work well together. Although we are not sure what other power you possess, we are sure it is to aid you. You are the only one that can unleash it." She says to me. She turns around and starts to walk away.

"Your sister will wake up any minute now. It is time to train your powers. NOW SHIFT!" She commands and as my bones crack and move around, she disappears into thin air.

I nudge Josey and she stirs. She opens her eyes to look at me, probably confused and then she gets up way to fast to fall on her side. Her wolf, Zena, takes control and stands up gracefully.

As soon as she's up, a woman comes up to us and we knew it was time to begin training. I need a holiday.


Maximus POV

After Sabrina disappeared we all went back to our rooms to freshen up and said we would meet in the office again in 30 minutes.

I was in my bathroom taking a shower when I decided to think about Sabrina. Her beauty, how beautiful she looks when she's sleeping or lost in thought. My thoughts change when I think of her body and how toned she is. How her breasts are just perfect, not too small and not too big. How sometimes when we would train together and her tights fit perfectly. All the blood rushed to my soldier and it throbbed.

This was becoming a habit, me getting myself off thinking about Sabrina. I know I could wait however long she wanted until she was ready but it doesn't change the fact that I craved her and this was my only release. I started to stroke my member so lost in thought until I heard my shower door open and in walk Elise, naked.

I let go of my hardness and run my hand through my hair. This girl just won't give up. I catch her staring at it and I chuckle. She looks up at me and smiles.

"Is that for me?" She asks coyly. As if but her standing in my shower naked is not helping. I haven't touched another female in over a year.

"It could've been if you had stayed loyal." I say back to her. I stalk over to her, "What do you want Elise?" I say looking down at her.

"I want you" she says to me then grabs my hard member in her hand and strokes it.. I put my hand on hers to stop her from making me lose all my self control. With my other hand, I turn off the water and push her out. I grab a towel and dry myself then I throw it at her. I walk out of my bathroom to go into my closet to get dressed and she follows me.

"Why are you fighting it? You know you want me" she says blocking my way in to the closet.

"Elise, the only woman I want is Sabrina. You be sure to remember that. I'm nothing like you, when I'm with someone, I stay faithful." I spat out and walked past her to grab my briefs and put them on. I then

grab some clothes and quickly put them on before she gets any more ideas.

"I am your mate! You are mine! Why fight this?" She screams after me wrapped in a towel as I walk out of my room and down the stairs.

"You rejected me mate. I got over you and For crying out loud Elise, put some damn clothes on" I say to her annoyed she's still in my towel.

"Why? Am I turning you on?" She asks with a smirk on her face.

"No. Every time I see you naked, images of you with my cousins flash through my mind. I'll never unsee it Elise and that's why I will never take you back. Get it through your thick skull, we are over!" I say to her then turn around to walk to Damon's room. I knock three times to alert him that it's me. He opens the door and walks out to see me with Elise.. he raises an eyebrow at me. I turn to look at Elise.

"Elise, you are hereby banished from my floor, this pack house and the dining hall. You are to eat in the kitchen at meal times until your visit to Bella is over. I will grant you 1 more day to spend time with your sister, after that, Damon will throw you out." I say then turning to look at Damon,

"Damon, please see to it that she adheres to the rules. Let the guards know she is not to sleep in this pack house and to only allow her in during meal times and escort her out right after. Do I make myself clear?" I ask him and he nods.

"I'll see to it alpha" he says right before throwing Elise a shirt to wear. She huffs in annoyance and storms off. I should've done that sooner.

"Is there a reason why her hair is wet and why she was wearing your towel?" He asks.

"She tried to seduce me. Again but this time she wasn't in my bed. She got in my shower while I was still in there" I say to him.

"I don't know how you're able to resist. She's your mate and she's still fire" he whistles out. I shoot him a glare to shut him up.

"Sabrina" is all I say to him and he nods in understanding. He knows my heart belongs to Sabrina and that's why I have not touched another woman. When I was single, I had my fun but now I made a promise to Sabrina of which I intend to keep.

"Come on, we've got a war to prepare for." I say dragging him out of his room and up the stairs to my office. We were the first ones in with Nicole right behind us.

"Is there a reason why Elise is walking around in your towel?" She asks me and Damon laughs while I groan in frustration.

Nicole smiles and looks at me knowingly. I've been complaining about it and Nicole told me to kick her out of the pack for months.

"I banished her from the pack house and my floor. She's got one more day here before she's kicked out." I say to her.

"About damn time!" She says to me as she sits on the couch. Nicole has been team Sabrina since she met her. They hit it off and I'm glad Sabrina got on well with my friends actually. I'm also glad she's never been jealous of my friendship with Nicole. She was one of us, we never singled her out. Nicole was one of the guys, strength included. Girl packs a mean punch.

After Albert brought breakfast to the office so we could all eat once everyone was back in the office I decided to kick it off.

"So we don't know what we are up against, we don't even know what's going on except for the brutal raid at blue moon..." I look around and everyone nods in agreement.

"The best thing to do is be on guard, trust no one and check surveillance footage in your area for anything strange. The older Kimberley said our friends will become foes so we clearly have traitors around us." I say then turn to Damon, "Damon, I need you to ready the warriors for war. Tell them to be prepared because at any given moment we might have to act fast." I say to him and he nods before he leaves the room.

My father stands up and walks over to me, "Son, I think its time to see if the pack members are loyal. I slipped in some truth serum in the food and coffee today so we could get to the bottom of this. Everyone needs to be in the dining hall now and you can question them." He says.

My father was a different kind of man. He does not like it when people betray him. He's got some major trust issues and he will wipe you out if he finds out you betrayed him.

His methods of finding things out aren't the most logical but they are effective. He drugged people which is crazy but this old man has done worse. Christopher chuckles behind him.

"Still the same Deacon I see.." he says to my dad.

"I don't approve of your methods father but what's done is done. Let's get to the bottom of this." I say standing up and walking to the door. Before I walked out of my office I turn to look at my father, "We also ingested the serum didn't we?" I ask but I already knew.

"Yes. I can't lie now." He says to me. I chuckle and walk out my office. I first mindlink every pack member to meet me in the dining hall. It was a command.

When everyone was seated in the dining hall and some standing, I clear my throat. I mindlink my guards to stand by all the exits and to shut the doors. I had guards standing by every window and every door.

People started to look around seeing the guards blocking the exits.

They were getting nervous, good.

"Good morning everyone. I don't have much time so I will be quick. It has come to my attention that I have some traitors in my pack. Now, you all know I'm a full blooded Lycan. We do NOT take kindly to betrayers. If you have not been loyal to Green Forrest, stand now and speak up." I say looking around at all my pack members.

Hushed murmurs and whispers could be heard. Some looked at me with shock and some looked uneasy as if fighting an internal battle.

"I'll ask again. Have any of you betrayed me? Speak now or it will get ugly trust me" I threaten them and immediately fear permeated the air and took over.

Elise stood up looking confused as if fighting herself to not do anything.

"I swore allegiance to Reginald. He promised to make me his Luna once he's taken over this pack. I was told to follow you and gather Intel. Alpha Cane is working with him too. We have a virtual meeting every morning at 3h30Am to update him while everyone is sleeping" she says then she covers her mouth in shock. My father smiles at the realization that his serum is working. I nod at one of the guards to take Elise into the dungeons.

Peter stands up, "I work for alpha Reginald. I am loyal only to him. I'm sorry Deacon. He has my mate." He says and is also shocked to reveal such information.

Bella stands up, "I was working with Elise. That's why we needed you to get back with her and why I tried to get rid of Sabrina. She was a threat." Bella says as her eyes bulge out. She turns to look at Tristan and he's in disbelief. Poor man. First this girl sleeps with Peter and now this!? But then realization hits me....

I look at Bella and then at Peter. Now it makes sense.

"I always wondered how a young girl like you Bella would stray with an old man like Peter, no offence Peter but now it makes sense. This is how your paths crossed. While your scheming and plotting, you grew attracted to each other." I say to them. A tear fell on Tristans face. We all looked at him in pity. Nicole couldn't stand it and she walked over to Bella and punched her, knocking her out.

My father followed soon after but to Peter. Within seconds he was in front of Peter with Peter's head in his hands as his body fell limp on the floor. Father was furious as he roared loudly in the dining hall and the furniture rattled.

"Who else has betrayed us?" He asked and people looked away scared and ashamed. The room fell silent until Remi spoke.

"I'm working with Reginald." She said softly but loud enough for a werewolf to hear her clearly. We all froze.

Remi? Sweet doctor Remi?

Uncle Christopher turned to look at her as she looked down. Afraid to look at him.

"Why?" He asked her.

"Because my mate asked me to. He said it was the only way for him and I to be together. I had to do it, you understand don't you?" She said now looking at Christopher with tear filled eyes.

"I know you were only with me because I was carrying your pup. You are still carrying a torch for the ghost of your mate. You of all people should understand. I had to get Charley to have Percy pick a chosen mate because with your daughters at Blue moon, Reginald was never going to succeed at taking over. I had to get you guys to leave and cut ties with them." She said to him. I was stunned. Frozen in my spot. Sabrina trusted her, she saw her as a mother.

"You broke my daughters heart. You watched her cry every night, all day for weeks when it was all your doing" Christopher said to her.

"I love her! It's just that a chance with my mate was something I couldn't say no to. She's young and besides, she has Max" she says pointing at me.

"... but I am not her mate. You ruined her happiness to be with her mate so you could be with yours. Did you seduce Christopher? I bet Cj wasn't planned at all. It didn't rain when he was conceived because you were betting on it. Although, the moon has her own ideas doesn't she?" I say stalking over to her. I tower over her and sneer.

"I will find your mate and bring him here. I WILL KILL HIM IN FRONT OF YOU AND FEED YOU HIS HEART. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW HAPPINESS. YOU WILL BE BEGGING ME TO KILL YOU." Xander says to her clearly infuriated by this woman's deep betrayal. This will break Sabrina. This will break their family.

"What does Reginald have over these alphas? Why are they so scared of him?" Christoper says to her. That's the million dollar question.

"He has a superpower. You think us wolves are strong? You think your little girls are strong? He has the strength of a thousand wolves. Not even a Lycan can kill him." She says to him but looking at me.

"He knows of your daughters. I told him of their strength and how they are white wolves. It took him years to unlock his strength so your daughters don't scare him. He is a powerful alpha and his daughter is too. She's no meek thing and you be wise to remember that." Remi said with a smile on her face.

"Did you tell Reginald about the girls being of the moon goddess?" I ask her hoping she didn't because that could be used to our advantage.

"I haven't had the chance. It makes no different though. He is still stronger, they can take 10 years to build their strength but his took even longer. He has years of experience and they do not." She says to me. Clearly confident in this rogue.

"What about your son?" I ask her.

"He's of only beta blood. Maybe he has been blessed by the moon but let's not forget who Reginald is. Cj is just a boy." She says this without a care in the world

I look at uncle Christopher, who is staring at his wife in disbelief. I think the poor man has gone into shock. I nodded at one guard to take Remi to the dungeons too.

"Reginald's coming!! He will set me free and I will watch you all burn!" She screamed at us while being dragged out of the dining hall.

Truth serum. What a morning. We all watched as Christopher walked out of the dining hall and ran out of the house. He needed a run, poor man. That family has the worst luck with love but I was going to change that for Sabrina. I was going to be good to her and never let her go. Come rogue or moon goddess. I'll die fighting.

"You are all dismissed. I need women who aren't warriors, pregnant women and children to take refuge in the bunkers. Go pack and make your way there. My warriors, war is looming and it is time to prepare." I say to everyone

That old woman was right that The truth was going to come out after sunrise. This was a lot to deal with. I needed a stiff drink and my council. It was time to plan ahead.


Sabrina's POV

We were slowing reaching the 10year mark. Which meant it was almost time to go back home. My powers were amazing to witness.

"My children, it seems our time here has come to an end." My mother says to us. Josey stands up and straightens her clothing. Oh mother finally blesses us with her presence.

"What do you mean? It has only been 9 years and 6months" Josey says to her. "Did something happen?" She asks.

"Your family needs you. It seems the truth came out at Green Forrest and everyone is on edge." She says to us. Sensing our worry, she walks over to us pulling us in for a group hug.

"There are things you don't know. People close to all of you that have been conspiring against you. All your answers will be answered when you are back home." She pulls away from us but see, I was getting tired of all these cryptic saying something something nothing.

"Now I'm more confused. So you're saying someone close to us has betrayed us? Why would they betray us?" I ask her as I pull away from all of them to look at her better.

"Rogues are coming for the packlands my little moon. All led by Reginald. He is a powerful man whom people fear. He is closer than you think. We don't have much time. I will be there on the day of the war to fight with my family but until then, be safe and be strong." She says and then we disappear and land in Max's empty office. Of course more cryptic words to think over.

"Well I guess it's time to find some stuff out." I say looking at my siblings. I take a moment to take them all in. Cj has grown so much. Werewolves don't age as fast but we age and those 10 years gave us some growth. Cj wasn't that little boy anymore, no he was a big one now.

(Oh my goodness. All that yummy!!!!!)

Josey was all toned out and ready to punch someone.

I think I've grown too. Dad is going to get a shocker when he sees us. I decide to walk out of the office to go looking for everyone. Their scents will take me where I need to go but the minute I walk out the office I see my grandfather about to walk out a bedroom door.

"Grandpa?" I say loud enough for him to hear. He turns around to see me and my siblings right behind me.

He briskly walks towards us and engulfs each of us in a hug.

"Oh my little wolves. You all look so different." He says to us smiling but then the smile falls and he looks back at the door of the room he just came out from.

"Your father is in there. He has something to tell all of you." Grandfather says and we nod at him before he turned and walked down the stairs.

I knocked on the door and heard a faint 'come in'. Usually my dad had the business tone all day every day. Beta life but he sounded different right now.

We all walk in to see my dad holding a glass of whiskey judging by the brownish orange color in his glass. He looks like he's been crying? I look around the room and there's no sign of Remi. Not a scent.

"Dad what's wrong?" I ask him walking up to him. My siblings followed me.

"Remi is in the dungeons. She was working with Reginald all these years and we had no clue. She said she did it so she could be with her mate." He says looking at us. We all share a look then look back at him confused.

"What do you mean mom's in the dungeons? Why would you let them take her there?" Cj asks clearly speaking on behalf of all of us.

My dad gestures for us to sit with him on the couches. We follow behind him.

He sits on the one 2 seater with Cj, while Josey and I sit on the other. Separated by a coffee table.

"Your uncle Deacon put truth serum in today's breakfast and drinks. After hearing your grandmother say that people close to us will betray us, he didn't want to leave anything to chance.

Max then had all us gather in the dining hall so he could get some answers. Elise and Bella have been working with the rogue alpha too but that's something Max will tell you all about." My father says then he looks at us individually scratching his neck.

"Your mother came forth because she couldn't hold it in thanks to the drug. She confessed to working with the rogue alpha after her mate came to her and told her that if she worked with Reginald, he will take her as his Luna and mate. She confessed to conspiring against you Sabrina. It was her plan to have Ralyn as Luna so we could get out of the pack and leave it powerless for rogues to take over." Dad said and I couldn't believe it.

I stood up shaking my head no.

"Where is she?" Cj asks and we look up to my dad who sighs in defeat before he gets up and walks to the door. "Come on. You all want the truth so you will get it from her. Follow me." He says with his beta voice back. We all rush to follow him.

We get to the underground floor and when my dad opens the steel door that leads to the dungeon, we all cover our noses. The stench of blood and probably death took over. It was intense. We followed my dad as we passed cells with blood splattered all over them and some prisoners missing a limb here and there. This was brutal.

"I know to never get on Max's bad side now" Cj jokes. Lycans don't play. Betray them and you will regret it. They will have you begging them to end your life.

Now I was worried for Remi. I didn't want to believe what my dad said but also, why would he lie to me. He had no reason to and if he was lying Max wouldn't just help him torture Remi for fun. No.

We stopped at one cell and there she was. Sitting on the ground, untouched. Not a hair out of place. The Remi we all knew and loved. She looked up at us and she smiled.

We couldn't come any closer as the bars were made of silver. Remi got up and walked to us, she also didn't get too close to the bars.

"You're all back" she says to us as if confused. Did she forget about my mother's abrupt visit in Max's office or?

"Tell them Remington. Tell them what you did." My father spat out her name like it was venom. He hardly ever used her full name. We never used her full name. She said she didn't like it.

Remi looked at me then at Josey and then her eyes landed on Cj.

"Tell them what? I have nothing to say them. I did nothing wrong and you let them put me in here!" She screamed at my dad. They argued for a good minute as Remi moved dangerously close to the bars. I took it as my chance to grab her hand as I grazed through one silver bar and hissed in pain. I decided to look through her mind to get the truth.

I should've asked for permission, I know but clearly someone is not telling us something. That someone happened to be Remi. How she would meet up with Reginald at odd hours of the night when we thought she was sleeping. Talking to her mate about how she was willing to leave Cj behind and be with him. How she convinced Ralyn to lie and say Percy took her virginity. It was her plan all along. My heartbreak, seeing me in pain. It was all her. I also saw her confession in the dining hall too. I let go of her hand like it contained poison and looked at her in disbelief.

"How could you? I trusted you! I saw you as my mother! All this for your mate? Do you really think he will come for you?" I ask her. I was so hurt. My own mother, this woman raised me. She taught me almost everything.

"Sabrina, I need my mate. At least you have Max. I need my mate, I feel like I can't breath without him. I never loved your father and he never loved me. I was only to seduce him but Cj happened and he was not part of the plan. It didn't rain so I didn't think I'd have him and then I was stuck with all of you. I love you all but I love my mate more." Remi says to us. No hint of remorse in her tone

I look at my siblings and grab hold of their hands so I can show them what I saw. They had to see it to believe it.

Josey backed away and looked at Remi as the tears fell from her eyes. She ran out sobbing. She ran because if she stayed one more minute, she would hurt Remi and even though Remi was this evil stepmother, we still loved her. I understood and looking at my father's face and then at CJ's, they understood too.

"You are not my mother. You are nothing to me. If dad does not kill you after the war, I will. I don't care if your mate comes to protect you, I will kill him too." He says this as he releases the alpha strength be gained after almost ten hard years of training thanks to the moon goddess.

Remi looked at him fear clear in her eyes. She looked at Cj like she didn't know him as he stalked over and grabbed the silver bars with his hands.

"For what you did to this family, I will end you." He said to her then released a growl. "You will not live long enough to be with your mate, I promise you that." He says to her. His wolf clearly present with the deeper voice change. He stormed out of the dungeon and probably to go running.

I looked back at Remi and smiled at her.

She smiled back at me.

"Oh Sabrina, I knew you'd forgive me. You of all people understand the mate bond." She says to me.

"I don't forgive you. I'm smiling because I am going to hunt your mate down, bring him here and kill him. I want you to watch me pull his heart out." I say to her and then turn to nod at my dad. I walk to door and open it, leaving it open for my dad.

I walk around trying to find Josey. Her scent was everywhere..

I see Nicole coming out of Max's office and she smiles at me.

"You look different Sabrina. You look tough. I like it." She says to me as she jogs down the stairs not waiting for my reply.

I catch Max's scent and I smile. I cam find Josey later. I had to see Max especially after almost 10 years without seeing his face. I barge in his office and run to him. He stands up from his chair to quickly catch me as I jump on him for a hug.

"Chill Kimberley. It's only 5pm." He says to me. I could tell he was smirking. Teaser.

"You know it was longer for me. 9 whole years Maximus. I went 9 years without seeing you." I say to him. Pulling away to look up at him.

"Wow. So you're older than me now? Sugar sugar, I wouldn't mind a mama that looks like you.." he whistles looking me up and down.

"Stop it. You still look older. I missed you Max." I say to him as he pulls me in closer to him. His hands on my waist, he kisses my forehead and then leans into my neck. Taking in my scent as I do the same. Comfort. Home.

Max's scent made me feel like a wolf seeing the forest for the first time. You feel giddy and excited. Then when you hold on to his big arms you feel safe and then when you look at his v line going down, my goodness. This man was good for me but bad just the same.

I want to ride him stupid but I also want to cuddle him.

He pulls away just a little bit to look me in the eyes then to my lips and I took it as my chance to pull him in for a kiss.

He freezes at first but then kisses me back. He takes the lead with the kiss as he rubs circles on my waist making me release a gasp which allows him to slip his tongue in my mouth as wrestle for dominance.

He picks me up and sets me on the table with him in between my legs. I pull him even closer to me with my hands tugging his hair. He groans but doesn't stop kissing me. As if I wasn't close to him, he puts his hands on my ass and pulls me closer to him and I feel his erection. I push him off me and onto his chair and I straddle him and kiss him again. I grind myself on him and he hisses. He starts trailing kisses on my jaw then back to my bottom lip and back to my jaw.

"You're making it very difficult to control myself Kimberly... all I want to do is rip your clothes off and take you right here on this table." He says to me. His voice couldn't get any sexier and just like that, my panties were soaked.

"I can smell your arousal baby. Its driving my wolf crazy." He says this then bites my lip with his eyes on me. He grabs my thighs and picks me up to put me back on the table, spreading my legs and he takes a sniff. A mischievous glint in his eyes as he looks at me like I'm his next meal. He closes his eyes and let's out a sigh.

"You're too special to do this right here and now. If I'm going to take you, I'm going to make it a night you won't forget." He says to me but before he could pull away I lock my legs around his waist and pull him to me. His hardness making contact with my core. I let out an involuntary moan which doesn't go unnoticed as he grabs my face and smashes his lips with mine. He rips my leggings off with my panties and I gasp letting him in with his tongue as I coat his pants with my juices. His hands making their way up my thighs to dangerous places.

He pulls away from the kiss to look at me as his finger touches my clit. He moves his finger up and down..

"You're so wet baby.." he says to me.

"I just want to.." he says as he inserts a finger inside me and I tilt my head back moaning.

His finger going in and out while I moan in pure bliss. I didn't know it could feel this good. He grabs my chin gently so I can face him but my eyes are closed.

"Look at me." He says and I look into his eyes biting my lip to prevent a moan from escaping my lips. He pulls out of me and uses the same hand to pull my lip down as he runs my sweet juices on my lips with the finger that was just inside me. He used his other hand to rub circles on my clit and I moan as he inserts that finger into my mouth. I take it in hungrily to taste my arousal, looking at him. He pulls the finger out of my mouth the lick my lips clean of my juices that he spread all over them.

He inserts the finger back in my core and starts making a come here motion. I close my eyes and my head falls back as I let out loud moans and he growls in appreciation.

I could feel my body tingling and this good feeling that just keeps getting better. I start to feel overwhelmed and feel it getting intense. I look at Max with moans still escaping my mouth.

"Let go baby...let it all go. I want you to say my name.." he says to me. With that I let my head fall back and let the sensation take over.

I explode in pure bliss as I moan out 'Maximus' with my eyes closed.

"That's it baby. Let it all go" he says as he kisses my neck and his fingers working their magic. I come down from my high to look down at his finger still inside me and his hand covered in my juices. He chuckles as he pulls out his finger and put it in his mouth. I was mesmerized by seeing this. Turned on even more by just that act alone.

He looks into my eyes and smiles, "I didn't know you were a squirter baby. Now I look forward to you messing up my bed." He says to me. I look at him in shock and then cover my face with my hands to hide my embarrassment. He laughs out loud but grabs my hands to look at me. He then sits down still looking at me.

"Don't be shy now, you are still naked from the waist down. Your legs still spread wide open for my enjoyment." He says to me. I quickly try to close my legs but he grabs both of my thighs with his hands and keeps them apart.

"Don't hide from me. Don't ever hide from me" his wolf making a presence.

I could see his canines coming out. He starts placing kisses on my thighs and when he gets to me core he licks me. I moan putting my hand in his hair pushing his head to my core. He licks me again and again.

I was about to reach climax once again then he inserts his finger inside me and I lose it. I scream his name and he takes that moment to sink his canines on the part where my thigh meets my hip. He wanted to let me know that I was his. He marked me down there and I let him. I was happy he did which made my orgasm that much more intense. I was his, happily his.

After I came down from my second high, Max took off his shirt and put it on me. He then carried me out of his office and to his room. He laid me down on his bed as he joined me. He looked at me and I at him. Right then I knew I was in love with this guy. I was ready to give him my everything seeing as he already had my heart.

"So, as much as I'd like make love to you on this bed, we have to talk." He said. His face taking on a serious stern look. There goes the fun.

He told me everything that happened after I left for training and I filled him in on my end. We talked all night making plans on how we were going to fight this war that seems to have more alphas than we

thought. We finally agreed on a plan and decided to call it a night. He pulled me into him and we fell asleep. I was happy to be his.