Not Your Mate Anymore

Not Your Mate Anymore

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Read Not Your Mate Anymore by Ellison001. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereAll my life I have craved the love my father had for my mother. The way he looked at her, that look of total adoration. My mother was my father's world and I know he only stayed alive after my mother’s passing to raise me. When a wolf loses their mate, they wither away and in time pass on to be with the Moon Goddess and their mate but my father stayed strong, a man of beta blood stayed strong to be a father to me that even pups with both parents as mates envied.My father loves me and not once did I ever question his love. He says I look just like my mother, i don't disagree.    When I was 13 and just found my wolf, I met my mate. It is unheard of but my mate was older than me and at 16, you meet your mate. He met me, promised to wait for me until I was of age to complete the mating ritual. I believed him. When I was 15, The alpha at the time, his father, announced that my mate, Percy Woods of the Blue Woods Pack was to marry Ralyn Smit, my babysitter. It was announced that they would marry on Percy's birthday in 3months. My childhood babysitter.    I was shattered, humiliated. I hated the looks of pity I got and Ralyn? she just wrote me a letter apologizing. Percy told me there was nothing he could do and it was for the good of the pack. How when mu soul is hurting? I had to leave this pack. I had to leave before my mates wedding, I would leave and never come back!
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Chapter 1 Hole in my heart

I had been in bed for a little over a week. I don't want to see anyone and I can't keep any of my fooddown. I don't leave my room because I hate the looks of pity I get from the pack members and myfamily.I hate how weak I have become. Just one more year and my dreams would come true but the moonGoddess likes to play games.I am mated to Percy Woods. Have been for 2 years now but I can't have him. My mate is t

Chapter 2 What to believe

I walked out of my room, heading for the stairs when our house helper, Carol stopped in front of me.Carol had been our cook and cleaner since before I was born. She even helped raise my dad. Carol was my father's Ralyn. She was an honest and caring lady but disrespect her and feel a motherswrath. "Good morning little moon. I'm so happy to see you out of bed” Carol said as she grabbed my hand. "Morning Aunt

Chapter 3 Maximus Forrest

*this entire story is on Sabrina's point of view unless stated otherwise* I woke up to the sound of rain. I check my phone to see how long I've been out and it seems only anhour and a half. So I still had 30minutes before being called down to dinner. I get up to walk over to mybalcony and be lost in the scent of this beautiful rainforest. As I'm standing watching all the greenery receive the much-needed pre

Chapter 4 It all comes down

I dragged Max to his room and shut the door. He was going to tell me what was going on and if I had topunch it out of him I would. "Max, why are you letting these girls think you and I are an item?" I ask him. Taking a seat on his couchas he sits next to me. "I thought they'd stop trying to get the luna title out of me. I'm a guy Kim but I know a diamond when Isee one and none of these girls do it for me. I

Chapter 5 I'm a survivor!

It was the day of the annual alliance ball hosted by Green Forrest Pack. All packs that stand Unitedwith Green Forrest will be in attendance, including Blue Moon Pack and now that Percy was alpha, hewas attending.I woke up and remembered I slept with Max while Josey and Cj took over my bed. I looked at the pillowfort and chuckled at my childish behavior.Obviously Max would never take advantage of me, but I g

Chapter 6 Perfection

I decided to get ready. It was 4pm and I had to be ready by 7pm as Damon will be here to pick us up. Iwanted to really enjoy getting dolled up and pampering myself. My sister called in reinforcements too. We had a make up artist, beauticians to wax those brows andlegs. We had hairstylists come in. Even my brother got a dope ass haircut. We got massages anddrank champagne while we let our glam squad make som

Chapter 7 The big change

We were officially moved in to the manor. Grandfather couldn't be happier with all of us being around.This was a big change for us as we are so used to pack life but Max initiated us all into his pack so wewouldn't be rogues although now our lives were in human territory. My dad had helped some warriors settle in the town apartments and was going to start a securitybusiness with the warriors as security deta

Chapter 8

This chapter gets a little dark. There will be bloodshed and mentions of rape(like gang rape etc). Itwon't be so explicit and in detail but you've been warned._________________________________________ Happiness has found me again. I mean I still go on social media and see people from my old packfinding their mates. When I think about it, it hurts to think that the man that was made for me wasn'tactually for

Chapter 9

I was tired, bruised and in pain. Barely got any sleep and my body was about to give up on me. Joseyand Cj looked about the same too.It's been 9 years in training and we were ready to give up. We haven't even seen my mom or nanasince we got here. Hell, we haven't even met the moon goddess herself. We were tortured and battereddaily without fail. Fighting experienced wolves who showed no mercy but I learned

chapter 10

We were woken up by sirens and howling wolves. I looked at Max and he looked at me. They werehere and we didn't have time to go through the plan with everyone.We raced out of bed to get dressed and looking for everyone. I ran out of Max's room to mine so I couldchange and get ready for whatever is to come. After changing clothes and running out barefoot, I wentto get Josey who was busy getting dressed. Cj ba