Chapter 5 - Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me

A Stunning Beauty

Arielle lowered her head to hide her emotions, lifted up the dress, and walked down the stairs.

The guests first noticed a pair of slender legs clad in Jimmy Choo.

The light that hit on her further accentuated her dainty toes and silken ankles.

Just the sight of Arielle’s legs had fueled the guests’ imagination.

Shandie, too, was taken aback by how perfect her legs were.

She took a sidelong glance at some of the male guests and saw that they were all swooning over her.

She also noticed Vinson could not keep his eyes away from her legs.

Shandie began to panic and began to wonder if she had made the wrong move.

But soon, she managed to regain her composure. It’s just a pair of legs, anyway. They’ll probably throw up right away after seeing her face!

By the time Shandie turned her attention back to the stairs, Arielle was already walking down to the hall.

Go on. Walk faster! I can’t wait for you to fall in those crazy heels! It’ll definitely be quite a scene!

To Shandie’s surprise, Arielle did not wobble at all. Instead, she was able to come down from the stairs in steady steps.

It was impossible for Arielle to fall because every step she made was so steady.

Disappointment was written all over Shandie’s face. How did she do manage to walk in those heels?

Shandie did not know Arielle had had the experience of wearing a pair of six-inch heels when she stood in for a friend in a fashion show. To Arielle, these four-inch heels were just a piece of cake.

I remember how some drama series depicted villagers walking on those ridiculous stilts during celebrations. Is that how Arielle learned to walk in heels?

At this point, Shandie could already see Arielle’s slender waist as the latter continued to walk down the stairs.

How is this possible? She didn’t look like this when she came down from the helicopter in her dirty and baggy clothes earlier!

Shandie was utterly jealous.

Fine! She might be skinny, but I bet she’s an ugly b*tch!

Once again, Shandie convinced herself that Arielle would eventually shock everyone with her unsightly appearance. Come on! Speed up!

Just as she wished, Arielle picked up her pace.

After seeing her slender lower torso, Shandie’s eyes were then drawn to her well-defined collarbones and neck.

Shandie’s fear continued to grow, and without her realizing it, she was already clenching her fists.

The light finally shone on Arielle’s face, revealing her well-defined and delicate features. Never in Shandie’s life had she come across such a perfect face.

Her dark and sparkly eyes were exceptionally stunning, and they shone like a pair of exquisite diamonds.

No words could describe Arielle’s flawless beauty.

Shandie’s jaw dropped, and she could not believe her eyes.

That’s… that’s Arielle? Is that really her?

Are you kidding me?

The color instantly drained out of Shandie’s pale face.

At the same time, a vortex of anger swirled inside her. Did I just give her a dress that flatters and made her shine like a star? Oh my God, what have I done?

Shandie was overwhelmed by all kinds of emotions. She felt she was about to burst from rage.

Her pallid face was now flushed with jealousy and hatred.

She did not even want to take another glance at Arielle as it would only make her feel bad about her looks.

Shandie observed the guests and noticed all of them were spellbound by Arielle’s beauty.

Vinson, who had all this while been carrying a deadpan expression on his face, began to look at Arielle differently.

Is that awestruck in his eyes?

Is an esteemed noble like Vinson Nightshire struck in awe over Arielle Moore’s beauty?

Arielle’s beauty had also dazed Cindy. She was aware that her sister, Maureen, was a stunning beauty but was still surprised to see how gorgeous her daughter was despite growing up in the countryside.

In fact, Arielle looked even prettier than her mother!

Damn it! She’ll steal Shandie’s thunder for sure!

Cindy immediately looked at Henrick.

Henrick was just as flabbergasted. Of course, he did not react like how the other gentlemen did. He was Arielle’s father, after all.

But it was undeniable that there were sparkles in Henrick’s eyes.

This old man must have thought he has found a long-lost gem.

No way. I’ll not allow Arielle to enjoy the privileges we have in this family!

I have underestimated this girl. I have to get rid of her. I must get rid of her!

Arielle took a quick look at Shandie and realized this “beloved sister” of hers was so shocked that her face was all crumpled up.

She’ll probably come to me and throw a punch at my face if there aren’t guests around. That’s what jealousy does to girls!

Arielle pretended she did not understand Shandie’s expression and walked up to her with a smile. “Happy birthday, Shandie! Why do you look so unhappy? What’s wrong?”

Shandie was disgusted by Arielle’s silvery voice. To her, Arielle sounded just like the friction between a saw blade and a chalkboard.

Shandie tried her best to hide her emotions and plastered a smile on her face. “I’m fine.”

“I’m glad to hear that, Shandie.” Arielle grinned. “Oh, take a look at this dress you’ve lent me! It’s a great fit!”

She intentionally emphasized the words “great fit”.

Rage throbbed in Shandie like a heartbeat, and she was on the verge of losing her cool.

She’s doing this on purpose!

“You…” Shandie opened her mouth but fainted before she could finish her sentence.

“Oh, no! Shandie!” Arielle did not expect Shandie to faint. She tried to grab her arms, but it was too late.

With a thunderous crash, Shandie collapsed to the ground.