Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me

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Synopsis about Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me

Read Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me by JP Sina. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereShe saved his life during an accident, and he insisted on marrying her to repay the favor. Once the news got out, everyone wondered why a strong, powerful man like him would want to marry an ugly, worthless woman like her. In fact, she was far from ugly and a woman of many secrets. The only reason she had returned to her country with a secret identity was to investigate her mother’s death. As each layer of her secrets were peeled away one by one, the people around her began to realize the truth—this woman is way tougher than her man!
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Chapter 1

Take It OffOn an uninhabited island.Raindrops pelted down like bullets, and the crashing of the waves was like drums.With a dagger, Arielle Moore was shaving the wooden piece down with difficulty. It was as if she feltnothing as the rain continued to hit her face.She had lost contact with her family for ten years. Just as she finally found the Southalls—just as shewas about to find out the truth about her m

Chapter 2

I Am Your FatherAt the Southall residence.The entire place was set up for a birthday party.Shandie Southall, who was wearing the latest season’s dress from LV, was surrounded by socialitesbuttering her up.“Shandie, your dress is beautiful! It’s like a milky way.”“This is the dress from LV’s spring edition, isn’t it? I couldn’t even rent it, but you actually managed tobuy it! Your dad is so nice to you!”“Hap

Chapter 3

Wait For Her To Make A Fool Of HerselfVinson pressed his voice and said, “Are you sure that’s your wish? I’ll give you another chance.”Arielle knitted her brows and looked at him. “You want to grant me another wish? Do you think you’rethe magical Genie?”Everyone, including Shandie and Cindy, looked at Vinson and Arielle in disbelief.What’s going on? Does this beggar know Vinson?Vinson gazed into her eyes. W

Chapter 4

DisgustingThere isn’t any exquisite dress she could wear to hide the fact that she was just a foolish countrybumpkin!At the same time, Shandie was not afraid that Henrick would blame her for turning Arielle into alaughingstock. After all, she had given Arielle her most expensive dress. She only has herself to blamefor not being able to fit into that dress!On top of that, the heels Shandie prepared for Ariel

Chapter 5

A Stunning BeautyArielle lowered her head to hide her emotions, lifted up the dress, and walked down the stairs.The guests first noticed a pair of slender legs clad in Jimmy Choo.The light that hit on her further accentuated her dainty toes and silken ankles.Just the sight of Arielle’s legs had fueled the guests’ imagination.Shandie, too, was taken aback by how perfect her legs were.She took a sidelong glan

Chapter 6

Marry MeHer hair accessories were all out of place and her hair was disheveled. The woman, who wassupposed to be in the spotlight, turned pale and was in a pathetic state.Shannie!” Cindy exclaimed as she rushed on stage.Even though she was extremely worried, Cindy did not forget about Arielle and used her shoulder tonudge Arielle aside.Arielle was wearing heels that were four inches high and was standing on

Chapter 7

Unable To Forget HerWhile Arielle was deep in thought, a few socialites approached her in a friendly manner.“Ms. Moore, you look like a really nice person. Shall we be friends?”“Ms. Moore, you have such a good figure. Do you mind sharing some tips to keep fit?”“We should exchange contacts. Since you’re now back to Jadeborough, we should keep in touch moreoften.”Those women appeared to look really friendly a

Chapter 8

A Venomous SnakeShandie’s mood improved greatly after knowing that she was the winner of the Socialite CoffeeCompetition. After tidying up her appearance, she went downstairs with Cindy again.Once they reached downstairs, Shandie started looking all around for Vinson but the man was nowhereto be seen.Just then, she saw another socialite whom she was on friendly terms with and asked, “Did you see Mr.Nightshi

Chapter 9

Want Her DeadArielle decided to get up to look around. But instead of turning on the lights, she chose to rely on herphone’s illumination as she searched every corner of the room.Hiss!All of a sudden, she heard something odd that sounded like someone was breathing rapidly.It took a while, but Arielle managed to pinpoint the source of the sound. It came from her bed and wasonly about three feet away from her

Chapter 10

Slap“What?”Everyone looked in the direction the housekeeper had pointed at, only to see a snake glaring back andhissing at them.The snake was unlike any the housekeepers had seen before. It had a big head, and it had flared itsneck as if ready to attack.Everyone was petrified and stumbled backward in a panic.“Hurry! Run!” the housekeepers screamed as they collectively fled from the room.Just then, Henrick a