Chapter 3 - Predestined Marriage

it was early the next morning.

Summer, who was leaning on the head of the bed, woke up and found that it was already dawn.

Leonardo did not return last night, and she never got a chance to see her husband.

Her heart was slightly loose and felt a little heavy.

A sense of unease was constantly surrounding her. It felt like a knife was hanging over her head and wouldn't go away.

Down the stairs, a bodyguard came over and took her to the dining room.

The dining room was near the kitchen. As soon as she entered, she saw a tall and straight figure coming out of the kitchen with breakfast.

After seeing that the man was "Douglas", she turned around, wanting to leave, but the man said aloud, "Sister-in-law, good morning."

His voice was magnetic and pleasant, however a little light.

The bodyguard on the side shook his head. Is our young master role-playing with the young lady?

Summer was very disgusted to see him. She really didn't know what he's doing by staying at his cousin's house every day.

"Morning.' She adjusted her glasses, and turned to look at the bodyguard behind her and said to him “your young master is not here?”

The bodyguard carefully glanced at Leonardo, who had no expression on his face.

He had no choice but to carry on with this farce, "The young master has sick recently and is still in the hospital."

Summer looked like a silly girl but that was only because she had been suppressed by Karen since she was young from grabbing the limelight.

She had to conceal her real strength out of a sense of self-preservation.

The bumbling lies of the bodyguard did not fool her.

But still, she nodded her head, "Oh, can l go to see him there?"

"Now is not a good time," the bodyguard said, clearly not telling the truth.

It seems that Leonardo doesn't like her very mụch and doesnt even want to see her.

Leonardo put the breakfast on the dining table and asked lightly, "Let's eat breakfast."

When Summer came down, she found no chef in the villa; did he make breakfast?

"Why, afraid of me poisoning you?” Leonardo leaned close to her, his eyes filled with endless gloom, making her feel cold to even look at.

Summer stepped back involuntarily, "Thank you for your breakfast, but l am not hungry.'

After she finished speaking, she turned around and hurried out.

Outside the room, she met the bodyguard who had picked her up yesterday in the lobby, “Can you please send me back home? m going back to Edison's house to get something."

When she came over yesterday, she didn't bring anything, so she had to go back and get clothes and some other belongings. On her way there, she noticed that the villa was built on a mountainside. She

was willing to walk, but that would take too long.

The bodyguard did not answer her immediately but looked behind her.

When she turned around, she saw that "Douglas" had come out of the room too.

He put his hands in the pockets of his suit trousers and walked forward without any hassle. "So my cousin's wife wants to go home to get something? l can take her, why bother the others?”

The words fell, and his arm wrapped around her shoulder.

Summer waved away his hand in disgust, "No, thank you."

She didn't understand. The man yesterday said she was ugly; why was he bothering her all over today.

"Young lady, why don't you allow our master to take you home?” said the bodyguard on the side promptly.

After a little more discussion, 'ˆDouglas” eventually took Summer back to her house.

During the drive, he had leaned over and whispered in her ear and said, "Your body feels so good when I touch itˆ

She was afraid that he would do something even creepier, so she had no choice but to stay in the car and do nothing.

In the silent car, Summer pulled the seat belt tightly, looking forward without squinting, she didn't even take a glance at "Douglas."

When Leonardo saw her like this, he suddenly became very interested in this woman.

He thought that even though his new wife was ugly, she must at least be a relatively decent person.

Initially, he just wanted to tease her with his joke. However, her reaction was revealing a lot about her, so he decided to maintain the ruse so that he could learn as much as possible.