Predestined Marriage

Predestined Marriage

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Chapter 1 Too ugly

Summer sat in front of the vanity mirror and waited for the makeup artist to apply her makeup.Suddenly, the door opened, and her mother, Karen, hurried in. She saw Summers messy hair and herlong gray jacket that went with the gray look on her face. She looked angry. "The Emersons are here.Why have you not changed your clothes?” Summer pushed the black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose and looked dumb

Chapter 2 Satisfy you

He deliberately accentuated the word ˆwaste of a man' deeply, with a hint of provocation. The manapproached her intentionally, the piercingly cold aura of him got even thicker and stronger. Summer moved uncomfortably, and after a moment of disbelief, she believed his words. After all,Leonardo's villa was not accessible to people outside his family or special guests like her. "He is your cousin. Please don't

Chapter 3 Feels good

it was early the next morning.Summer, who was leaning on the head of the bed, woke up and found that it was already dawn.Leonardo did not return last night, and she never got a chance to see her husband.Her heart was slightly loose and felt a little heavy.A sense of unease was constantly surrounding her. It felt like a knife was hanging over her head andwouldn't go away.Down the stairs, a bodyguard came over

Chapter 4 Kiss you every time

The black car stopped in front of Edison's villa.Summer was about to unfasten the seat belt. Leonard, next to her, leaned over. With his slender andbeautiful fingers, he pressed lightly on the dark buckle of the seat belt. The seat belt was immediatelyreleased with a slight snap.His face was handsome and compelling and was getting closer to her. As they faced each other,Summer s mind settled and was as stil

Chapter 5 Like a Servant

When Karen heard the sound of ˆsister-in-law", her face went dark deeply, and she gave Summer astern and cold look. Summer bit her lips up, was this "Douglas" trying to get her killed? Karen held Summers hand and pulled her into the hall of the villa, then coldly let go. She looked at Summer with a pale face, "Did the man just call you “sister-in-law? Is he Leonardơ'scousin?” Summer nodded, "Uh." POW! Karen

Chapter 6 Get me out of here, quickly!

Summer looked at Karen straight in her eyes, said coldly, “Apologize? What exactly should I apologizefor? ˆIn Karers memory, this daughter was really smart and beautiful when she was just a child, but the moreshe grew up, the more ugly and stupid she had become. But this was the first time she saw thesharpness from Summer's eyes, and she was totally surprised by this change in temperament.She swallowed and t

Chapter 7 You help me to take it

Leonardo also did not expect to meet Summer here.He was tracking a man to this place, but he was attacked instead.The dwellings were densely packed, and the terrain was complex, and he quickly got disorientated. Hetried to take one of his attackers hostage and then use that man to get away, but somehow heencountered Summer by accident.He didn't know why, when he saw the tiny, dumb face of Summer, he felt an

Chapter 8 What a Smart and Kind Woman

"What?" hearing those words, Summer was almost panicked, "l cantI"Although she was disgusted with this man, she was afraid to let him die in her apartment. The policemight have a few questions and furthermore, her husband might not be too happy with if his cousin'sdead body ended up in her apartment.She had no idea why "Douglas” could make such a life-threatening thing sound so easy, but she hadno choice now

Chapter 9 Wanted to Touch Her

The way Summer served him the medicine was quite gentle, so gentle that he was a little moved bythat. Then one thing led to another, and he just wanted to touch her, to feel her. She's his wife, of course, he could do anything he wanted with her. But for Summer, he is "Douglas”, Leonardo's cousin. Over and over again, he teased her, kissed her, which were far beyond her tolerance. Summer pushed him away abr

Chapter 10 Use Her As A Springboard

The next day Summer was woken by the ringing of the mobile phone. To keep up her appearance of being a simple girl, she still uses the old machine which can only makephone calls and send messages. Buying a smartphone would make her like her other family membersand she couldn't stand to be like them. She took her phone and looked at the notes, and she immediately came to her senses. She hesitated for a momen