Chapter 10 - Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Emmeline hailed a cab after leaving the hospital.

Helios, Endymion, and Hesperus were still in the Ryker home. She had to pick them up.

Alana claimed Adrien Ryker to be the father to her three children and that revelation was a tough pill to swallow.

She had to know who the father was no matter who he turned out to be.

What if Hesperus's blood disorder relapsed?

Despite her status as the child's biological mother, they were not a match.

The driver found the location of Ryker Mansion through Waze.

"There are two of them listed," the driver started. "Landon or Lewis? Which one are you going to?"

"Lewis," Emmeline answered.

Her assistant, Benjamin, had thoroughly investigated the Ryker family.

Abel had brought Timothy home fairly quickly.

All three children, Helios, Endymion, and Hesperus rushed up to him to greet him.

"Are you okay? You had us worried."

"Your arm's bruised. Does it hurt?"

"If Mommy were here, she would be heartbroken!"

"I met a really pretty lady today," Timothy explained. "She looks like how I imagined Mommy to be!"

"She's definitely nothing compared to our Mommy."

"Our Mommy is pretty. She's the prettiest woman alive!"

"Yeah! She's the most beautiful person to walk on land."

"But she wasn't just beautiful. She could fight too," Timothy argued. "She jumped and caught me. She's a hero!"

"Our Mommy can fight too. She can jump from the second floor to the first like it's nothing."

"Are you sure you're not talking about our Mommy, Timothy?"

"Huh?" Timothy puffed out his cheeks. "How would I know? I've never seen your Mommy."

"Mommy will be here to pick us up soon. You can meet her in a bit."

"Timmy," Rosaline called from the stairs. "You gave Granny a scare. Are you okay?"

"Just a scratch," Abel answered. "He seems fine otherwise."

"Thank God!" She exclaimed. "He fell from such a high place. If it weren't for that woman, I would have lost a grandchild!"

"I'm okay," Timothy attempted to soothe her nerves. "Don't be sad, Granny."

"I'm not sad anymore." She picked him up in her arms. "Granny wants to thank the lady for saving you. Our family owes her!"

"Timothy!" Alana clambered in, complexion pale as a sheet as she shrieked his name.

"What are you doing here?" Rosaline fumed. "It was you who almost killed my grandson!"


"What? I now have three other grandchildren. You are going to face my wrath if you hurt Timothy!"

"Madame Ryker!" Alana had tears in her eyes. She was more than aware Timothy was her only leverage in the Ryker family.

"Forget it!" Abel frowned. "All that matters is that Timmy is safe!"

"You should take your grandfather's advice." Rosaline rolled her eyes at Alana as she spoke to Abel. "Propose to Wonder Doctor, marry her, and give me some grandchildren. The Lane girl can be sent on her way!"

Alana turned from pale to sallow. She pursed her lips and nearly fainted from exasperation.

"Madame, Mr. Abel," the butler started. "Ms. Louise has arrived to pick up her children."

"Mommy's here!" Helios, Endymion, and Hesperus rushed out.

Timothy also scrambled out of Rosaline's hold.

He wanted to see for himself just how beautiful their mother was. Was she as pretty as the lady who saved him?


The triplets toddled to the automatic gates where Emmeline was waiting.

Timothy was taken aback. "It's the pretty Miss!"

Emmeline was no less surprised. "Hello? Do you live here?"

"Mmhmm. This is my home. My name is Timothy Ryker!"

"Ryker…" Emmeline's heart thumped.

This adorable child was Abel and Alana's son?

Abel might not have been the father of her children, but she couldn't deny that…

She had fallen in love with him at first sight.

"Mommy!" Helios called through the gates. "I missed you!"

"I missed you too!"

"So did I!"

All three were overjoyed to see her.

"This pretty lady is your Mommy?" Timothy asked.

"Yup! Isn't she pretty?"

"She is. The most beautiful lady ever." Timothy also lost himself in their merriment. "It was pretty Mommy that saved me!"

"What did you say, Timmy?" Rosaline was stunned. " She saved you?"

"Yes, Granny," he answered, "If the pretty lady didn't save me, I would be dead!"

"Open the gates!" Rosaline demanded excitedly. "Have Ms. Louise come inside!"

The moment the butler opened the gates, Alana rushed up to her.

"Why are you so stubborn, Emmeline? I told you the children have nothing to do with Abel!"

"I'm here for my sons." Emmeline shot a glance at Abel before continuing, "Not for him!"

"Take your children and leave." Alana raised a brow. "This isn't a place for a bumpkin like you to come and go as you please!"

"Who do you think you are?!" Rosaline angrily reprimanded Alana. "Ms. Louise saved my grandson. Your son! What is wrong with you?!"

Abel caught a glimpse of the wound on Emmeline's forehead. "You're still bleeding. Come in. We'll help you with it."

"There's no need," Emmeline said placidly.

"It's only right," he disagreed. "You saved my son."

"Yeah, Mommy," Helios said. "There's blood on the bandage."

"Miss." Timothy tugged on her hand. "Please come in. You'll get a fever if your injury gets infected."

"Alright." Emmeline could only give in under the pressure of children's eyes innocently peering up at her.

Alana's face darkened.

She purposefully lagged behind Abel.

To Emmeline, the two of them seemed to be very much in love.

Abel, however, suddenly hastened his steps and grabbed her hand.

Shocked, she tried to shake him off before he spoke, "The blood got to your ear!"

He tugged her inside and barked an order, "Get a doctor here now!"

The butler was gone in a flash to call for the family doctor.

Abel's concern for Emmeline had put a grim expression on Alana's face.

It hurt much less after her wound was redressed.

Rosaline then ordered her servants to prepare tea for her grandson's savior and juice for the children.

That was when Hesperus piped up. "Itchy!"

Helios sprang into action. "Mommy, Star's face is swelling up!"

Endymion was also stunned silly. "Mommy, Star's having an allergic reaction!"

Allergic reaction?

Everyone was immediately concerned.

Emmeline bent down to check on her son who had rashes forming on his face and his arms.

"Mommy! It hurts!" Hesperus looked close to tears.

"Damn it," she murmured. "Did you eat kiwi? You know you're allergic to those!"

"I didn't." He wrinkled his nose. "I'm not stupid!"

"Kiwi?" The nanny had a rude awakening. "Is Hesperus allergic to kiwi? The juice had kiwis in them!"

"He's allergic to kiwi?" Rosaline asked.

"Yes," Emmeline frowned. "He was born with it."

Rosaline shot a look at her son.

Abel was no less shocked. He asked his mother under his breath, "Isn't Adrien also allergic to kiwis?"

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