Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 715
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Synopsis about Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Read Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law by NovelSquare. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereBy sheer fate, Abel Ryker was tricked into sleeping with another woman by mistake. Since it was too late for him to stop, he got the woman pregnant. However, fate decided that the woman would have quadruplets! This caused Abel to panic as he wondered if he was meant to bear all the responsibilities when the children belonged to him along with the woman.
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All Chapters of Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 1

Emmeline Louise had just turned on the shower when a large hand clapped over her mouth frombehind, preventing her from crying out, and she was forced to the ground. After that, her assailant forced himself upon her and had his way… Emmeline wanted to scream for help, but all she could manage were whimpers and moans. The manbehind her was far too strong and overpowered her; she could hardly breathe. It did no

Chapter 2

Oscar Ryker had three grandsons. Which of them had sired this little boy everyone was staring at? Whoever the father was, it definitely could not be Abel Ryker, the third grandson. He had beenoverseas for a while now. This was probably Adrien Ryker's child. After all, everyone in Struyria knewthat Oscar's second grandson was a notorious playboy and man-about-town. Goodness! The wealthy women and their daught

Chapter 3

"What's your Mommy's name?" A distinctly chilly note crept into Abel's voice. It would appear that somescheming woman was trying to frame him! "Emmeline Louise." Emmeline Louise? Abel shook his head. He was certain he did not know this woman. Meanwhile, Emmeline drove back to the café where she worked and parked her Porsche in the garage.She had just put on her apron when she heard someone calling her name f

Chapter 4

Emmeline showed up an hour late to the kindergarten. “Ms. Louise,” the kindergarten teacher said apologetically. “We just got a visit from the Ryker family andthey said that they would shut the kindergarten down unless your son stays. The principal thought thatit’d be best to send Moon home first.” Upon realizing that the Rykers would go to such extremes for a child, Emmeline's brow furrowed insurprise. It w

Chapter 6

"Shh, pipe down, auntie," said Alana as she hastily covered Alondra's mouth with her hand. "What's so surprising about that?" replied Alondra. She pushed Alana's hand away and continued, "Thechild you bore for the Ryker Family is already 4 years old after all. If Abel finds out that you are still avirgin during your wedding night, then we might be in serious trouble!" "Nah, I haven't been one in a long while

Chapter 7

Abel rushed to the hospital to find Oscar in critical condition. Lewis and Rosaline were already there. Landen, his uncle, had also just arrived. Everyone was worried and they could only pray that the old man would survive. "Lewis," said Landen, "Why don't you try getting your contact to plead with the Wonder Doctor again?Our father's life depends on it!" "They've tried to contact him three times now. I even

Chapter 8

"I won't go! I refuse to see her!" Timothy exclaimed as he ran off. Alana had other intentions aside fromwanting to meet her son."Madame Ryker, are the three kids still at the Ryker Mansion?" Alana asked. Rosaline sipped her cupof tea and replied, "That's right. They're playing with Timmy in the garden right now." "In that case, do you know the parents of these children?" Alana questioned. "Emmeline said tha

Chapter 9

"What do you mean? You don't have a say in this anyway," Julianna said. "Everyone knows thatEmmeline is a slut. Therefore, she is unworthy of being married to Mr. Adrien," Alana replied. "That's the Ryker family's fault. She was pregnant before marriage and was uncertain of who the fatheris. However, now that we know the truth, we must hurry and accept her into our family. It's not easy fora woman to care fo

Chapter 10

“You won’t scold me if you are my biological mother.” Timothy had a stern look. “Rosaline took you away when you were born. Doesn’t that mean you didn’t have your mother toeducate you?” Timothy was stunned and lowered his head. “Timmy.” Alana grabbed both his shoulders, “I was only anxious because you weren’t by my side.Remember not to tell Grandma.” “Is that true?” Timothy raised his head and looked at Alan

Chapter 11

Emmeline hailed a cab after leaving the hospital. Helios, Endymion, and Hesperus were still in the Ryker home. She had to pick them up. Alana claimed Adrien Ryker to be the father to her three children and that revelation was a tough pill toswallow. She had to know who the father was no matter who he turned out to be. What if Hesperus's blood disorder relapsed? Despite her status as the child's biological mo