Chapter 8 - A Man Like None Other Novel Free Online

“Miracle Doctor, please take me as your apprentice!” Right after he spoke, Jonathan bowed to Jared. Gaping in response, Jared realized he no longer had any energy left. As for Josephine, she gave Jonathan a bewildered look. “Dr. Watson, what are you doing? My dad hasn’t even woken up yet.” Josephine didn’t understand why Jonathan was addressing Jared as a miracle doctor when her father was still unconscious. “Ms. Sullivan, you’re probably not aware that this gentleman had just applied the Soul Resurrection Needle, which is capable of reviving a dead man.

Therefore, Mr. Sullivan will be just fine!” Jonathan explained. “He’s that good?” Josephine gaped at Jared in disbelief. If what Jonathan says is true, Jared really deserves his title as Miracle Doctor. “I can’t believe you actually know the Soul Resurrection Needle!” Jonathan exclaimed in awe. The Soul Resurrection Needle was an ancient acupuncture technique that had been lost through the generations. However, Jared didn’t understand what Jonathan was talking about, as he had only learned it from Draco.

“Miracle Doctor, I’m Dr. Jonathan Watson, deputy president of the Horington Association of Traditional Medicine. I have read about this technique in some ancient books and didn’t expect to have the honor of witnessing it in action today. Please, accept me as your student.” With that, Jonathan prostrated in front of Jared. Just when Jared was confounded by Jonathan’s reaction, coughs rang out in the room. William was finally awake. “Dad!” Josephine reacted quickly by trying to help him up. However, Jared held her back. “Ms. Sullivan, he’s not supposed to move yet.

You’ll have to wait for me to remove the needles.” Holding Josephine’s slender hands, he could feel how warm and gentle it felt. The sudden sensation felt like a jolt to him. As for Josephine, she, too, felt the warmth from his hands. Blushing, she remarked, “This is all thanks to you.” Jared frantically released Josephine’s hand before collecting himself. With a wave of his hand, the eighty-one needles

were pulled toward his palm as if there was a magnetic force at work. “It’s done,” Jared informed Josephine while returning the needles to Jonathan.

At that moment, Josephine no longer had any doubts left about Jared. Thanking him, she helped William up with teary eyes. “Dad, how do you feel?” Josephine inquired. “I’m fine. I feel good, to be honest.” William let out a slight smile. Upon noticing Jonathan kneeling on the ground, he asked curiously, “What’s going on?” After Josephine related how Jared had saved him with the Soul Resurrection Needle, William was astounded.

When Jared diagnosed his ailment just by looking at him, William was already impressed. Nevertheless, he didn’t expect the young man to be so skillful that the deputy president of the Association of Traditional Medicine would drop to his knees and beg to be accepted as a student. “Young man, you have saved me twice already. From today onward, you are a benefactor of the Sullivan family. I will readily fulfill any request you have as long as it’s within my powers,” William declared resolutely. “You’re being too kind, Mr. Sullivan, as I barely did anything.

Furthermore, this is a blessing you deserve for all the charity you have done.” After giving a cordial reply, Jared changed his tact. “Although I used the Soul Resurrection Needle to save your life temporarily, you will still die within three months if your ailment isn’t treated.” Having heard Jared’s words, William dropped to his knees. “Please, sir, I’m willing to give you everything I have as long as you save my life.”

Fearing death, William no longer addressed Jared as a “young man.” Instead, he greeted him as “sir,” as he was really worried that Jared would refuse to help him. In order to survive, he was willing to give Jared all of his assets. As the richest man in Horington, William was unimaginably wealthy. Consequently, anyone would be envious of Jared for being in such a position. “Mr. Sullivan, there’s no need for that. I’m obliged to save you after running into you. Nonetheless, there are some rare herbs that I need, and I hope you can prepare them for me.” Jared could not afford to buy William any herbs.

The herbs he requested were so expensive that they were out of the masses’ reach. “Sir, whatever you need, just say the word!” William nodded at once. Then, he turned to Josephine and instructed, “Josephine, prepare a pen and paper to write them down.” Meanwhile, Jared felt awkward when William kept addressing him as “sir.” Hence, he suggested, “Mr. Sullivan, my name is Jared Chance. You can just call me by my name.”

“I can’t do that. Mr. Chance, you’re my savior, and the Sullivan family will never forget it for as long as we live.” Given how stubborn William was, Jared didn’t insist. Instead, he wrote down a long list of herbs and handed them to Josephine. “Mr. Sullivan, most of the herbs on the list are for your treatment. Nonetheless, some are for my mother, as she has lost her sight. As a result, I need some of these herbs to cure her,” Jared explained to William honestly. Considering Hannah had gone blind from crying, it would not be difficult for Jared to treat her.

It was just that he was incapable of getting hold of the herbs in his current state. Hence, he felt the Sullivan family was in a better position to obtain them. In spite of that, there were two items that Jared was worried the Sullivans could have trouble finding. One of them was a calligraphy brush which was embodied with spirituality after being used by a famous scholar for a long time. It could also be made from the fur of any spiritual animal.

Other than that, he also needed a cinnabar rosary. Although they were common items nowadays, the one he needed was made from woods of ancient trees. Combined with the spiritually endowed calligraphy brush, he would be able to cure Hannah’s blindness by simply anointing it on her eye.

Even though he had put the two items on the list, he was not optimistic that the Sullivan family would find them. After all, one could only encounter the items with luck. Moreover, only those in the know would be able to tell upon seeing it.