A Man Like None Other Novel Free Online

A Man Like None Other Novel Free Online

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Jared Chance is furious that someone has tried to make an advance on his girlfriend.In the end, he ends up behind bars after his attempt to protect her. Three years later, he is a free man but finds out that that girlfriend of his has married the man who hit on her back then. Jared will not let things slide. Thankfully, he has learned Focus Technique during his time in prison. At that, he embarks on the journey of cultivation and is accompanied by a gorgeous Josephine. Who would have thought this would enrage his ex-girlfriend?
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Chapter 1 - A Man Like None Other Novel (Jared Chance)

I’m finally out,” Jared Chance exclaimed as he forcefully took a deep breath of fresh air. Behind himwas Horington Prison, where he had been locked up for the past three years. Today was the day hewas released. “Hmm, I wonder how my parents are doing.” With a torn canvas bag on his back, Jaredhurried home right away. Over the last three years, his parents never visited him. Hence, he w

Chapter 2

,A Man Like None Other“Did the Gibsons really do that?” Jared furrowed his eyebrows, as he could not believe Sandy would dosomething like that. Back when he was arrested, she even screamed in tears, saying that she wouldwait to marry him after he was released from prison. Why did it turn out this way? As a result, Jareddecided to see Sandy to ask her about it. Suddenly, someone banged on their door heavily.

Chapter 3

,A Man Like None Other“Mom, are you all right?” Jared asked with concern after Baldy and the rest left. “Those men are gone.”“Why did you have to come out and offend him!” she scolded. “Pick up the money from the floorquickly. It’s what we have painstakingly saved all this while.” Stooping to the ground, Jared put thenotes and loose change back into the pouch. “Mom, I’ll be the breadwinner going forward, whi

Chapter 4

,A Man Like None Other“What are you doing?” Josephine jumped between Jared and her father, but Jared was already done.As for William, he suddenly felt his breathing improve while color gradually returned to his face. “I havetemporarily kept your injury in check. Considering how old your injury is, you will need a long durationof treatment in order to fully recover,” Jared explained. “Thank you for saving me.

Chapter 5

When Jared arrived at the entrance, the groom’s convoy had blocked the exit. A young man dressed ina suit and leather shoes alighted from a beautifully decorated car, holding a bouquet of flowers. Thatman was Leyton. The moment he saw Jared, he was momentarily stunned. When he regained hissenses, he guffawed out loud. “I forgot that today is the day you’re released from prison. What awonderful coincidence. W

Chapter 6

The moment he saw Jared emerge, William was filled with delight. He then ran up to Jared. “You’refinally here, young man. This way, please.” Holding onto Jared’s hand, William heaved a sigh of relief.“Mr. Sullivan, since I have made you a promise, I would definitely turn up.” Jared was cognizant thatWilliam was worried that he would stand him up. Feeling embarrassed, William could only smileawkwardly. “After

Chapter 7

“What garbage are you spewing? You’re not needed here. Get out!” Josephine barked, as she wasworried that Jared would disrupt the treatment. “Fine. You’re the one that asked me to leave. I’ll bewaiting in the corridor. In less than five minutes, you’ll be out there begging me to come back in.” Themoment he finished, Jared opened the door and went out. After he left, no one bothered about him.Meanwhile, Jonat

Chapter 8

“Miracle Doctor, please take me as your apprentice!” Right after he spoke, Jonathan bowed to Jared.Gaping in response, Jared realized he no longer had any energy left. As for Josephine, she gaveJonathan a bewildered look. “Dr. Watson, what are you doing? My dad hasn’t even woken up yet.”Josephine didn’t understand why Jonathan was addressing Jared as a miracle doctor when her fatherwas still unconscious. “Ms

Chapter 9

“Mr. Chance, just let me know what you need. As long as I can fulfill it, I will not refuse,” William quicklydeclared. At that moment, Josephine queried, “Mr. Chance, what do you need the calligraphy brushand cinnabar rosary for?” After all, both items didn’t look like they were required for medical treatment,and they were also widely available. “Josephine, Mr. Chance has his reasons for writing them down.Yo

Chapter 10

Dragon Bay was the best neighborhood in the whole of Horington, constructed on the only mountain inthe city. For that reason, not only was the scenery there astounding, but the air was also exceedinglyfresh. Those who could live there were either wealthy or influential people from the upper echelons ofsociety. Ordinary people couldn’t even afford to pay the property management fee there, much less Iivein the