Chapter 5 - A Man Like None Other Novel Free Online

When Jared arrived at the entrance, the groom’s convoy had blocked the exit. A young man dressed in a suit and leather shoes alighted from a beautifully decorated car, holding a bouquet of flowers. That man was Leyton. The moment he saw Jared, he was momentarily stunned. When he regained his senses, he guffawed out loud. “I forgot that today is the day you’re released from prison. What a wonderful coincidence. Would you like to attend my wedding with Sandy?”

Leyton gave Jared a mocking look that was tainted with mischief. All Jared did was shot Leyton an icy glare. After that, he stepped aside to leave, as he didn’t want to waste time speaking to someone like that. “Don’t go!” Unexpectedly, Leyton blocked Jared’s way. “Is it because you can’t afford to buy a gift?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to get us anything. Instead, you can have the leftovers from the banquet. We will be having our wedding reception at Glamor Hotel. If you don’t come, I’m afraid you will never have the opportunity to eat there.” Giving Jared a contemptuous smile, Leyton even patted Jared on his cheek. However, the latter slapped it away forcefully. “Idiot, what’s so great about marrying used goods? You’re just having my leftovers,” Jared sneered. In truth, Jared had never touched Sandy before.

Not even her hand. He simply said it to spite Leyton as well as exact revenge on Sandy. The very next instant, Leyton looked in Sandy’s direction. She had told him she never held Jared’s hand before, but now he was not so sure. Sandy grew nervous when she noticed the look on Leyton’s face. Turning to Jared, she thundered, “Jared, what lies are you spewing? How dare you accuse me of being a leftover? I would never let someone like you hold my hand!”

Even Melinda began to panic. “Jared, stop your sour grapes behavior,” she berated. “My daughter would never have let the likes of someone like you touch her!” Then, she turned toward Leyton and explained, “Leyton, don’t listen to him. He is obviously saying it to spite you.” Given how hard it was for

her to find a rich son-in-law, she was not going to let Jared’s words foil her plan. “Mrs. Gibson, don’t worry. I won’t believe him.”

Obviously, Leyton was not a fool to be easily taken in. “It’s up to you whether you want to believe it or not.” Ignoring Leyton, Jared walked around him and headed out. “Wait!” Leyton cried out. “You better keep your mouth shut. If I find you spreading rumors about my wife, I will make sure you regret it!” Leyton was worried that Jared would sully the Scott family’s reputation. “Haha, my mouth is my own, and I can say whatever I want.

What are you going to do about it?” Staring at Leyton coldly, Jared added, “In fact, you’re the one who should watch out. Or else, you won’t even know what hits you the day you lose your life.” When his eyes locked with Jared’s piercing gaze, Leyton had a sudden realization and felt a shiver down his spine. Realizing he was humiliated the very next instant, he widened his eyes and threatened, “You are welcome to try if you’re not afraid of death. When the time comes, you will be begging me on your knees instead!” Leyton was filled with rage.

If not for the fact that he was getting married, he would have taught Jared a lesson. “We won’t know till it happens. Let’s wait and see.” Jared shot Leyton a scornful look. “Leyton, it’s time. Let’s just ignore that broke b*stard.” Melinda glanced at Jared in a condescending manner. Holding the flowers in his hand, Leyton and his entourage walked toward the house. Watching Leyton’s leaving silhouette, Jared shot a ray of light into Leyton’s body with a flick of his finger.

Leyton was visibly jolted for a fleeting moment. However, he didn’t think too much of it as he carried on with his steps. “Let’s see if you will kneel before me and beg.” With a smirk on his face, Jared turned and left for Glamor Hotel. Meanwhile, at the entrance of Glamor Hotel, William was waiting for Jared personally, causing everyone present to speculate about what was going on. “Isn’t that Mr. Sullivan? It’s a surprise to see him waiting for someone at the entrance.

I wonder what makes him so important that Mr. Sullivan has to wait for him.” “I heard the Scott family’s eldest son is getting married, and the wedding is being held here. Could he be waiting for them?” “Maybe. After all, the Scott family is a prominent family too. Hence, he ought to show them some respect.” As the crowd gradually streamed into Glamor Hotel, William paced back and forth anxiously at the entrance, checking his watch every now and then.

“Dad, I think that guy was bullsh*tting us. All this talk about your injured left lung and threat to your life is nothing but crap. All you have is lung inflammation from your flu, so stop waiting for him, and let me take you to the hospital,” Josephine persuaded William. William had arrived half an hour ago but didn’t see Jared. As for Josephine, she felt Jared was just spouting nonsense, as William had never mentioned about injuring his left lung before.

Moreover, this was the first time the situation had occurred. “Josephine, there are some things that you aren’t aware of. The doctors at the hospital have no way of seeing the injury on my left lung. This hidden ailment of mine has been with me for more than twenty years. The only reason I didn’t tell anyone was that I didn’t want you to worry.” William sighed grimly. Stupefied by the revelation, Josephine held her father’s hand nervously.

“Dad, w-what’s going on? Please don’t scare me… Please… I already gave Dr. Watson a call, and he will be arriving shortly.” Josephine was consumed by panic. Ever since she could remember, she had never seen her mother. All this while, William had raised her alone, and they were everything to each other.

Hence, if anything happened to William, she didn’t know how she could continue living by herself. “It’s a long story. I’ll tell you when we have the time.” As his words fell, William checked his watch again before looking out far ahead.