Chapter 2 - Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 2 Running Away

It was still the same cold, unforgiving voice that Kisa would remember to the day she died. She trembled, filled with grief and fear, telling herself she must not let him recognize her.

She lay on the floor and swept her eyes around. Her gaze finally fixated on the hotel’s back exit. A second later, she sprang to her feet and ran as fast as she could for the exit.

“Get her!” a stern voice shouted.

Kisa’s knees went weak as she was scared. She hurriedly overturned the signages and banners to slow down the security guys coming after her. Running out the back exit, Kisa still did not dare let up but ran toward the side aisle. The sound of hurried footsteps came from behind her, but she did not dare look back. She just ran for her life as if a terrifying demon was chasing her.

Gilbert went out of the hotel and searched around in a panic but never saw Kisa.

Meanwhile, Sharon and Davian Park, Gilbert’s assistant, also rushed out after Kisa. Sharon asked Gilbert anxiously, “Gilbert, what’s wrong? I have heard you’re chasing a woman.”

Gilbert ignored her. The anxious look in his eyes told her he was looking for someone.

At that moment, a fleeting awful premonition hit Sharon, and she looked at Gilbert cautiously, “You think that woman is—”

“It must be her. Her sins have not been atoned for, and she will never get away with it in this life,” Gilbert growled grimly.

“Davian. Send someone to find the woman who has just fled. Make sure you find her.” Gilbert looked anxious, his face grim.

Davian wasted no time in dispatching men to blockade the hotel. But even then, Gilbert was still not assured. He searched around the hotel for a long time.

Sharon looked jealous when she saw Gilbert’s anxious look, which appeared as if he was possessed. ‘It’s been five years since Kisa’s death. What makes her stir the heart of this man? I wish he has mistaken someone for her. Kisa is dead, and her body has turned into ashes. It’s impossible for her to come back to life.’

In a small, humid basement–

Kisa curled herself into a ball, shivering in the corner.

‘I really wish I could kill you.’

‘You better die in there.’

‘You know better than anyone else how the child comes about, don’t you? The child shouldn’t come to this world.’

All that filled her ears were the cold, heartless words that Gilbert uttered to her. She buried her face in her knees and cried out in grief.

Since Kisa was a child, she had been trying to please Gilbert. Her mother had told Kisa to do so before she died. But all she got in return was his disgust. After Gilbert risked his life to save her, she completely lost herself in him. But he had nothing but disgust and indifference for her. Even after their marriage, although Sara had been the one who repeatedly set her up and provoked her, Gilbert was always on Sara’s side. He never trusted her. Never.

In the dark basement, only the light of her cell phone screen kept flickering. This was the eleventh call Ariella had made to her since she had escaped from the hotel. Ariella had always had a bad temper.

Kisa crawled over and answered the phone cautiously, but no one answered on the other end of the line.

Ariella had not been doing well, with minimal exposure for the past few years. So Kisa thought she could work for Ariella and would not bump into Gilbert. Never had she expected Ariella would secure a role in the drama produced by GK, with Sharon in the lead role. In that case, she knew she could no longer work in this job.

Still, no one spoke on the other end of the phone. Kisa was anxious and decided to quit her job. “Ariella, I know I have always been clumsy and have done nothing right. So, I-I would like to quit,” said Kisa cautiously. She then hastily added, “You don’t have to pay me for this month’s work. It is my problem.”

But there was still no reply on the other end of the phone, only a faint sound of slow breathing, which felt depressing but also vaguely familiar. Just then, Kisa’s heart skipped a beat, and she cautiously called out, “Ariella?”