Reborn Through Fire

Reborn Through Fire

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Synopsis about Reborn Through Fire

Read Reborn Through Fire by Kazuya Higan. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereKisa Becker loved Gilbert Kooper with great care. In Gilbert's mind, however, she was a cunning and evil plotter. After marrying him, she believed if she played the role of Mrs. Kooper well, she could eventually win his heart. Little did she expect that man to send her to prison, where a fire burned her years of infatuation with him into ashes. When the two met again after her near-death experience, Gilbert realized her affection for him had long gone. And now it was his turn to be distraught.
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Reborn Through Fire By Kazuya Higan Chapter 1

Chapter 1 She is… Dead?Kisa Becker was in the women’s prison. She held her bulging belly and slowly crawled toward the door.She had been locked in for three days, and because of one man’s order, she had eaten nothing untilnow. The floor near the doorway was strewn with breadcrumbs. Kisa stretched out her painful red hand. Shepicked up the dirty and cold hard breadcrumbs and put them into her mouth. Suddenly,

Reborn Through Fire By Kazuya Higan Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Running AwayIt was still the same cold, unforgiving voice that Kisa would remember to the day she died. Shetrembled, filled with grief and fear, telling herself she must not let him recognize her. She lay on the floor and swept her eyes around. Her gaze finally fixated on the hotel’s back exit. Asecond later, she sprang to her feet and ran as fast as she could for the exit. “Get her!” a stern voice

Reborn Through Fire By Kazuya Higan Chapter 3

Chapter 3 She Can Never Run Away From Me“Aaaaah!” Startled, Kisa tossed her phone and shivered in the corner. Her eyes stared in horror at the phone onthe floor as if a monster was inside. ‘It’s Gilbert’s voice. How could this be? How come Gilbert called me on Ariella’s cell phone? Has hefound out so quickly that I’m working for Ariella? If this is the case, he will soon find this place and sendme to prison

Reborn Through Fire By Kazuya Higan Chapter 4

Chapter 4 I Don’t Want to See Him.“Ms. Watson, Mr. Kooper would like to see you. Please come with me.” It was Davian. Kisa spun around and tried to run, but several men in suits surrounded her. These men’s actionsalarmed the people in the surroundings, and they all stepped back in fright. Kisa’s pale face and bony body made her look as if she would collapse at any moment. “Wh-What are you all going to do?” “

Reborn Through Fire By Kazuya Higan Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Kill Me If You Dare“Don’t hit me. Don’t hit me.” She shivered involuntarily as the horrible experience of being beaten up in prison kept coming back toher. Gilbert frowned. He grabbed her by the collar and lifted her. “Why are you still pretending? You thinkthat will make me not punish you for what you have done?” “I’m not Kisa. You’ve got the wrong person. My name is Raine. I’m not Kisa. I’m not.”

Reborn Through Fire By Kazuya Higan Chapter 6

Chapter 6 You’re Looking For TroubleGilbert looked at her reddened face. He suddenly came to his senses and let go of her. Kisa coughed violently and slumped down the wall as a sudden burst of fresh air rushed into her lungs.She was trembling terribly because of the cough. Under Gilbert’s condescending gaze, she looked likea gnat struggling to stay alive. “Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. But I will make your

Reborn Through Fire By Kazuya Higan Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Stop Shedding Crocodile Tears“Kill me if you dare.” She deeply hated being shut in, as in prison, which only made her feel suffocated and despaired. Gilbert gave her an icy look. He suddenly got up, lifted her injured ankle, and immediately took amedication bottle out of his pocket. Realizing what he was about to do, Kisa jerked her foot back as hard as she could and sneered. “Stopshedding crocodil

Reborn Through Fire By Kazuya Higan Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Do You Know Who My Mommy Is?‘This woman is a bit like the one in the photo in Daddy’s wallet. Could she be Mommy?’ The boy wasso excited with the thought in his mind that he ran up to Kisa. Kisa stared at them in astonishment. “Who are you? Why are you here?” She did not recall there werechildren in the Kooper residence. “Ma’am, do you know who my mommy is? Where is she?” The questions startled and

Reborn Through Fire By Kazuya Higan Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Do You Know Who You’re Holding Hostage?“Kisa Becker!” Gilbert gritted his teeth and growled her name. He wished he could strangle this heartless woman whowas holding his son hostage in order to escape. He clenched his fists with blue veins popping up on theback of his hands, his face ashen. Kisa looked at his grim, murderous face and smiled bleakly. ‘He must hate me even more. But itdoesn’t matter

Reborn Through Fire By Kazuya Higan Chapter 10

Chapter 10 A Special ContractGilbert looked at her with a frown. “What do you mean?” “I heard Ariella say that she still has a special contract with Kisa in place.” “A special contract?” “Yeah. Wasn’t she Ariella’s assistant before?” Gilbert looked at her and waited for her to continue. “If Ariella is the one who dismisses Kisa, then Ariella is to pay her a sky-high amount of compensation.Of course, if it is