Chapter 8 - Remarriage? Never And Go Away!

The Most Famous Lawyer Is My Opponent’s Wife?

When Gloria got home, she went directly into the bathroom, took a shower, and came out feeling refreshed.

Although she also lived alone before she felt great when she did this again. She used to think about Jordy all the time. But now, she could develop her own career. At the thought of this, she was a little upset. Why did she waste all her energy on that jerk before?

The night grew late. Although Gloria was a very light sleeper, she slept soundly, but on the other side..

Someone was tossing and turning in the bed

After Jordy came out of the Collins’ old mansion, he went directly to the company. He worked for a while and then went to sleep… He lay down, and Gloria’s rebellious smile appeared in his mind immediately.

He suddenly opened his fierce eyes with a cold look.

He got up, directly asked his assistant to summon the employees, and held a video conference that very night to arrange work!

He stayed up all night with a somber face.

The others looked at his gloomy face in the video in fear. They did not even dare to yawn.

Who pissed Mr. Collins off?

The next day

Gloria was reading the file at home when Irene called her.

“Norma, Jonathan wants to see you. Will… you come?”

After thinking for a while, Gloria agreed. She couldn’t hide her lawyer’s identity forever, could she?

Half an hour later, Irene came to pick her up.

Irene was still worried, “Are you really ready for this?”

Gloria sat in the co-driver’s seat with a calm look, “Yes, I have been ready for a long time.”

“Can you… really make Jonathan trust you? Didn’t they doubt your identity after you talked to the people from their legal department? He doesn’t know your real identity?”

Gloria patted her on the shoulder, “Don’t worry. He’ll know soon.”

Irene was speechless.

Now she could only pray that it wouldn’t be their bad advertising

When they arrived at the restaurant, Gloria saw a handsome man sitting at the desk and playing mobile

phone games leisurely

He was in a custom-made black suit, enveloped in a noble aura. His downturned eyes were soft, but coldness was just hidden beneath them.

The sound of the game could be heard from time and time, which was incoherent with his image.

Hearing footsteps, he slowly raised his head.

Gloria was tall and slender. Her hair was scraped back from her face in a man bun. Two strands of hair that hung down her temples were slightly curled. Her light blue tight dress outlined her curvaceous


She was buxom and sexy.

She didn’t wear any makeup, but she was already beautiful enough. Her almond eyes were bright, confident. and serious, which were attractive and tempting

When Jonathan found that she was Gloria, he was surprised. The next moment, he quit the game. A smile curved his lips slowly, “Mrs. Collins? Are you in the wrong box?”

Jonathan took Norma seriously. He came here early. However, he didn’t expect that he would meet his mortal enemy’s wife.

Gloria walked in, sat opposite Jonathan, and smiled gracefully, “No, Mr. Brown, you wanted to see me, didn’t you?”

Jonathan saw Irene behind Gloria and suddenly thought of something.

“You are Norma?

Amazement flashed across his eyes. Gloria was really beautiful. He could never forget her after a glance.

Everyone would be overshadowed around her.

However, such a beautiful woman was Jordy’s wife.

Jonathan looked at Irene and gave her an ambiguous smile, “Miss Stewart, are you not going to… explain this to me?”

Irene coughed slightly and said with embarrassment, “Mr. Brown, Norma was in a complicated situation before. I can’t tell you the story clearly, but since we have agreed to take your case, there are some things you must know.”

Jonathan’s pupil shrank slightly. He paused and remained calm, “So, you are going to tell me that the most famous lawyer I took so much trouble to hire is my opponent’s wife?”