Chapter 7 - Remarriage? Never And Go Away!

You Will Pay for Your Arrogance!

Glona immediately raised her eyes and opened her mouth slightly. However, she said nothing

Jordy walked to the co-driver’s seat with a sullen face and opened the door for her.

Gloria stood still in situ. Karen pushed her, “Come on, get in the car!”

Gloria took a light breath and said with a smile, “Grandma, it’s getting late. You should go back. We’re leaving.”

As long as grandma went back to her room, she could walk out of here and hail a taxi.

She might need to buy a car as soon as possible.

Jordy kept silent with a sullen look

As if knowing what Gloria was thinking, Karen said with a smile, “I’ll go back after you leave. Get in the car.”

Gloria hesitated, and Jordy had lost his patience. He said in a deep voice. “Just get in the car!”

She had no other choice but got in the car. Jordy closed the door and looked at Karen, “Grandma, goodbye.”

Karen frowned and said impatiently, “Alright, just cut the crap and get in the car!”

Jordy was speechless

Why did she treat them so differently?

Was he really her grandson?

He said nothing, got in the car and drove away.

It was so quiet in the car that they could hear each other breathing.

Gloria was not in the mood to talk to him until they turned a corner and grandma couldn’t see them anymore.

She immediately said in a deep voice, “Pull over.”

It sounded like an order. Jordy snorted coldly and said, “Where are you going in such a hurry? To see your lover?”

Gloria laughed angrily, “Why do you refuse to stop the car? You don’t want to divorce me and want to take me back?


The car stopped suddenly!

With a sullen look, Jordy wanted to satirize her. Gloria said with a faint smile, “Mr. Collins, if you want a divorce, get it done quickly. Otherwise, I might change my mind, and then I will keep pestering you so that you can’t marry her or divorce me!”

After that, Gloria raised her hand to open the door.


The door was suddenly locked.

Gloria frowned and looked back at Jordy. “What do you mean?”

Jordy snorted coldly, “Gloria, you think grandma will always back you up?”

“You really suspect me of telling grandma on you.” Gloria smiled, “But that doesn’t matter, does it? Getting a divorce is your priority, right? Can you tell me clearly when we will go to the courthouse for divorce?”

Jordy glanced at her with stern eyes, “You want grandma to know that we are getting a divorce?

What exactly are you thinking?” Gloria was a little speechless and an impatient look flashed across her eyes, “If you have so many misgivings, you will never get a divorce. So, are you free tomorrow?”

Jordy said in a cold and menacing voice, “I said, I will contact you when I am free! Get out of my car!”

Gloria laughed angrily again. “You think I want to take your car? Jordy, you will pay for your arrogance!”

With that, she looked away and got out of the car. Jordy was about to start the car and leave. She snorted coldly, deliberately left the door open, and walked away leisurely, “Mr. Collins, be safe and good luck.”

Jordy bit his teeth in anger, “Gloria!”

Gloria sneered, turned the corner without looking back, and went down the hill from a path that only one at a time could pass through

Two hours later.

Jordy had returned to the company.

His phone suddenly rang and he answered it with a cold look

“Boss, she went down the hill. I escorted her back. Nothing happened and she didn’t see anyone.”

Jordy suddenly put on a gloomy look and his eyes were so cold as if he wanted to eat Gloria alive.

He wished he could do that at the thought of her provocative attitude.

“Don’t monitor her anymore!”

The other party froze for an instant, “Yes.”

Jordy hung up irritatedly. He didn’t want to hear anything about Gloria anymore! Otherwise, he would only feel more upset!