Chapter 4 - Runaway Bride

What Elizabeth Song’s words were totally right and touching, Hongming Song might feel ashamed, and didn't dare to see her at all.

"Eliza, your dad has no way." Qinman pretended to be good, showing a gentle and virtuous wife.

"Although the Beiyang Government is split, Lu family is in charge of Jiangbei Region, and it’s the most powerful among the local warlords, no one dares to provoke them. But your dad is just a navy admiral. If he tells your eldest sister went abroad for treatment, Lu family will embarrass our family!"

"That’s the reason why you let me replace the eldest sister!" Thinking of the humiliation last night, Elizabeth was so angry that she even wanted to smash everything in the living room, "The second sister is also your child. Why don't you let her go for such a good thing?"

Qinman really didn't expect that such a "wild girl" who grew up in Fei City would be so sharp.

She stiffened, and dissatisfaction flashed quickly in her eyes. But she still pretended kindly, "I have no choice, your second sister is not like your eldest sister..."

"I’ll not replace her!" Elizabeth cut her off and said coldly, "I admit that my virginity was taken away! But I would rather die than replace the eldest sister with that eldest master. If Lu family blames and embarrasses us, and dad fail to be an official, Dad, let's go back to Fei City!"

"You, you... I provides you with everything and raises you up not for your back talk!"

Hongming loved glory and power most in his life, and Elizabeth's words undoubtedly irritated him.

His a little bit of guilt vanished, and just wanted to slap her twice.

"Mom, why haven't you finished talking yet?" An impatient voice came from the second floor, and then a young lady walked downstairs.

She wore a light purple breasted dress, with bright eyes and nice teeth. Though she walked elegantly, her eyes were full of contempt, as if she couldn’t look up to anyone.

Elizabeth recognized she was her second sister Jingrou Song.

Qinman saw her second daughter came down, her eyes brightened, and said, "Well, your younger sister has a stubborn temper. Your dad can't do anything with her, Jingrou, help us to persuade her."

"Okay, let me do it." Jingrou took her father's arm and smiled: "I know Dad worked hard and felt tired, you and mom just have a rest for a while, I will persuade my younger sister."

Seeing his second daughter was so caring and sensible, Hongming felt much comfortable and nodded: "You persuade her, and dad will buy you new clothes."

Jingrou smiled more brilliantly, "Thank you, dad!"

Seeing Hongming and Qinman went upstairs, Elizabeth still wanted to chase after them, while Jingrou hurriedly stopped her. Jingrou’s eyes were fierce and scorching, and she was not like just now, well- behaved in front of Hongming.

"Elizabeth, don't you know the situation? Lu family is so powerful, you were married to be a honourable wife. Besides, that place is much better than Fei City, you will be rich and have new clothes to wear."

Elizabeth glanced at her and sneered, "It’s so good, but why don't you marry? You and your eldest sister were born to the same mother!"

"You! I want to marry, but I don't look like my sister." Jingrou stood in front of Elizabeth with her chest folded, and then smiled deeply: "Besides, he is an illegitimate child, you are a wild girl who grew up in rural Fei City, you two are a perfect match!"

"Jingrou Song! How dare you say it again!" Elizabeth flushed with anger, raising her hand to slap her severely.

Jingrou's face was cold, she stretched to grab Elizabeth's hair hard: "Elizabeth, I know you were admitted to Nanping College. But you have to know, if dad doesn’t sign on the confirmation, do you think you can study there?"