Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride

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Read Runaway Bride by Sheyla Garcia. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereShe fell in love with him, the general. The war began She lost their child and him. Years passed, when she met him, He held her hands and said, "Come home with me, love."
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Chapter 1 Oops, I Married The Wrong Guy!

In the 12th year of the Republic of China, the year of 1923. Elizabeth Song wore a festive red breasted dress with big sleeves, a magnificent shawl, and a phoenixcoronet above which was a red bridal veil. She was sitting on the bed, clutching her fingers tightly. Boom. Elizabeth suddenly felt her heart tighten, and heard the door being kicked open. There seemed to bring with cold wind, she shuddered for no r

Chapter 2 Real Groom Showed Up, With A Gun

The feeling was terrible! End of world devastating! Elizabeth Song couldn't help sobbing and crying. "You bastard!" It was her father who asked her to surprise Jingmo Lu, so she happily followed the bridal procession toJinyuan, their residence, and waited. But who was this man? "Bastard?" The man was so angry but laughed, "I haven't seen you for a while, Jingyu. How dare youtalk to me like this?" Her inside

Chapter 3 A Girl's Marriage Is Only Once!

The bullet seemed to fly past her ear, and the dull gunfire made Elizabeth Song tremble. Jingmo said hoarsely: "Do you know I waited for you all night in Xiaoling Tower? Tell me why notcome?" "I don't know..." Elizabeth grabbed his hand, crying so hardly that she could only shake her head. Three days ago, when she returned from Fei City, she wrote a letter to Jingmo that she came back, butreceive no reply fr

Chapter 4 You Two Are A Perfect Match!

What Elizabeth Song’s words were totally right and touching, Hongming Song might feel ashamed, anddidn't dare to see her at all. "Eliza, your dad has no way." Qinman pretended to be good, showing a gentle and virtuous wife. "Although the Beiyang Government is split, Lu family is in charge of Jiangbei Region, and it’s the mostpowerful among the local warlords, no one dares to provoke them. But your dad is jus

Chapter 5 I Really Don't Want to Give You My Sister's Things

"If you pretend to be my sister and marry to Lu family until my sister comes back, I can treat you better.Otherwise, I will spread the information that your mother is a bitch in Fei City, so you won't have to goto school either!" Elizabeth Song clenched her hands tightly and trembled with anger. She was not afraid of not going to school. She can learn knowledge through reading books in thefuture. But her gra

Chapter 6 Become A Girl?

Only one year, she can bear it. After finishing making up for Elizabeth Song and dressing a skirt for her, Jingrou Song took her to seeFather Song and Qinman. Even Hongming Song was a little stunned when he saw Elizabeth after putting on make-up. If he didn'tknow the truth, he really thought the girl in front of him was his eldest daughter, so he said happily,"Okay, very good! No one will doubt it." Elizabet

Chapter 7 Just Accept The Identity of Mrs. Chief Securely

Hearing that the voice was still the same, Adjutant Zhao didn't doubt anymore. However, thinking of the things Jingyu Song did before, Adjutant Zhao's polite voice carried a coldcolor, "Please remember to inform of me or the chief next time when you go back to your family'shouse." "Okay." Elizabeth Song responded with her head down. Adjutant Zhao stopped talking and drove carefully, while Elizabeth turned to

Chapter 8 Bath For Me

But her father was just an admiral of the navy. He existed like an ant among these forces and will diedat a light pinch. How did Johnny Lu like her eldest sister? And it's not a concubine, it's the position ofthe chief's wife directly? Glancing on the second floor, Elizabeth Song thought, the sons of other families were married at theage of 20, why this man is 27 but there is no concubine around him, and he

Chapter 9 Do You Want to Make Me Die Without Descendants

"What?" Elizabeth Song was confused. After she reacted, her face turned pale, "You, didn't you ask mejust to wash it for you..." "Need me to say it again?" He was very impatient, and the cold air all over his body made Elizabeth shiver. It was obviously ashame, but she couldn't refuse, and unbuttoned her clothes tremblingly. The water in the bathtub was a little bit cold, making Elizabeth shiver all the time

Chapter 10 There Are No Servants in Jinyuan?

Nanping has always been the fat that the local warlords want to eat, but they are all afraid of the Lufamily. Moreover, Johnny Lu is the favourite pupil of the former President Cheng Yuan. His methods areso harsh that no one dares to do anything. Although monogamy in Europe has been promoted in various places and practiced by many people,the old tradition was deeply ingrained. Rich men still had many wives.