Chapter 7 - Runaway Bride

Hearing that the voice was still the same, Adjutant Zhao didn't doubt anymore.

However, thinking of the things Jingyu Song did before, Adjutant Zhao's polite voice carried a cold color, "Please remember to inform of me or the chief next time when you go back to your family's house."

"Okay." Elizabeth Song responded with her head down.

Adjutant Zhao stopped talking and drove carefully, while Elizabeth turned to look outside the car. The sky was gloomy and it looked like that it was going to rain, which was similar to her mood, and her eyes were gradually hazy.

After returning to Nanping from Fei City in just three days, her life has changed drastically. She lost her innocence, the man she liked, and even now she has no freedom.

If she could anticipate all these, she would definitely not come back.

Half an hour later, the car arrived at Jinyuan.

The servant who opened the door was the one who prepared the clothes for Elizabeth in the morning. She was a little surprised to see that the one who went out in the morning was not the same as the one who came back now, but she was just a little servant and didn't dare to say anything.

After Elizabeth entered the house, the servant took the shawl and small suitcase from her and said that the chief was having the meal in the restaurant.

Elizabeth Song had to brace herself to go in.

Since the opening of the trading port, a steady stream of new stuff from Europe has been brought in. The wealthy and powerful usually have their own mansions, which are decorated by masters from Europe. The style is novel and eye-catching.

Although Jinyuan is inferior to those big mansions, it is not bad. Bathroom, fabric sofas, including European-style chandeliers, and European-style dining tables are all available.

Just a Jinyuan is a place that ordinary people can't live in even if they work for decades.

The long European-style dining table was covered with beautiful tablecloths. A tall man in a dark green military uniform sat at the main seat, holding a bowl and drinking soup. From a distance, Elizabeth could feel a sense of oppression he gave.

Before she walked in, Johnny Lu said, "You have come back to Song Mansion."

Not an interrogative sentence, just a light word.

"I, I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you." He was so cruel last night that Elizabeth was still vividly remembered. The closer she approached the man, her body could not help but tremble, "It won't happen again."

"Come here."

Elizabeth froze there and did not dare to move until Johnny raised his head.

She knew that the man could not see, but being stared by those gloomy eyes, she was very frustrated. So she moved and walked over, stood in front of him, holding her breath.

Johnny didn’t speak either, just grasping her hand accurately. His hand was cold. Elizabeth couldn’t help shaking, but she didn’t dare to pull her hand back, only letting him touch it anyway.

Johnny seemed to fail to find something on her hand, his face grew gloomy.

"I, I took the ring off when I took a shower." His gloomy expression made Elizabeth get her hair straight, and quickly took out the ring from her pocket and put it on. Her fingers are slender, so the ring is suitable for wearing on the middle finger. "Look."

Fortunately, Jingrou Song also gave her the ring, otherwise she would not escape the disaster.

After touching the cold metal object, Johnny's face looked better. He pushed the ring inward, and firmly grasped Elizabeth's hand, his voice indifferent.

"Jingyu Song, remember, accept the identity of Mrs. Chief securely. If you can not figure out and want to escape, or if you want to die, everyone in the Song family will be buried with you."

Elizabeth was so hurt under his grasp, tears were almost coming out, but she bit her lips tightly and did not dare to make a sound.

Johnny went upstairs after finishing his soup. He walked steadily. He even knew where the stairs were and how wide the steps were. He didn't look like a blind man at all. Elizabeth sat down on the chair like a collapsed man.

The servant brought the food, and she lowered her head to eat, but there was something in her mind.

Since Cheng Yuan's death, local warlords have risen one after another, there were always wars. She knew that the current Northern warlords would let their son marry a celebrity in their favor in order to win over the forces. ~