Chapter 2 - Runaway Bride

The feeling was terrible! End of world devastating! Elizabeth Song couldn't help sobbing and crying.

"You bastard!"

It was her father who asked her to surprise Jingmo Lu, so she happily followed the bridal procession to Jinyuan, their residence, and waited. But who was this man?

"Bastard?" The man was so angry but laughed, "I haven't seen you for a while, Jingyu. How dare you talk to me like this?"

Her inside bellyband was ripped off by the man ferociously. Elizabeth was ashamed and angry, she struggled to get up and bit on his shoulder.

She bit desperately, her mouth was full of bloody smell. But the man seemed to be not painful, his hot breath was scattered in her ears, "Look carefully, from now on, you will be a true woman."

Elizabeth only felt painful as if her body had been split in half, and she was too painful to scream, but grasped the quilt tightly. There was only one thought in her mind: she was ruined.

All her expected wedding night for so long, and her virginity were gone.

"Don't you like the compensation for your wedding night after half a month?"

When Elizabeth woke up, it was already mid-morning.

The man had gone, but she still kept the same posture as last night, lying on the bed. The bruises on her body didn’t fade at all, the red quilt and the blood on it made her feel extremely dazzling.

Elizabeth stumbled to the bathroom, washing her body desperately.

But no matter how hard she wash, she couldn’t erase the shame of last night from her mind, she shed tears sadly.

She covered her mouth and cried to twitch.

That man was totally a devil!

Elizabeth washed for an hour. After going out of the bathroom, she found no suitable clothe to wear, but the wedding gown she wore last night.

She bit her lip and could only put on her broken wedding gown.

The most important thing was to run away.

Unexpectedly, when she went downstairs, she happened to meet Jingmo who was looking for someone in Jinyuan Residence.

Looking at the upright and handsome man in military uniform, Elizabeth was pale. She stood on the stairs, clutching the dress and trembling.

She knew she was tainted to match with Jingmo now, who was born in a military family. She had been working so hard to marry him, be a good wife and a good mother for a lifetime.

But now, none of that was possible.

She really hated all of this!

"Eliza?" Jingmo also saw Elizabeth on the stairs. He took off his service cap, and wondered why she was here until he saw her broken wedding dress and hickeys. His expression was a little stiff.

"Jingmo, you...let me explain!"

Elizabeth rushed downstairs to Jingmo with tears: "I don't even know what happened last night, I..."

Before she finished speaking, a cold muzzle was against her forehead.

Jingmo’s eyes were scarlet, and his hand with gun was shaking. "Explain? How can I believe your explanation?"

"Jingmo..." Elizabeth burst into tears.

Jingmo refused to listen anymore. He moved the gun slightly, and pulled the trigger, hit the wall behind Elizabeth.