Chapter 1 - Rush into Your Heart

It was Christmas Eve. Sofia Pai specially came back from the UK to meet her boyfriend Fitzgerald, she prepared a big surprise for him. On the phone call, Fitzgerald said that he was to tell her something important after she came back. Sofia looked forward to it, maybe Fitzgerald was going to propose to her!

At half-past eleven, she arrived at Fitzgerald's house door with happiness and sweetness. In her hand, lied in an exquistie bag a scarf she knitted for Fitzgerald, waiting impatiently to be opened. Sofia was about to take out the key; when she looked down, she found that the door was unlocked.

She felt a little bit strange; Slowly, she pushed the door open, only to find the floor full of rose petals; it was a candlelight dinner. There was a strange sound coming from the bedroom upstairs, she followed the sound upstairs. Before she was there, she heard a burst of a woman's joyful and delicate chants. The sound became louder and louder, and this voice was incredibly familiar to Sofia.

A devastating thought flashed through Sofia's mind, but she quickly overruled it. No, impossble! He was Fitzgerald! how would he do this to her? He wouldn’t, anyone could except for her Fitzgerald!

Yet the moment she reached the last stair, clothes, suits, ties, skirts, stockings, lace underwears, and red high-heeled shoes scattered in the corridor…

Sofia breathed sluggishly, and her legs seemed to be filled with lead, she slowly moved to the bedroom door. In the half-open room, two bodies intertwined with each other. The woman, lying naked under her boyfriend was her good cousin, Wendy Pai.

"Honey, has Sofia failed to satisfy you in these seven years? You are so wonderful."

"It seems that I haven't worked hard enough, you still could think about other things. Ah!"

"That's it? The important thing you want to tell me? Ha? Fitzgerald!" Standing at the door, Sofia thought that one more step would make her sick.

Fitzgerald's body was stunned. He suddenly turned around and saw Sofia standing at the door with a brush of surprise on his face. Then he calmly got up and picked up one of the clothes to put on.

"Don't you want to say anything?" At the moment, there was still a glimmer of hope in Sofia's heart. She hoped he would say that none of this was real and it's not like what she thought.

"Explain? Didn't you see everything? We have been together for seven years and I am a normal man. Wendy knows better than you how to please men." Fitzgerald said and held Wendy in his arms; then he kissed her face gently.

Facing this scene, Sofia suffered pain as if a knife pierced into her heart; she even felt pain when she breathed.

The next moment, just as Fitzgerald got up, Sofia slapped Fitzgerald in the face; it was a loud slap.

"You deserve it!" With heartache, she raised her head and looked upward toward the ceiling to hold back her tears.

How could she cry in front of this pair of scumbags? It's an insult to her.

Fitzgerald sneered: "Satisfied? Leave! Now!"

Sofia looked at Fitzgerald in disbelief. Did he just ask her to leave? He asked her to leave this place,

where she carefully selected everything for him? Now, it had become a love nest for him and a bitch.

"Fitzgerald asked you to leave, so do it as you heard! You're not Fitzgerald's plate of dish at all, look at yourself, you are just as thin as an inmature child, how can you arouse Fitzgerald's interest."

"Oh! You want me to leave? Alright..." Sofia's eyes became cold, then she suddenly raised her hand and slapped Wendy again in the face.

She never knew that her cousin was so depraved and seduced her boyfriend. How could she bear it?

"Have you had enough?" Sofia tried to slap her for a second time, but Fitzgerald grabbed her and pushed her aside.

Sofia was pushed over on the ground, looking at the man she loved. At the moment, he only cared about other women.

Wendy nestled in Fitzgerald's arms; her eyes tearful, she covered her face with a hand while sobbing. Fitzgerald frowned while looking at Sofia.

"Haha!" Sofia stood up from the ground with a sneer and picked up the bag: "You know what? This is the New Year gift I prepared for you, with all my heart. Now, you don't deserve it. I am blind... "

Sofia lit the lighter, ignited the whole bag, and watched it burn. What disappered along with the bag is the love in her heart.

She then placed the burning bag on the bed, subsequently turned away and left.

Sofia ignored the panicking screams of the woman and the indignant mockery of the man.

That night, the wind was incredibly cold that it made her tear up. Sofia smiled, wiped the tears off her face, pulled the case and took out a phone from the pocket.

"Where are you? Let's grab a drink. I'll wait for you in the old bar." Sofia hung up and got in a cab. As of now, she would carefully give vent to her feelings.

A lively and impure atmosphere was present. Sofia placed the suitcase aside and kept pouring glasses of wine for herself until she became losing consciounseness.

This bar was where Sofia and her best friend, Jean Chen, used to hang out. Needless to say, because her family's financial state wasn't as good as before, she could never afford those luxury things. Jean paid everything for her, she always took her as one of her most important.

It was Christmas Eve that night, and the atmosphere was full of joy. The carnival had started just a few moments after midnight. The joyful atmosphere made Sofia even more sorrowful.

How unforgettable this year’s Christmas Eve was.

When Jean arrived at the bar, it's evident that Sofia had had drunk too much.

"What's the matter Sofia?"

"My goodness! Jean…you're here finally! Good, let me tell you something. Guess what happened when I went to Fitzgerald’s place? I caught that bastard sleeping with Wendy. Haha, I'm an idiot. Jean, do you think I'm the most stupid woman in the world? Actually, I'm not that sad, I just feel really stupid.

Come on, let's have a toast. I just caught a jerk red-handed."

Sofia screamed hysterically while holding on to Jean's hand, also occasionally giggling without reason. The loud music around them immediately covered her voice. Even Sofia herself wasn't sure whether she's sad or happy.

She just wanted to forget everything that had ever happened. After that night, she was determined to be strong-willed, just like always.

There's nothing in this world that could bring her down. Whatever the problem, nothing could break her.

“You silly girl! Such a scum isn’t worth your love. It’s lucky to know his real face without suffering a lot. You deserve a better one, and when you find your Mr Right, just let Wendy cry and feel jealous. This woman played dirty tricks on you when you were in school. She should hope that she will not fall into my hands. Otherwise, I’m going to hang her ass!”

Jean Chen knew that since her parents' accident, she had been burdened with so much pressure. It’s helpful to give vent to her sorrow and despair. As long as she was here, she wouldn’t let her feel wronged.

Sofia Pai kept drinking and there were all empty bottles on the table.

“Sofia, I’ll take you back.” Jean Chen took a look at the bottles and asked the waiter to check out. Drinking so much, Sofia Pai was drowsy. She wanted to go to the toilet.

Sofia Pai staggered to the washroom with the help of walls.

Before the door of the restroom, she gazed around, not knowing which one was for female. She shook her head and tried to figure out the right one.

“Which one? Male left female right. It must be this one,” said Sofia. However, she didn’t realize that she had turned around. Now she was pointing to the opposite.

Sofia Pai pushed the door open and walked into the bathroom in an alcoholic haze. Right at this time, with her stomach heaving, she saw something, staggered there and then threw up.

The whole bathroom was surrounded by the sound of vomiting. When Sofia vomited up what she had eaten and turned around, she found that she was grasping a man’s trousers.

She looked up and felt stunned. How could there be such a handsome and aloof man in the world!

Under his satin-black short hair was his eagle-like eyes, sharp and cold. In the light, the eyes looked even more profound. Only staring at him made her feel like being trapped in a huge whirlpool.

His dashing eyebrows, carved face and facial features were so perfect. Others treated him as a god, he treating others like dirt.

Though she was drunk, Sofia Pai saw the man so clearly and dreamily. It seemed that he just came out of a painting, handsome but unreal. He came in the world with arrogance.

Sofia Pai giggled and said, “Why is such a handsome guy in the female bathroom?”

Anthomaniac woman!

That was his first impression of the woman…

His face turned gloomy. When she came here just now, he was about to urinate.

“This is the male bathroom,” said him.

Hearing the sound, Jean Chen suddenly turned around and witnessed her best friend vomiting in the male bathroom with an extremely dashing man beside her.

But he looked terrifying and cold. Jean was stunned a little bit. She trotted there and then helped Sofia stand up with embarrassment.

“Sorry, sir. My friend is in a bad mood and she drinks a lot. Are you…okay? ” When saying, she gave him several glances.

The man stared at Sofia and said nothing. He left with an overcast face.

“Who does he think he is. He is as cold as an ice cube. So dull!” Followed her words was Sofia’s vomiting again.

A woman screamed in the male bathroom, “Sofia Pai! You throw up on me.”

Sofia Pai forgot what she had done yesterday. When she woke up the next morning, she felt great pain in her head. What she could remember was that she was drunk and then met a handsome man. But he was nasty to her.

“You finally wake up.” Jean walked into the room. Sofia rubbed her head. It’s terrible to get drunk. She

almost forgot everything. Today it’s Christmas!

“Jean. Sorry to let you worry about me.”

“Fool! Don’t do this to yourself again,” said Jean. Sofia gave a wry smile. As soon as she turned on her phone, a phone call came in. When noticing that it’s a landline phone call, she hesitated for a moment and then answered it.

“Sofia. I heard from Wendy that you have come back. Now that you are back, come home for dinner this evening. Don’t always stay outside. I have something to tell you.”

At the age of thirteen, Sofia Pai lost her beloved mother. The car accident also made her father a vegetable. A large amount of money must be spent on him to sustain his life.

The company was left to her uncle. These years, she lived with her uncle and his family. Sofia was grateful to him. He helped her with her father’s medical costs. So no matter how terrible her aunt treated her, she cared nothing.

“I’ll be there.” No extra care and greetings. Sofia had been accustomed to it.

Jean asked, “What happened? Your uncle ask you back?” Sofia nodded and said nothing.

After having some porridge at Jean’s home, Sofia left. She went directly to the cemetery and didn’t take her luggage. Then she went to the hospital to see her father.

Luckily, he just looked older. The doctor said that everything was going well, which made her much relieved.

“Dad! I’ll wait for you to wake up. At that time, I’ll do the sour-sweet fish for you.”

When her uncle called again, urging her to go to the hotel for dinner, Sofia Pai left the hospital with reluctance.

She arrived in the private room. Seeing merely her uncle and aunt, she was relieved. Sofia was just sitted on the chair when the door of the private room was reopened. Sofia looked up, only to see Wendy Pai and Fitzgerald walked into the room with her arm around his.

“Uncle and aunt. Sorry to let you wait. I was kept at my company,” said Fitzgerald. Leann took the gifts and kept laughing.

“It’s so considerate of you! Sit down. We’ll be a family soon. You don’t need to be so polite,” said Leann. Sofia Pai had been sitting in the corner. She looked at them, poker-faced. She was only a passer-by for them.

“Sofia. He is your cousin’s fiance, Fitzgerald. He is also the successor of the RS Group. They will get engaged soon.”

Their relationship developed so quickly and would get engaged. Sofia thought she was like a fool who knew nothing. Sofia Pai, now are you done with your fantasy?

She was a little nostalgic for the past time with him. Now the feelings, at that moment, all disappeared.