Rush into Your Heart

Rush into Your Heart

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Chapter: 11
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Read Rush into Your Heart by Suzy. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here“Marry me, you have no other choice” "Why me?" "I need a wife, one that is tolerable" "You promised never to force me, you fox, eat your words" "You are too late to learn that" ......
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Chapter 1 Her Cousin Slept With Her Boyfriend

It was Christmas Eve. Sofia Pai specially came back from the UK to meet her boyfriend Fitzgerald, sheprepared a big surprise for him. On the phone call, Fitzgerald said that he was to tell her somethingimportant after she came back. Sofia looked forward to it, maybe Fitzgerald was going to propose toher! At half-past eleven, she arrived at Fitzgerald's house door with happiness and sweetness. In her hand,lie

Chapter 2 A New Boyfriend

"You should know, I can't treat you as my brother-in-law so easily." Sofia Pai looked at Fitzgerald andsneered. "Hey, Sofia, stop kidding. We will prepare a red pocket for you. You are still as naughty as before." Yes,this was Wendy Pai. She could pretend that nothing happened, although they can't go back anymore. There's one thing that she thought Wendy was so self-righteous, Yes, she also was a good "actre

Chapter 3 Sleepover

Fitzgerald laughed and doubted: "don't fool me. How can you casually pick up a stranger as yourboyfriend? Don't be naive, Sofia Pai.""Fitzgerald, you are overconfident. Wait and see!" Sofia smiled and glanced at Fitzgerald in the car. Heseemed arrogant. Then, Sofia turned around suddenly and stood on her tiptoes. She kissed the man softly. Next, Sofiasmiled and left. Fitzgerald stopped smiling. He could not

Chapter 4 Blind Date With An Old Pervert

Although Jean had a good family background, she said the day before yesterday that she broke up withher family and now lives outside by herself. All the cards were frozen, and she couldn't protect herself.How could she borrow money from Jean? "So you don’t have money to pay the treatment, then how can you have the delusion to stay in VIP? Isuggest you get the fees paid and take your dad away, we don’t have t

Chapter 5 Bear All the Consequenes

"Hey. You wanna leave? You are mine. So where else do you want to go? Your aunt has had myengagement money, and 500 thousand is a lot. Look at this little delicate beautiful face. Gee! Come on.Baby." The man was only with a bath towel. As he spoke, he stretched out his hand to take off Sofia's clothes.Sofia refused to do what the man wanted. But she was a girl so that she couldn't resist the fat man. Letalon

Chapter 6 How were You Last Night

Wilson pulled down the car's baffle and looked at the girl in his arms, whose blurred eyes were full oftemptation. This time, it was Wilson who took the initiative to kiss her. At the moment where the coldlips touched hers, Sofia felt her brain was exploding. Wilson's face was so close, perfect with no flaws and slightly cold lips, similar to his personality,insensitive and domineering. Just a kiss, but it a

Chapter 7 A Cheap Person Is In Power

Sooner or later, Wilson had to choose a woman to marry. Sofia Pai didn't seem to annoy him; if therewas to be a person in that room, it might be the right choice. It was better than meeting those womenthat he hated. Wilson wanted to seize the chance to talk with Sofia in person and confirm the matter. However, assoon as he left the study room, a phone call from a friend urged him to help. "Thank you for last

Chapter 8 Marry Me

"Sofia, what will it take for you to forgive me. I... I didn't mean it. But I do love him, and I can’t repressmy feelings . Do not blame Fitzgerald, if you do, blame me! Sofia snickered, "Wendy, which Film Academy did you graduate from, or are you a super scholar?" "Sofia, that's enough. What more do you want? And this whole thing is my fault. Don't you go too far!" "Am I excessive?" Sofia looked at Fitzgera

Chapter 9 Let's Get Married!

"You investigated me?" Sofia Pai was a little angry. All he said made sense, but that didn't mean hehad the right to look into her privacy. "I must know the details about everyone close to me, including you. Now you screwed up the blinddate; what are you going to do to pay for the treatment? I know you don't want to go back to that familyand watch the love between your ex-boyfriend and your cousin. Or are yo

Chapter 10 Aunt Watch out Your Waist

"I'll go back by myself. Go, and do your things!" Sofia Pai laughed and waved to the person inside thecar until the car was out of her sight. Looking up at the sky, even though it's gloomy, Sofia was not too depressed. Sofia wanted to casually walk around, but Jean Chen called her and asked her to go shopping with her,Sofia agreed. When Sofia and Jean were wandering around, they met people they didn't want t