Chapter 10 - Secretary’s Secret Lover

Chapter 10 I Care Since She Is Mine

Lance stiffened, his lips pursed.

At that moment, a nurse came out of the ward, saying that Yazmin was awake.

Marvin stopped teasing him and smiled leisurely, “Placate her a bit. I will be waiting for you at the bar.”

In the ward, Yazmin had just recovered from a high fever. Her doctor told Lance that Yazmin had encou ntered graft rejection in her bone marrow transplantation and that having recurrent fever would do her no good.

Yazmin held Lance’s hand tightly, tears welling up in her eyes. “Lance, my shoulder hurts. It hurts every where. I’m afraid I can’t wait anymore. Can you marry me? The sooner the better.”

Lance’s eyes darkened as he pulled his hand away from her grip and stroked her head. “Alright.”

Lance’s words melted Yazmin’s heart. She then leaned into Lance’s arms affectionately.

Lance, with a frown, stiffened, wanting to push her away.

Noticing that, Yazmin threw herself at Lance and twisted her body with a yearning look in her eyes. As she

did that, her fingers reached for his belt, wanting to untie it.

Her face was full of flirtation. “Lance, actually… I can…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Lance grabbed her hand.

He took a step back, his face cold. “Have a good rest. I’ll be leaving now.”

Yazmin retracted her hand awkwardly, her face full of disappointment. “Lance, aren’t you staying here with


“Lena is here. She will take care of you.”

“But I want you!” Yazmin said unwillingly.

Lance frowned and said coldly, “Yazmin, I have not divorced yet.”

Since Yazmin had risked her life to save Lance, it would be only reasonable that Lance fulfilled her wis h,

especially when Yazmin was seriously ill.

However, something seemed to have changed unknowingly.

“Lance, you know I have feelings for you. If you don’t marry me, I might as well just die…”

Yazmin then covered her face while sobbing.

Lance looked at her with mixed feelings. “I will do it as soon as possible.”

The sound of his footsteps faded away.

Then, the sound of things being smashed was heard from the ward.

A nurse rushed in, only to see that the ward was in a mess, with the bedside lamp and the TV set smas hed

into pieces.

The nurse was stunned, thinking, the patient in the VIP room seems so weak as if she is about to die a ny minute. I did not expect her to be so strong.

The next thing the nurse knew, she heard a noise.

It seemed something was being thrown away.

It was a glass, which was coming straight at the nurse’s face.

Fortunately, Lena, who had just entered, pushed the nurse away before the glass hit her.

The glass ended up smashing into the wall and thus broke into pieces.

The nurse gasped for breath, feeling grateful to survive the disaster.

“Ms. Myers!” Lena, Yazmin’s servant, stopped Yazmin, who seemed crazy. Then Lena looked at the nur se, who was lying prone on the ground, and asked her to get out.

Lena was a servant of the Myers family and had served Yazmin since Yazmin was a child.

After the nurse left, Lena closed the door, walked over, and held Yazmin’s wrist gently. “Ms. Myers, goin g crazy won’t solve any problems.”

Yazmin leaned into Lena’s arms, her face full of resentment. “Lena, why do you think Lance does not want to

touch me? Is it because he doesn’t love me anymore?”

“Ms. Myers, it’s all in your head. Mr. Wolseley is so nice to you. How could he not love you?”

“But he never touched me. Instead, he keeps sleeping with that bitch.”

Then Yazmin took out a bunch of photos from under the bed and threw them everywhere.

The photos were full of intimate scenes of Yvette and Lance.

Lena, shocked, hurried to pick them up and tore them into pieces one by one. Then, she said, “Ms. Myers, it’s okay to have so meone follow that woman. But Mr. Wolseley too? What if he knows?”

“Then what do I do?” Yazmin gritted her teeth and said hatefully. “Am I supposed to sit back and watch her

coax Lance into leaving me?”

Lena comforted Yazmin, “Ms. Myers, calm down. Didn’t Mr. Wolseley promise you that he would marry you as soon as possible? Moreover, you have blocked a knife for Mr. Wolseley. Obviously, that woman i s insignificant. compared to you. Mr. Wolseley is a man who keeps his word. He will for sure marry you! ”

Hearing that, Yazmin finally felt much better.

Late into the night.

Lance came out of the hospital and went to the bar where Marvin was.

After settling himself in a seat, he raised his glass without a word and gulped the wine down.

Then he leaned on the sofa, his slender and fair arms resting on the back of the sofa lazily. His long legs. rested casually on the ground, and his clothes were half– buttoned. Sitting there like that, he didn’t strike people as a playboy. Instead, he was abstinent, which made him extremely attractive.

“Hey, we are here to welcome Jamie. Why are you drinking alone like that?”

As Marvin spoke, he filled up his glass with wine and picked it up. “Come! Let’s welcome Jamie back home and wish him a bright fut ure.”

Jamie, with a cigarette in his mouth, had a buzz cut and a resolute face. There was a scar that extended from his frontal angle to the end of his eyebrow.

He wasn’t ugly. Instead, he looked wild and arrogant.

Lance picked up his wine glass as well. The three of them then drank it all in one gulp.

Marvin smiled, “Jamie, you are in the limelight this time. It has been three years. No one could have tho ught that the McBride family would rise to power as it does now. And those old guys who attacked you back then are all scared out of their wits now. All have disposed of their shares and are ready to flee.”

Jamie bit on his cigarette and smiled coldly, “They can’t run away.”

Whatever they got from the McBride family, Jamie would want to get it back.

If it were someone else who said this, Marvin would have deemed it arrogant.

But since it was Jamie who said this, Marvin knew he would make his words count.

Back then, when the McBride family collapsed, Jamie’s father took the blame and was put behind bars, where

he passed away. As for Jamie’s mother, she jumped off a building and passed away as well. But Jamie

managed to get over all this.

Three years, Jamie was back.

That meant those old fellows would soon meet their doom.

“Then what about Ellen?”

Jamie looked playful as he tilted his head and scoffed, “Ellen who?”

Marvin was speechless.

Then Marvin said, “Never mind.”

Back then, knowing that the McBride family was suffering, the Robbins family broke the engagement

between Jamie and Ellen right away. All the shareholders changed their tune as well, selling off all their

stock, leaving Jamie no way out.

Jamie was resigned to going abroad. And judging from the scar on his face, it was easy to imagine how

difficult it was for Jamie all these years alone in foreign countries.

Therefore, Marvin knew that Ellen would eventually have to pay for what she and her family did to Jamie.

Marvin picked up the wine glass and took a sip. Then he sized up Lance, who was silent. “You just met

Yazmin, right? Why are you still in such a bad mood?”

Lance’s brows furrowed, but he did not speak.

Marvin understood right away. Then he smiled, “Did Yazmin urge you to divorce Yvette?”

Lance nodded irritably.

Everyone knew why Yazmin was back this time.

Given how much Lance doted on Yazmin, Marvin thought that there was nothing for Lance to worry abo

But now it seemed that Lance was distressed.

Marvin squinted at him. “If you don’t want to divorce Yvette, then don’t. I mean, Yvette is a good girl.”

Lance raised his eyebrows. “Didn’t you just tell me to divorce her?”

“I was just teasing you. I thought Yvette was after your money, but it turned out that she was after you.

Loving someone is just stupid.”

Lance frowned and said lightly, “Yazmin can’t wait anymore.”

Marvin sighed, “What a pity! Yvette is a good girl. But since she is beautiful and elegant enough, she wo

alone for long after the divorce.”

Lance frowned as he tilted his head and fed a cigarette into his mouth.

Marvin continued, “Last time I went to a party, one of my friends took a fancy to her and asked me to he

him to woo Yvette. And after I told him that Yvette is married, he sighed a bit.”

Lance snapped his lighter off and turned his head. His eyes were gloomy. “I’m warning your friend. Don’

think about wooing Yvette!”

“You’re about to divorce her. Why do you care?”

“I care since she is mine.”

Marvin stared at him for a few seconds and burst into laughter. Then he said lazily, “Something is off wit


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