Secretary’s Secret Lover

Secretary’s Secret Lover

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Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 1

Chapter 1 His Sweetheart Returns“Congratulations, you are pregnant.”Yvette was a little absent–minded.Her mind was occupied by the words that the doctor said in the afternoon.Suddenly, Lance pinched Yvette hard, and his voice was low. “What are you thinkingabout?”Before Yvette answered, he grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard.Then, Lance got up and went to the bathroom.Yvette lay on the big bed w

Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 2

Chapter 2 His RuthlessnessLance’s beautiful eyes did not reveal any emotion. Marvin’s words did not attract histattention.Yvette had always been gentle, and she was not a jealous woman.As long as Yvette behaved herself, Lance would treat her well.In the elevator…Yvette looked up, not wanting her tears to fall, but tears fell from the corners of her eyes and quickly disappeared into her ears.She thought that

Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Let’s DivorceLance’s tall and straight figure approached Yvette from afar and strode past her without.stopping.Yvette didn’t know if it was because Lance didn’t see her or because he ignored her.But Yvette saw that the girl in Lance’s arms was the one on the news.It was Yazmin.Yvette dragged herself out of the hospital.She was in a daze, at a loss for what to do.In the taxi, the driver asked Yvette

Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 4

Chapter 4 I Will Help You BatheLance stopped in his tracks. His gaze fell on the slender fingers that were holding hisshirt, and his gaze deepened.“Why?”Yvette lowered her eyes and lied, “I’m … scared.”Making up such a lame excuse, Yvette did not even dare to look up, not knowing if Lancewould believe it.Yvette added in a low voice, “I just took some medicine. I’ll be fine after a nap.”Lance lowered his eyes

Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Shameless!Yazmin retracted her hand and clenched it tightly. Her eyes turned red. “Lance, do you hate me?”“No, you’re overthinking.”Lance handed her a tissue and comforted her.“I know, I am a burden now…”Yazmin kept sobbing, “I shouldn’t have come back.”“Don’t talk about yourself like that!” Lance took a step forward, held Yazmin’sshoulder, and comforted her. “I will always take care of you.”“Lance

Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Well–MatchedHe held his waist and crawled up in a sorry state, his face full of grievance.“Ms. Thiel wants to befriend me on Line, but I didn’t agree. I didn’t expect her to be so angry that she poured juice on me.Yvette was speechless.It turned out that both men and women could be Angelic bitch.Max lowered his eyes, his face full of affection. “Ellen, I don’t want to let you down, so I can only re

Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 7

Chapter 7 He’s Going to Marry His Tantalizing ExBut soon, Yazmin came back to her senses. She looked at Emilie. “Emilie, it seems that I’ve left my bag in the restaurant. Will you please fetch it for me?”Emilie wanted to keep picking on Yvette, but she was resigned to leaving. And when she left, she glared atYvette harshly.Yazmin looked at Yvette with a sweet smile, “Yvette, thank you for taking care of Lanc

Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Lance Sees Her VomitYazmin thought, fortunately, I thought of a good answer beforehand.By saying that there was a problem with my wheelchair, I was actually setting a trap for Yvette. If Yvette said that I was the one who framed her, Lance would deem her wicked regardless.How smart I am!Yazmin was very displeased since Lance would never question her because of another woman in the past.But now? Yaz

Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Why Is He Kissing Her?Lance frowned, reminding Yvette of the dream she had in the daytime.In the dream, he was cold as he was now as he told her to abort the baby.Her heart pounded as she explained, “I might have eaten something bad. Let me grab somerest, and then I will be all right.”Lance frowned. It was hard to tell if he was suspicious.In her nervousness, she bit her lip and shouted, “It hurts.

Secretary’s Secret Lover By Zayla Quinn Chapter 10

Chapter 10 I Care Since She Is MineLance stiffened, his lips pursed.At that moment, a nurse came out of the ward, saying that Yazmin was awake.Marvin stopped teasing him and smiled leisurely, “Placate her a bit. I will be waiting for you at the bar.”In the ward, Yazmin had just recovered from a high fever. Her doctor told Lance that Yazmin had encountered graft rejection in her bone marrowtransplantation and