Chapter 3 - Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Boom! Shawn smashed the phone and furrowed his brows. “Go after her immediately! She can’t have run far!” Temperley Hall was brightly lit that night, with vehicles and people coming in and out. Gale hid in the filthy sewers to escape the pursuit of Shawn’s men. Taking advantage of the chaos, she ran down the mountain and went straight to the prison to see her father. “Father…” “Gale! You’re still alive!” Peter was very excited and burst into tears. “I thought you…” “Dad, I came here to ask you about the truth of Chairman Wood’s death?” “I don’t know either, but I’m quite sure that the medicine I used was right! Gale, do you trust me?” “I believe it.” Gale bit her lower lip late and nodded. So, Peter was wronged. She never owed Shawn, let alone atonement! “We were framed, but the matter is a foregone conclusion and can’t be changed…” Peter sighed and said, “Gale, you have to protect yourself.” Gale held the microphone and looked firmly at Peter across from the glass. “Dad, I will definitely find evidence and clear your name.” After visiting the prison, Gale went to the hospital to visit her mother. Before she got to the hospital door, she saw three or four bodyguards in black! Gale immediately hid. Shawn was sure that she would come to the hospital, so he arranged for staff to wait at the hospital. Once captured, she would be tortured like hell! Gale was thinking about how to avoid the bodyguards when the huge electronic screen on the opposite side suddenly flickered on, showing Sea City Financial News. Shawn’s handsome face matched his position as CEO and President. He was standing in the Wood Group Headquarters, wearing a black shirt, with a lazy but strong aura, the corners of his mouth curled slightly into a half smile. Next to him, a circle of reporters was interviewing him. “Mr. Wood, is it true that you are going to get involved in the entertainment industry?” “Will your acquisition strategies be completed on time?” “Mr. Wood, yesterday a paparazzi took a photo of you entering and leaving the Civil Affairs Bureau. May I ask where you are going…” Shawn raised her chin slightly and looked at the camera. “I went to get married.” These three words instantly caused a ripple in the audience. President Wood actually admitted that he was married! Who was Mrs. Wood, who joined the wealthiest family in Sea City! The camera kept getting closer. His eyes were as deep as the stars, staring at the camera without blinking. The next second, Shawn said in a deep voice, “Mrs.

Wood, you’ve had enough fun. It’s time to go home.” How sweet and tender it sounded to the observers. Only Gale knew that he was warning her! She felt cold all over looking at the bloodthirsty smile as if he was standing in front of her. Shawn turned around and left, and the bodyguards stopped all the reporters. If it were not to send a message to Gale, he would not have agreed to an interview! At the same time, Gale saw several nurses pushing a hospital bed to the ambulance, about to transfer the patient. That was her mother! Where are they taking her mother? “Mom!” Not afraid that she would be exposed, Gale rushed over immediately. She grabbed her mother’s hand tightly. “Mom, I am sorry I could only come to see you now…” She was surrounded by bodyguards. “Madam, this is President Wood’s order. Please don’t obstruct it.” “I won’t run away, I’ll go back now!” Gale begged bitterly, “Give my mother back…” Gale could only watch helplessly as her mother was taken away. Shawn knew too well where her weakness was. Any attempts to hurt her would be heart-piercing pain. After half an hour, Shawn stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window in his CEO’s office with an unlit cigarette between his fingertips. His assistant, Fiona, knocked on the door and said, “President Wood, your wife is here.” “Enter.” Gale walked in with a pale face. Shawn turned his back to her. “You finally came back.” She said humbly, “Let my mother go. You can do whatever you want to me.” “I didn’t want to touch her. Gale, it’s you who was rude.” “Sorry, I was wrong…” Shawn narrowed his eyes. “Do you think apologizing is enough?” Gale clenched her palm tightly, her nails digging in her flesh. “I promise I will never run away again.” How could she ever escape his clutches? The life and death of her parents were all in his hands. What’s more… Gale can only have a chance to investigate the truth of Alex Wood’s death if she stays by his side! Shawn gestured for her to come closer, and she walked over obediently. He lowered his head and whispered into her ear, “Do you want me to break your left or right leg?” He spoke the harshest words in the softest tone. Gale’s legs softened, and she was so scared that she could not stand still. “I… I won’t do it again.” Shawn clasped her slender waist firmly and said, “Next time, I’ll break it myself!” He snorted coldly and let go, sitting lazily on the sofa, holding a cigarette in his mouth. Gale squatted beside him, picked up the lighter, and took the initiative to light a cigarette for him. “Mr. Wood.” He didn’t move. The temperature of the lighter was getting hotter and hotter, and Gale dared not let go for fear of making him dissatisfied. Her hands were hot and blistered, and there

was a burning smell in the air. Then Shawn lowered his head and leaned over to light a cigarette. “If you want to save your mother, then do something to make me happy.” Shawn blew a puff of smoke on her face. “Can you please men?” Gale was choked and coughed repeatedly, her face flushed. Her appearance made him smile deeply. As if she was his pet. However, before his laughter dissipated, Gale suddenly stood on tiptoe and lightly kissed his lips. She thought this should please him, right? She knew nothing about romance or seduction and had no idea what to do next. Shawn looked intently at the woman in front of him. She was so nervous that her eyelashes trembled. Her lips were soft and waxy, sultry without knowing it. He felt uncomfortable quickly. This was bad. She was the daughter of his father’s enemy, after all! “Get out.” Shawn pushed her away mercilessly, his eyes filled with disgust. Gale silently got up from the ground and left. What was even worse was that as soon as she left the office, she saw Fiona, who said, “Mrs. Gale, Mr. Wood said that the cleaning department is lacking…” “I understand, I will head there.” For her, being a cleaner is better than staying by his side. Fiona looked at Gale’s retreating figure, shook her head, and sighed. She thought that Mr. Wood must have met true love and gotten married quickly, but she had not expected that his wife’s status would be so low. Fiona added after reporting on her work for the day, “Mr. Wood, about Mrs. Warm…” “Arrange the best top doctor to treat her.” Fiona was stunned. “Are you deaf?” “Yes, yes, Mr. Wood.” Shawn was expressionless. “Don’t let her know.” He has done this to have a better hold over Gale. With her mother in his hands, she could only obey all his orders obediently. Shawn leaned against the leather seat and turned on the monitor. On the screen before him, Gale was wearing cleaning clothes, carrying a mop and a bucket, focused on cleaning. During the two years she was in the mental hospital, Shawn occasionally turned on the monitor to check her current situation, trying to soothe the pain of losing his father. However, he miscalculated. At first, Gale was really pathetic, but soon she found a way to survive and slowly adapted. Compared with the madness and messiness of other people, Gale was clean and tidy, calm and generous, like a flower that could emerge from the mud and not be stained.If there was no blood feud, in fact… Shawn secretly admired her very much. He was about to turn it off when suddenly another woman appeared on the monitor. It was Jenny Timothy, his nominal fiancee.

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