Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

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Read Skeletons Of The Marital Closet by Wen Tang Tan. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here"Gale Warm, what the Warm family owes me is for you to pay!"  Shawn Wood threw Gale Warm into a mental hospital, tortured and humiliated. Two years later, he married her.  "Don't be delusional, you are just here to atone for your family sins." He hated her, and only wanted to bully her. Gale Warm endured it while searching for the truth, and proved her family's innocence. Later, Gale Warm threw the evidence on Shawn Wood's face. "I never owed you."  Later, Shawn  Wood turned pale overnight. He whispered in her ear day and night. "Gale, don't leave me. Otherwise, I won’t be able to live..."  "Shawn Wood, how dare you threaten me!"  "How dare I? You wouldn’t want our children to have no father, would you?"
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Chapter 1

In the dirty and messy backyard of Sea City mental hospital, Gale Warm stared at the meat and bonesin front of the stray dog. She had not eaten for three days and would starve to death if that continued.In order to survive, she had to grab food from the dog’s mouth! Ever since Shawn Wood threw her heretwo years ago, the only thing on her mind every single day was to survive. The Wood family is the

Chapter 2

What?! Shawn picked her up with his big hands and threw her in the car. Gale retreated into the cornerin horror. “Who are you going to marry me to… No, let me go…” She was a person, a living person, notan object to be sent around. He squeezed her chin and said, “I can give you to anyone I want. Youhave no choice.” Gale wanted to cry, but she was afraid of annoying him, so tears were held back.Look

Chapter 3

Boom! Shawn smashed the phone and furrowed his brows. “Go after her immediately! She can’t haverun far!” Temperley Hall was brightly lit that night, with vehicles and people coming in and out. Gale hidin the filthy sewers to escape the pursuit of Shawn’s men. Taking advantage of the chaos, she randown the mountain and went straight to the prison to see her father. “Father…” “Gale! You’re still ali

Chapter 4

Jenny rushed into the building. Her aunt, Paula, broke the news of Shawn’s marriage to her! Shewanted to come and see who the vixen was. She must scratch her face, violently rip off her hair, stripher clothes, and throw them on the street! Jenny walked fast in high heels and completely ignored thefact that the floor had been mopped recently. She slipped on the wet floor and almost fell. Jennyscrea

Chapter 5

Realizing that she had said something wrong, Paula hurriedly covered her mouth. “It’s nothing. Sinceyou are part of the Wood family, you should know the rules. Look at how indecent you are!” Gale raisedher hand to cover her body. “I’ll change right now.” “It’s really embarrassing. I don’t know what Shawnlikes about you. Any girl in Sea City is better than you…” Fiona said contemptuously. Suddenly,

Chapter 6

Gale woke up from his dream. She looked at him sleepily and asked, “What…what’s wrong…” She haddone nothing. Did she disturb him by talking in her sleep? Was she sleepwalking? Shawn’s facebecame more and more ugly. Gale whimpered and said, “I told you I shouldn’t sleep here. Sorry, I’llleave.” She quickly bent down, picked up the pillow and quilt, and walked out. However, she had noidea her hair w

Chapter 7

There was no way out of the situation. Gale looked sideways and saw Paula and Jenny sitting by thewindow, looking and gasping in unison. She went out immediately as it was not a good idea to stay anylonger. However, Jenny had no intentions of letting her go so easily! “Cleaner, wait a minute.” Jennystepped forward and forcibly pulled her to Paula. “Aunt Paula, what did you call her just now?” “Mrs

Chapter 8

“Yeah, Paula, we should do it together. Don’t just stand aside and watch,” Jenny said. “Jenny, I’malready old…” Gale immediately interrupted, “Look, Paula doesn’t want to do anything!” As she spoke,she secretly tried to break free of the rope. Jenny also felt that Gale had a point. She handed the knifeto Paula and said, “So…you cut the left side, I’ll cut the right side.” Paula agreed, “Okay. You

Chapter 9

Everyone’s expression changed in an instant. “Shawn, you are simply unfilial!” Grandfather Woodtrembled with anger as he yelled, “Her father killed your father, and you still…” Paula hurriedlycomforted him, “Grandpa, calm down. Your body can’t handle this. Alas, I came to you as soon as I gotthe news, and I had to discuss with you what to do about this!” “Divorce! Divorce immediately!” Paulasaid hypocritical

Chapter 10

“How did you find out what happened?” The subordinate replied, “Mr. Wood, this is what happened.This old man took a fancy to Ms. Fanning at the dinner party, and he insisted that she sleep with himone night. Otherwise, the dean would be unable to leave. The dean was forced to send Ms. Fanninghis way. Ms. Fanning would rather die than go through that. She escaped and inadvertently broke intoyour ro