Chapter 9 - Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Everyone’s expression changed in an instant. “Shawn, you are simply unfilial!” Grandfather Wood trembled with anger as he yelled, “Her father killed your father, and you still…” Paula hurriedly comforted him, “Grandpa, calm down. Your body can’t handle this. Alas, I came to you as soon as I got the news, and I had to discuss with you what to do about this!” “Divorce! Divorce immediately!” Paula said hypocritically, “Shawn, I really don’t want to be a drag. I mean… it’s fine if you don’t notify us of such a big event, but how can you marry the enemy’s daughter?” How can Paula just take Shawn’s punishment of three years without living expenses without a fight? She could not find anything to take Shawn down, so she sent investigators to find out more about Gale. Unexpectedly, this investigation revealed Gale’s secret identity! Paula did not hesitate to tell the old man to pressure Shawn. She still wanted to add fuel to the fire, but Shawn swept over with a look. She shut up unwillingly. Shawn replied, “That’s right. She is indeed Dr. Warm’s daughter, but how can the fault of the previous generation be imposed on the next generation?” Gale gave him a surprised look. This person… was too good at lying. Obviously, he was actually angry at her! Grandfather Wood tapped the cane heavily and yelled, “I think you are confused! Shawn, don’t forget, you have an arranged marriage arranged by your father!” “I only marry who I want to marry.” “You…” Grandfather Wood clutched his heart and struggled to catch his breath. Gale stood next to Shawn from beginning to end. She knew she had to blend into the background. It was not her turn to speak, unless… Shawn motioned her to speak. To be honest, she could not understand why Shawn wanted to marry her. Gale thought so in her heart and murmured involuntarily, “Why don’t you marry Jenny?” As soon as the words came out, she regretted it. Isn’t this courting death! “Are you deaf? I just said I’m marrying someone I like.” “Oh, you… like me?” Can she understand that? After two years of torture, does he have feelings for her? Shawn pursed her lips coldly and said, “Gale, you look down on yourself too much!” “I’m afraid you will fall in love with me.” Gale lowered her head and twisted her fingers. “It’s inevitable that two people have been together for a long time will…” Shawn raised his chin deeply and said, “Heh. Do you think I’ll touch you? Keep dreaming!” Even if all the women in the world were dead, even if she were naked and standing in front

of him, he would not take a second look! Gale’s head lowered. It seemed that she was too ashamed, but in fact… a slyness flashed in her eyes. Gale said that on purpose to make Shawn not want to touch a single strand of her hair in the future! So she would be safe. When confronting Shawn head-on, she had no choice but to outsmart him. Shawn said in a low and powerful voice, “Grandpa, there is no need for you to worry about it. Just enjoy your retirement. I will bring the Wood family to its peak.” “Are you saying you will not divorce her?” “Divorce is all up to me!” “You vixen!” Seeing Shawn’s resolute attitude, Grandfather Wood’s anger moved toward Gale. “You killed my son, and now my grandson is seduced by you… Our Wood family must owe you in the past life!” Paula deliberately fanned the flames, “Grandpa, if you have something to say, just say it, don’t use violence…” “I have to kill this fox of a woman!” Grandfather Wood held his cane and waved it toward Gale. If he hit her, she would definitely be bruised for several days. A cane came down on Gale Gale blinked her eyes within a blink of an eye! She suddenly screamed and hid behind Shawn. “Ahh! My dear, save me!” Shawn was speechless. She can act! “My dear, I’m so scared.” She pressed herself against his back and said pitifully, “You will be sad if I had gotten hurt, right?” Grandfather Wood waved his cane again and again. “Look, there it is! That’s how she seduced you!” Gale kept holding Shawn in front of her, and the old man tried several times but could not beat her. In the end, he simply smacked Shawn’s back with a cane. “All you do is go for beautiful girls! How useless!” Shawn was hit… Gale had not seen this coming. Her face turned pale, as if she had lost. She’s finished! Shawn gave her a cold glance. “Thanks a lot, Gale!” “I…” The phone rang suddenly. Shawn looked deeply at the caller ID and answered, “What’s the matter?” “Mr. Wood, I found the woman who broke into your room that night!” “Where?” “Sea City Mental Hospital!” How could it be… That’s where Gale stayed for the last two years? Shawn held the phone and looked sideways at Gale. His eyes were too and fierce, and Gale tilted his head to avoid his burning gaze. Shawn turned around and walked out, not forgetting to grab Gale’s wrist. “Let’s go!” There was a cracking sound from behind, mixed with Grandfather Wood’s curses. Shawn jumped into the car, and Gale was about to sit in when he stepped on the gas pedal and flew away. Well… She was not deserving of riding in his car and had to walk. Her own legs were always the most reliable form of transport. The Wood family home was close to the suburbs with very

little traffic. It was late at night, and Gale was a little flustered. However, she soon discovered a ‘business opportunity’. Waste recycling. It was a high-end villa area. The trash cans were full of empty mineral water bottles and cardboard boxes. She had an idea to collect them and take them to the junk station. At least they could be sold for dozens of dollars! Gale rolled up her sleeves and started to work. She collected trash all the way home. When she was about to arrive at Temperley Hall, she found a waste recycling shop nearby and sold it for some money. She went home happily and found that Shawn had not returned. Strange…where was he? … The rumbling sound of the sports car cut through the night sky, and finally stopped in the mental hospital. “Shawn!” Shawn stepped down with long legs and yelled, “Where is he?” “In the dean’s office.” He kicked the door open and looked inside with burning eyes. There was a fat old man in his fifties kneeling on the ground, his nose and face bruised from being beaten. The dean stood in awe. A young woman stood beside the dean, with bright makeup, looking like a cheesy, foxy Internet celebrity. Shawn said lightly, “…It’s her? Are you sure?” The woman that night was soft and lovely, and she was very beautiful without makeup, gentle, and clearly a virgin. The woman in front of him was different from what he had imagined. Could it be wrong? It seemed that…Gale’s temperament was more in line with that woman. The subordinate replied, “Yes, Mr. Wood. She is the dean’s daughter, Susan Fanning.”

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