Chapter 7 - Son-In-Law Madness

The small private room was so crowded that it could accommodate no more than five people, let alone over a dozen people.

Each and every tall and sturdy man had all kinds of tattoos on his body, which struck a strong intimidation into people's heats at first glance.

Moreover, they were not the four good-for-nothings who were knocked unconscious on the ground, but experts under Liu Sanchong who were good at fighting.

Xu Yaozhong's face instantly turned pale, and his legs were weak.

He begged, "Chief Qu! Chief Qu, please spare my son! It's all my fault! I..."

"Get lost!"

Qu Hai didn't even look at Xu Yaozhong or Xu Nan.

His eyes fell on Hong Zhuang, who was standing in front of Xu Nan.

His eyes were cold and sinister.This woman almost killed him! He wanted her to live a life worse than death!

"You are Young Master Xu's lover, right?"

Qu Hai licked his lips and smiled arrogantly.

"Do you know that he is still a fugitive?" I will give you a chance.

Be obedient and kneel down.

I can pretend that what happened just now never happened.

From now on, follow me and live well.

"People can avoid natural disasters; while they can't redeem themselves from their own sins."

Xu Nan's gaze was indifferent.

"Get rid of the rest."

"Hahaha..." Qu Hai laughed.

"This is the funniest joke I've heard this year! Xu Nan, you are no longer the Young Master Xu of the past.Why are you still so arrogant? Why? Do you think you are amazing just because you are wearing a military uniform?"

As he spoke, Qu Hai sat on the sofa and crossed his legs.

He took out a cigar from his pocket, lit it, took a deep breath, and said, "Young Master Xu, I will also give you a chance.Kneel down and kowtow to me.If you beg me, I might be kind enough to let you go.Otherwise..."

Qu Hai's voice turned cold, and he said gloomily, "The same day of next year will be the death anniversary of both dog son and your dog father!"

"How dare he!"

Hong Zhuang's eyes opened wide, "Do you know who he is? How dare you insult him, you...Xu Nan patted Hong Zhuang on the shoulder, stopping her from continuing.It was not because he wanted to hide his identity, but because Xu Yaozhong was still there.This irresponsible father only knew how to drink and have fun after his mother died.Now that he had fallen to such a state, he asked for it.If he knew that Xu Nan was the commander-in-chief of the Nanjiang, he would definitely use Xu Nan’s identity to intimidate others and make them feel ashamed.

Xu Nan could ignore his father, but he could not erase his blood relationship.

He did not want to embarrass the name of Marshal Nan-in-Chief because of Xu Yaozhong.

"Why don't you continue to brag? You haven't made a good draft yet?" Qu Hai laughed loudly.

"How about I help you blow it? He was once the young master of the Xu family, a fugitive.He was a bastard who made the Qin family grit their teeth and wished they could chop him into pieces.He was the son of that old dog, Xu Yaozhong.What did he say? I'm so scared.’’

After drinking a mouthful of wine, Qu Hai put on a fake smile and said, "I said, I will give you a chance.Obediently kneel down and kowtow to apologize, or else...hehe."

Everyone's eyes were full of ridicule and lust as they looked at Hong Zhuang.

Such a beautiful woman was rare even ina city full of beauties, not to mention that she was wearing a military uniform and had a valiant and heroic demeanor.

It would definitely be more fun to play with her...

Thinking of this, they only felt their blood surging and they could not control themselves.

They wanted to immediately taste this woman.

Xu Nan shook his head.

People do not care about the clamor of ants, but ants still dared to climb on people.

If ants wanted to risk their lives biting people, they could only be pinched to death.

"Thank you for giving us a chance, but I don't want to give you a chance.’’ The hand on Hong Zhuang's shoulder loosened.

Under everyone's gaze, Xu Nan took a few steps forward, grabbed Xu Yaozhong's arm, and led him out.

One of the tattoo-armed men wanted to stop him, but Qu Hai said, "Let them go out, as long as this woman can stay.Tell the brothers outside to treat Master Xu and his son well."

The flowery arm man's heart raced in anticipation, and he chuckled as he moved sideways.

Xu Nan and Xu Yaozhong walked out of the room without any obstructions, but in the corridor, the KTV thugs smiled maliciously.


Xu Yaozhong shook off Xu Nan's hand and pushed him to the side.

He was about to rush towards the thugs.

The viciousness on his face could not hide his cowardice and fear.

But even so, he still disregarded everything and planned to stop everyone so that his son could safely escape from this horrible place which was like a dragon lake and tiger's den.

Xu Nan was quick to react and grabbed Xu Yaozhong's shoulder, a warm feeling flowing through his heart.

This irresponsible father had finally taken on the responsibility that any father was supposed to fulfill.

Even so, it was impossible for Xu Nan to forgive him! Were it not for him, his mother wouldn't have died! A dozen thugs surrounded him.

But before they could do anything, a scream came from the private room, accompanied by a noisy sound of things being broken.

The thugs looked at one another and were all at a loss.

At this time, the door of the private room opened, and Hong Zhuang calmly walked out.

"Take care of this place."

Xu Nan said and walked into the private room.

Xu Yaozhong was stunned, and a ridiculous idea arose in his heart.

He quickly followed Xu Nan.

As soon as he stepped into the private room, his heart twitched violently.

In the narrow private room, everyone lay down and motionless.

How was this possible? Xu Yaozhong could not believe it.

A seemingly delicate and gentle woman had actually managed to knock down more than a dozen strong men! Then, a great sense of fear engulfed his entire body.

It was game over! This was Liu Sanchong's territory.

These people were Liu Sanchong's subordinates! If they offended Liu Sanchong, no one in Chongcheng would be able to protect them!

"Hurry up...hurry...Xu Nan, hurry up and leave..."

Xu Yaozhong's face was deathly pale, and his throat was dry as he said to Xu Nan, "Hurry up and leave! It will be too late if you delay any further!"

Xu Nan ignored him and stepped forward.

In the corner, Qu Hai's fat body was curled up.

His face was covered in blood, and his eyes were dazed.

His pants were wet, and there was a smell of urine mixed with alcohol, which floated in the box, making people feel nauseous.

Xu Yaozhong thought that these people were only knocked unconscious, but Qu Hai knew that these people were all dead! They were killed by that woman who was as beautiful as an angel but as vicious as a devil! Xu Nan walked over and squatted beside Qu Hai.

He said indifferently, "Chief Qu?"

"No! Don't kill me! Don't kill me! Don't! Don't!"

Qu Hai wailed hysterically like a lunatic.

His fat body knelt in front of Xu Nan and kept kowtowing, "Don't kill me! I beg you, don't kill me! Don't...


His head slammed resoundingly against the floor.He kowtowed hard, wanting Xu Nan to spare him.In the face of death, he completely collapsed.

"I won't kill you.Take me to Liu Xuan."

"Xu Nan!"

Xu Yaozhong had a sorrowful expression and was burning with anxiety.

"I'm begging you, okay? Please go! The farther you go, the better!"

Xu Nan turned around and looked deeply at Xu Yaozhong.

He sighed, "I don't plan to leave this time.I'll do what you can't do! You can't protect Little Bei, then let me do!"

"You don't know what kind of person Liu Sanchong is!"

Xu Yaozhong shouted hysterically, "So what if we can fight? One man's arm just can't overtake another man's thigh in strength.In his eyes, we are just trash by the roadside! Ants! Lost dogs! But he is the sky of the city!"

Xu Nan grabbed Qu Hai by the collar and dragged him away like a dead dog.

He said without looking back, "The sky collapsed the moment I knew that Little Bei had an accident!"

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