Son-In-Law Madness

Son-In-Law Madness

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Synopsis about Son-In-Law Madness

Read Son-In-Law Madness by Vivi. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereThe young master of the Xu family who had fled like a stray dog six years ago returned as the strongest expert ever. He is the protector of the fatherland (all under heaven), and also the defender of the ones he loves. There is no gratitude that he won't repay, and no hatred that he won't retaliate...
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Chapter 1: The Sky Fell!

"Marshal Nan, this is the surrender document sent by the enemy kingdom.They are willing to give usthree thousand miles of land in exchange for the retreat of our Nanjiang army.""They started the war and offended our mighty Dragon Kingdom, only to be defeated by MarshalNan.They want to end the war by simply handing us a PIECE OF LAND.That's not going to happen!"At the Nanjiang border of the Dragon Kingdom, in

Chapter 2: Three Orders!

Chongcheng, Military and Civilian Airport."Quick, quick! Quick!"Rows of fully armed soldiers set up their defenses quickly and waited with rapt attention.They had no idea what had happened.They had only recently heard that something huge had happened.They had been called in because there was an emergency, and they had cordoned off the entireairport.Chen Qiming, the Governor of Chongcheng, broke out in cold s

Chapter 3: Courting Death!

"Brother, take the medicine obediently.Mom said that you would feel better after taking the medicine."Xu Nan, who had been sick and weak since childhood, lay beside the bed.With a bowl in her hand, Xu Bei, who was only five years old, was carefully feeding the medicine tohim.Her delicate face had filled with a contagious smile."You bad guys are not allowed to bully my brother!"Xu Nan was in his third year of

Chapter 4: Price!

Why? Why? Xu Nan looked at his sister who was lying on the hospital bed, her body filled with death intent.She clenched her fists tightly, her nails digging into her palms, and blood dripped down drop by drop.It was very painful! However, this kind of pain could not compare to one in ten thousand of the pain inhis heart.He panted heavily.It was as if a volcano was about to erupt in his heart, wanting to dest

Chapter 5: An Irresponsible Father!

Cold.It was very cold! This feeling was like when he fell in a pool of blood years ago, his life coming to anend, his eyes seeing death.The only difference was that at that time, Xu Nan appeared, like a warm light, using supreme medicalskills to pull him back to the world.And now, this hell-like coldness came from none other than Xu Nan! The sky had collapsed! TheCommander of Nanjiang, who had a great strate

Chapter 6: Disappointed!

Qu Hai was only a dog by Liu Sanchong's side.Perhaps after being a dog for a long time, he had picked up a keen sense of smell like that of dogs.When he looked at such a stunner in military uniform, who came overfilled with killing intent, his facialmuscles could not help but tremble.He forced himself to shout out, "What do you want to do? Do you know who I am?""You don't need to know.’’ Hong Zhuang approach

Chapter 7: It Will Be Too Late If We Don't Act Now!

The small private room was so crowded that it could accommodate no more than five people, let aloneover a dozen people.Each and every tall and sturdy man had all kinds of tattoos on his body, which struck a strongintimidation into people's heats at first glance.Moreover, they were not the four good-for-nothings who were knocked unconscious on the ground, butexperts under Liu Sanchong who were good at fightin

Chapter 8: The Bloody Sky!

Outside the KTV room, Hong Zhuang stood, her hands crossed.More than a dozen thugs were lying on the ground.Everyone looked like they had fainted, but without exception, all their hearts had been blown apart bythe hidden force and they were completely dead.Xu Nan dragged Qu Hai by the collar and casually glanced at him, not caring about him.They were all a group of bastards who acted for the evil of the tige

Chapter 10: How Incompetent!

It was 12 o'clock in the morning.The Chongcheng that had been covered in dark clouds was finally shrouded in rain.The pedestrians onthe street scrambled to avoid the rain.The umbrellas of different colors were like flowers blooming inthe night.On the remote road, Xu Yaozhong was badly battered and stumbled.The rain had already drenched him, sliding down his cheeks and turning his chin before dripping ontothe

Chapter 11: Is It Worth It!

In the presidential suite of a five-star hotel in the central area of Chongcheng.Liu Xuan put down the phone and picked up her clothes from the bed.A pair of male hands wrapped around her from behind and asked, "Is that trash back?"This pair of hands were misbehaving, making Liu Xuan's whole body go soft.Just as her eyes were blurred and she was about to throw away her clothes, her hands left.Aman who looked