Chapter 10 - Spoil My Sweet Window

Chapter 10

Luke thought to himself.

He had thought that this young madam was a pushover, but now it seemed he had underestimated


“Mrs. White, I don’t believe in neither ghosts nor gods, but I did dream of Master White last night.” Luke looked at Crystal’s innocent face, speaking, “Master White said that he was really satisfied with his new wife. He especially asked me to come and see her!”

He changed the topic and his eyes fell on Freda. “Mrs. White, are you going to apply the family’s punishment to her?”

Luke was Harold’s trusted subordinate. He held great power in his hands and his style of doing. things was similar to Harold’s. When he did things, someone would have to pay a bloody price. Everyone in the White family was afraid of him. No matter how displeased Freda was, she had to put down her pride and be polite to him.

She threw the ruler to one of the helps. “No… There are guests waiting outside and Cyril is still sleeping. I was about to wake him up.”

Cyril White, the eldest son of the second branch of the White family, was a typical prodigal boy from a rich family. When he heard of Harold’s death, he immediately held a pool party to celebrate. Luke’s eyes were cold. “It’s time for you to teach him properly, Mrs. White. Otherwise, everything will be too late if he gets into big trouble.”

There was a ball of fire in Freda’s chest, but she still had to put on a show. “You’re right, Mr. Jones. I will go to Cyril’s now… Miss Evans, you should wash up and go to the mourning hall. We can’t let the

altar unattended.”

Crystal heaved a sigh of relief. She wouldn’t be hit then.

Freda left with her group of staff. On the way back, she felt that something was wrong.

“Delia, do you think there are ghosts in this world? Could Harold be so powerful that he became a

demon after he died?”

Delia thought for a moment and answered, “Maybe it’s because Master White died too miserably, and his grievance is too deep…”

Freda shuddered. “Shut up!”

Since ancient times, losers were always the wrong. It wasn’t easy to see Harold die. Even if he turned into a malicious spirit and came back to seek revenge, she still had a way to perish his soul!

Someone had kicked Crystal’s shoes away, and now she had to bend down to look for them. Then, she found that Luke hadn’t left yet.

“Don’t you have something else to deal with?”

Luke didn’t seem to be in a hurry. There was a hint of a smile on his lips as he said, “Let’s not waste any time. Master White heard everything you’ve said. Would you like to talk to him too?”

As he spoke, Luke took out his phone, which was in a middle of a call with “Master White.”

Crystal was speechless.

This guy was so cunning!

“You said that I came to your dream?”

Harold’s voice was really unique, mellow and pleasant to the ear.

“And you said that I’m very satisfied with my new little wife?”

Crystal received the cell phone, answering in a trembling voice, “Master White, I was just talking nonsense. Can I tell you something important first?”

Harold thought that she would tell him something big, so he agreed with a good temper. “Shoot.”

Crystal’s voice was already soft, and when she cooed, it felt like silky cotton. “I’m so hungry. I want to eat something…”

Harold was rendered speechless.

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