Chapter 9 - Spoil My Sweet Window

Chapter 9

“Shut up!” Freda gritted her teeth. “He’s dead. Who are you trying to scare here?!” Crystal didn’t dare to lie. “I didn’t want to scare anybody… He did bring me here.”

The old woman beside Freda said, “Madam, don’t be angry. I don’t think she’s lying. She’s unfamiliar with this place. How could she find this room on her own?”

Freda thought it made sense. “Alright, then I’ll ask you, if you insist that Harold brought you here, then where is he?”

Crystal was a little embarrassed. “He left after taking me here last night. He probably can’t be around during the day.”

He wasn’t around during the day and only came out at nighttime. Didn’t that mean he was a ghost? Did the new bride really meet the ghost of Master White?!

The staff began to whisper to each other.

“I heard that only those who died unjustly will become ghosts. Did Master White die with a grievance?”

“It’s possible…”

Freda was flustered, but she didn’t show it on her face. She scolded, “Don’t think you can escape from the punishment just because you can talk nonsense. I’m telling you, I won’t be soft-hearted!” Crystal really wanted to cry. Why did this madam want to hit her so much? Wasn’t she afraid of Master White?

“Wait a minute. I’m Master White’s wife. If you hit me, he’ll find you tonight to settle the account!” Freda almost dropped the ruler in her hand. She pretended to be calm, “I’m his aunt. Who dares to cause me trouble? You guys, hold her tight. Without my permission, you’re not allowed to let her go!” “Hold on!”

When the stick was about to hit her, a man’s voice came from the door.

Crystal looked at Luke as if looking her savior.

“Madam,” Luke greeted Freda coldly.

Freda slowly retracted her raised hand and put on a smile. “When did you arrive, Assistant Luke? Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

Luke looked at Crystal, who was being bullied, and pretended to be unfamiliar with her. “I’m coming back to run some errand. What are you doing?”

Freda ordered the staff hurriedly, “She’s Harold’s wife… Let go of her!”

“How stupid and clumsy you all are! How could you knock her down while serving her? People who don’t know the truth would think that I’m abusing her!”

The staff did not dare to refute and could only carefully hold Crystal up.

Crystal felt so wronged. She walked up to Luke, asking, “You’re Luke Jones, right?”

Luke found it strange. Didn’t she know his name? Why did she ask?

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I saw Master White last night. Do you believe me?”

Luke thought to himself that it wasn’t good. Yesterday, Master White had told her not to tell anybody else the truth. Did the little girl change her mind now?

Crystal looked worried. “Last night, he came to talk to me. He said that he was satisfied with me as his new wife. He told me that he would come to your dream and ask you to take care of me. Did you dream of him last night?”

Luke suddenly didn’t know how to respond.

Crystal blinked her eyes innocently and kept asking, “Assistant Luke? Didn’t Master White visit you in your dream last night?”

The corner of Luke’s mouth twitched, and he replied cleverly, “Master White did come to my dream last night, so I came to check on you today, ma’am.”

Freda’s mind went blank, and her face paled. “Assistant Luke… are you serious? Did Harold really visit you in your dream?”

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