Chapter 1 - Spoil My Sweet Window

Chapter 1

“Harold White is dead!”

“The White family wanted the engagement unchanged, but they aren’t going to hold a wedding ceremony.”

“I’ll ask the driver to send you to the White family’s residence. From now on, you’ll be a member of the White clan.”

Eva Miller said in a cold tone, “You should know well why the Evans family took you home.”

Crystal Evans lowered her head. Of course, she knew it well.

The Evans family and the White family had a marriage promise, but now the groom was dead. The Evans family didn’t want Dora Evans to become a widow. That was why they had brought her back from the countryside to take the girl’s place.

When Crystal was fifteen years old, she knew she and Dora Evans had been swapped at the hospital. when they were just born!

She herself was the real daughter of the Evans family!

Despite knowing that their real daughter was swapped at birth, the Evans family had already had a deep relationship with Dora. Afraid that the latter wouldn’t be able to bear the fact, they had kept Crystal in the countryside all the time.

It wasn’t until a while ago that the Evans family had sent a driver to pick her up.

But all was to make her marry a dead man instead of Dora!

Eva checked her watch, “The White family has arrived. Let’s go.”

Crystal bit her lips and asked in a low voice, “Will my father and brother come…”

“No, they don’t have time.”

Eva looked a little impatient. “Today is Dora’s graduation ceremony.”

Crystal sighed softly. Eva began to urge her. “Well, get in the car quickly. We don’t want to enrage. the Whites.”

The White family’s luxury cars lined up outside, creating a magnificent procession. Crystal got in one. of the cars and looked back at the Evans family’s villa.

It was the house she hadn’t returned for fifteen years, and from today on, it had nothing to do with. her!

Seeing that everyone had left, Eva stopped smiling and said in disgust, “She’s finally gone.”

The nanny stood beside her chimed in, “Ma’am, actually you don’t have to see her off. She is an orphan girl anyway.”

Eva looked at her sideway, “You know nothing. I’m the hostess of the Evans family, but I have no children. I must arrange things well, or else, people would rumor and laugh at me.”

“You won’t be able to understand this, but the White family’s internal situation is very complicated. I’m afraid Crystal will be likely in deadly danger. Even if she doesn’t like me, I would still see her off for the last time!”

The White family was a prominent family in City W with a history of more than a hundred years.

At this moment, the White family’s ancestral house was shrouded in white, and the guests who came to join the wake almost packed the space. When Crystal got out of the car in a bright-colored dress as a newly wedded bride, she looked out of place.

“Is she Master White’s new bride? I heard that she was brought back from the countryside. No

wonder she’s so vulgar.”

The guests began to whisper to each other.

“Mrs. White was so worried that her grandson wouldn’t have anyone to accompany him, so she insisted on marrying him a girl… Being a widow at such a young age, alas…”

“Why are you sighing? Master White is dead. This girl may live longer. If he was still alive, she would die in less than three days!”

Uncle Howard, the housekeeper of the White family, turned a deaf ear and brought Crystal into the mourning hall. He said with a cold expression, “Ma’am, you have to kneel here to guard our Master’s soul.”

Crystal did as she was told. She knelt on the futon before a high-quality gold-plated mahogany. casket right in front of a man’s portrait set on top of the altar.

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