Chapter 2 - Spoil My Sweet Window

Chapter 2

When Harold was still alive, he was the presence of the King of Hell in City W. He had a violent temper, and he could kill people without batting an eye. As long as his name was mentioned, everybody would be scared to death. Although he was dead now, his portrait still exuded a murderous aura that people didn’t dare to look directly at it.

But still, Harold was very handsome!

The black-and-white portrait couldn’t hinder his handsome face and his beautiful eyes. Crystal noticed a mole at the corner of his left eye.

Uncle Howard then said, “Ma’am, please excuse me.”

Crystal nodded. People came and went, and she had been still kneeling in front of the casket. Everyone who came to visit would steal a look of her. It was hard to tell whether they pitied her or were just curious.

At nightfall, there were no more people in the mourning hall, and the staff had left.

Only Crystal was still kneeling in this spacious hall. From time to time, there would be gusts of chilly wind blowing past her. She raised her head and looked at the pitch-black coffin.

She hadn’t eaten anything for the whole day. Her stomach was empty. After making sure that no one. was around, she dared to get up and sit on the futon to rest.

Her stomach growled loudly, as if it was protesting.

She couldn’t help it. After all, she was really hungry.

Crystal looked at the offerings on the altar and gulped her saliva. Eventually, she went to the altar. and bowed to the portrait. “Sir, I’m sorry, but I haven’t eaten anything for a whole day. I’ve been kneeling for so long. Can I have a pear please?”

As soon as she reached toward the fruit, a big hand grabbed her wrist tightly.

Crystal was scared out of her wit. She closed her eyes, her legs going limp. “I didn’t really mean it. I’m just so hungry. I just wanted a small pear…”

She thought that the other party was a staff of the White family. When she slowly opened her eyes, she realized that it was a really handsome staff. His voice was also pleasant to the ear. “Who told you to steal my offerings? Don’t you know the rules?”

His offerings?

Weren’t these the offerings for Harold White?

Did this person just lie to her? Or…

Crystal slowly looked at the man in front of her. He was really tall.

He had slender legs, wearing a white shirt that outlined his wide shoulders and narrow waist. His eyes were gorgeous but murderous, and there was a sexy mole under the corner of his left eye. “You!” Crystal was scared out of her wits. “Don’t tell me you’re…”

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