Chapter 7 - Spoil My Sweet Window

Chapter 7

Harold was distraught with anxiety. He rubbed her hair until it became disheveled and hindered her face, speaking in a low voice. “Stay here. Don’t run around.”

Crystal nodded.

Harold pinched the woman’s soft cheek again, “If you dare to run around…”

“If I run around, I’ll go to sleep in the casket!”

Harold chuckled then stood up. “You’re quite smart.”

Walking out of the room, Harold instructed Luke, who was waiting outside. “Send a few cakes in for the little girl.”

Luke was puzzled. “Cakes?”

When did Master White change his taste?

Harold’s expression was indifferent. “Can’t do that?”

Luke quickly explained, “I just want to ask you what kind of cake should I buy, chocolate or matchal something…”

Harold narrowed his eyes. “Let’s pick the kind that a little girl likes.”

Luke found it hard to believe.

“So, you want to buy some cake for Mrs. White?”

Harold glanced at him. “When did you see me eat sweets?”

Luke tried his best to remain calm. “Okay, I’ll call the Evans family right now to ask about Mrs. White’s appetite and references.”

“No need.” Harold looked at the room in the distance, his eyes pitch-black. “As long as it’s small cake, a muffin you may say, it’s fine. She’s not picky.”

Luke was speechless.

He was stuffed with romantic feed all of a sudden!

When Crystal was about to take a shower, someone knocked on the door. “Madam.”

It was a familiar voice, so she got up to open the door. Luke stood outside with an exquisitely wrapped cake box.

“Good evening, ma’am. My name is Luke Jones. I am the assistant of Master White. Ma’am, if you have anything you need help with in the future, feel free to let me know.

“By the way, this is the cake Master White prepared for you.”

Crystal received the box in surprise.

Just as she was about to express her thanks, the man called Luke was nowhere to be seen.

Crystal carried the box to the table. When she opened it, she saw two small cakes inside, which smelled so good and sweet.

She took the first bite. One was strawberry and the other was pudding. The cake all melted in hér


Although she had never eaten other kinds of cakes before, she felt that these must be the best ones in the world.

However… there was no free lunch.

And that man seemed to be so fierce.

Gosh! Did he want to feed her well before killing her?

All right, she didn’t care. She didn’t want to be a hungry ghost!

Thinking of so many things, she fell asleep in a daze.

Early the next morning, Crystal was awakened by a woman’s shrill.

“There are so many people paying a visit outside. How dare you come here to sleep? Get up quickly!”

Crystal rubbed her eyes. Before she could see who it was, the other party started to scold her angrily.

“Miss Evans, you came to the White family to guard the Master’s soul, not to enjoy your life. Please, get a good hold of your current identity!”

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