Chapter 6 - Spoil My Sweet Window

Chapter 6

Harold thought that she would make some excessive demand, and the anger in his heart immediately dissipated.

He said impatiently, “Shoot.”

Crystal choked with sobs. “I’ve never eaten a small cake since I was born. Can you let me eat it before I die?”

Harold stopped in his tracks. “What’s a small cake?”

Crystal said with tears in her eyes, “When I was a child, Grandma always said that it was so

expensive. She never bought it for me…”

Harold frowned. The Evans family’s eldest daughter had had such a miserable childhood? He began to suspect the true identity of this girl.

“Not allowed.” Harold refused coldly and walked out with the girl in his arms.

Crystal grabbed his collar, asking him pitifully with her watery eyes, “Why?”

“What’s the point of eating so much when you’re about to die?” Harold carried her into the corridor. Under the silvery-white moonlight, the outline of his handsome features became even more distinct. His noble aura made one unable to look away.

Crystal lowered her head and became silent.

When she left Sunshine Village, her grandmother said that she was going back to the rich place to be a young lady. Her mother was even more unhappy, thinking that it wasn’t good for the little duck to

become a gorgeous swan. She had never thought of being a rich young lady, though.

The Evans family had long treated Dora as their own daughter, which made her arrival redundant. Strictly speaking, she was just an outsider.

Therefore, when Eva asked her to marry into the White family instead of Dora, she didn’t resist. Her only wish was to see her father and brother. Now it seemed that there was no such an opportunity. The night was quiet. Harold pushed open the door of the courtyard. Flowers and big trees were. planted all around, blooming quietly in the night.

Harold walked into the room and placed Crystal on the bed.

Sitting on the soft big bed, she didn’t know what to do. Under the light, her skin looked even paler. Harold unbuttoned a few buttons of his shirt, revealing half of his collarbone. “This is where I live. You can sleep here.”

Crystal was surprised and delighted. “You don’t want to kill me anymore?”

“If you want, it’s not impossible,” Harold said casually.

The girl hurriedly shook her head in denial.

Harold suddenly came over and pulled her into his arms. Crystal could smell the faint scent of cigarette on the man’s body, as well as his unique cold fragrance, which was both sexy and alluringly


Because she had cried, her eyes were watery. Harold’s slender fingers lifted her chin, and then tidied up the messy hair on her forehead. When her clean face was revealed, Harold was stunned.

He had been surrounded by countless beauties since he was a child, but Crystal’s face… made his heart itch.

Her eyes were innocent, the tip of her nose looked like a drop of water, her lips were moist and pink, and her skin was fair and smooth…

All inadvertently made his heart restless.

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