Chapter 6 - Starting with A Divorce

Starting with A Divorce Chapter 6

Chapter 6 The Bewitching Man

Mathew put down his teacup heavily. He narrowed his eyes, and his tone was a little sad. “When she married you, your mother was mean and cold to her. Every time your mom was sick, Aisy was the most worried one and called the doctor home right away. She knew what Kaitlin liked and bought everything your mom wanted! When you came home late, she was the one who waited for you and prepared food for you. You got a stomach ache because of Kaliyah, and Aisy burned her hand in order to make soup for you.”

He sighed, “When her father died and she lived in the Salter’s house, she never did so much. Cason, Aisy did so much for you and asked for nothing. Kaliyah only served you a mouthful of soup, and you feel touched?”

As Cason listened, his hands gradually clenched into fists. The darkness in his eyes surged, like the rolling of ink.

Ainsley did not know what Mathew had said. She finally slept well that night.

The next day, at half past eight, she called Cason to discuss the divorce certificate.

“Mr. Baldry, if it is convenient, please come to the local court at nine o’clock. I am waiting for you at the door.”

Cason pinched his phone and said lightly, “I have a meeting later. I don’t have time. Let’s talk about it in two days.”

After that, he hung up the phone.

Ainsley was stunned. If she remembered correctly, she had specifically reminded Cason yesterday.

He was busy. Ainsley hesitated for a moment but did not call back. She would have to wait for him to finish his work in two days.

When she walked back, she thought of Lainey mentioning Cody yesterday. Ainsley made a call to visit the professor.

When they arrived at the Wade’s home, the ***led Ainsley to the study.

Before Ainsley stepped in, she heard Cody’s voice. “Manuel, I’m sorry I can’t do anything to help. your sister. Psychological treatment takes a long time, and it can’t be stopped halfway. My current body condition will probably affect the treatment.”

Ainsley was stunned, and then she heard a low and gentle voice. “Of course, your health is important. If there is a suitable candidate, please recommend the person to me.”

Cody just nodded, and the *** knocked on the door and pushed it open. “Sir, Ms. Easton is here.”

Cody was delighted. “Ainsley, come in quickly.”

Ainsley raised her head and saw the man who had just spoken clearly.

He was bewitching and gentle.

His appearance was eye-catching.

His jawline was ***and his facial features were exquisite. His eyes were deep and dark, but there was a bit of coldness and indifference. He leaned in the shadows. His breath seemed to be dangerous, but he was calm and elegant like a work of art.

Hearing that someone was coming, the man only calmly said goodbye to Cody, “Then I will come. to visit another day.”

Ainsley’s heart **a beat as she had already roughly guessed the man’s identity.

As expected, she heard Cody sigh, “The Gage family is worried. If the little girl continues to be like this, I am afraid…”

Sure enough.

The man was Manuel Gage, the famous son of the Gage family.

The Gage family was a well-known real estate family in Seattle. These years, it was even more unstoppable. All of this was thanks to Manuel, the president of the Gage Group.

In addition, it was rumored that Manuel was extremely charming, but he was decisive and ruthless. He was low-key and mysterious, and many people wanted to see his face.

Ainsley did not expect to meet Manuel at the professor’s place. She suddenly thought of Lainey talking about tomorrow’s hunt, and Manuel would also go.

Ainsley could not help but feel a little curious. Looking at his appearance, she didn’t think Manuel liked outdoor activities.

On the side, Cody heard about her divorce and felt a lot.

Back then, Ainsley was his favorite student when she was in university. Later, when Cody heard that she had married early because of a man and stopped her studies in psychology, he felt it was such a pity.

Now that Ainsley had divorced, she did not look dejected at all. Cody was relieved and happy for her.

“Back then, you were the most outstanding student in the Department of Psychology. If not for the delay, you might have already made great achievements in the field of psychology. Now that you are free, have you considered working in this field again?”

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