Chapter 7 - Starting with A Divorce

Starting with A Divorce Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Wait to See

Ainsley’s eyelashes trembled slightly.

If she hadn’t been with Cason back then, she would have indeed become a psychologist. However, after a few years, even if she hadn’t stopped studying, would she really be able to return to the field she was good at?

Cody also sensed the hesitation in her heart and comforted her gently, “There’s no rush. But if you have the intention, I will help you.

“Professor, thank you.”

Ainsley felt warm in her heart.

In the past few years, she did not have the time to visit Cody. She did not expect that Cody still

remembered her.

Ainsley asked about Cody’s condition with concern and chatted with him for a while. Cody even warmly asked her to have lunch.

It was only in the afternoon that Ainsley left the Wade’s home.

Because they were going to hunt the next day, Ainsley specially picked up the clothes and tools.

that she had prepared.

The next day, Lainey drove to pick up Ainsley and drove to Riverside Mountain. The two of them arrived early and only saw a few unfamiliar faces. In addition, it was held by the Gage family, so there were many people she didn’t know. Ainsley did not have the mood to greet them. She went straight to the house to change clothes and chose a hunting rifle.

When she came out, she heard a familiar voice.

“Cason, Kaliyah, why are you here? I thought you were not interested in this.”

“Kaliyah said the food here was great. I just came out for a walk.”

Ainsley’s heart ***a beat. She pushed open the door and walked out, only to see Cason’s good friend greeting them warmly.

Seeing her come out, the man called out in surprise, “Mrs. Baldry… Why are you here too?”

After saying that, he looked at Cason nervously with regret.

Ainsley’s hair was tied up. She did not put on any makeup. However, she took off her glasses and changed into contact lenses. She was wearing camouflage clothing. It was simple and neat. She looked very sassy and beautiful.

Cason had never seen her like this before. He frowned. “How could you be here?”

Lainey, who had changed her clothes, glared at Cason and curled her lips. “What? Are you the only one allowed to bring your little lover around and have fun? But Aisy can’t enjoy her life and get rid of her bad luck?”

“Ms. Salter, this isn’t what Cason meant. It’s just that Cason and Ms. Easton are divorced. Ms. Easton doesn’t know how to hunt but still came here to follow him. It’s a bit inappropriate.”

As soon as Kaliyah finished speaking, not only did Cason look disgusted, but there were also discussions around him. They probably thought that Ainsley was pestering Cason, so she came here.

There were rich and powerful families all around. They more or less knew about Cason and Ainsley. Over the years, Cason had never brought Ainsley out. It somehow showed that he didn’t. admit her identity as Mrs. Baldry. Now that both of them were divorced and Ainsley was still

pestering him like this, she was shameless.

When Lainey heard this, she was so angry that she wanted to argue with Kaliyah, “***you…”

Ainsley grabbed her sleeve and stopped her. She smiled at Kaliyah and Cason, “Sorry, you are thinking too much. I am indeed here to hunt…”

Ainsley loaded the shotgun skillfully and said casually, “Not only do I know how to hunt, but I’m also a skilled hunter. If Mr. Baldry and Ms. Packer don’t believe me, you can try…”

After that, the crowd suddenly quieted down. There was only the light sound of footsteps, Manuel, who had just arrived at the hunting ground, looked at her with a smile and walked toward her.

He took out the new type of shotgun prepared by the staff behind him and handed it to Ainsley. “This is the newest type of gun. I’m waiting to see how Ms. Easton is gonna hunt.”

His dark eyes were deep and charming, and the smile on his lips was meaningful, but it was bewitching.

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