Chapter 3 - Starting with A Divorce

Starting with A Divorce Chapter 3

Chapter 3 The Woman in the Passenger Seat

Under Kaitlin’s shocked gaze, Ainsley left with her luggage without looking back.

As soon as Ainsley reached the door of the Baldry’s home, Ainsley saw Lainey open the window and poke her head out to throw her a kiss. Lainey said, “Baby, get in the car. I will bring you to have fun.”

Though Lainey said she would take Ainsley to have fun, she knew that Ainsley had just divorced and was in a bad mood. Lainey only brought Ainsley to the music theme restaurant. After knowing Cason’s reason for the divorce, Lainey could not help but complain.

“So it’s Kaliyah again. This is ridiculous. What does Cason like about her?”

Ainsley stirred her coffee and said lazily, “I don’t know…”

Ainsley didn’t know Kaliyah. Ainsley knew Cason after Kaliyah went abroad.

Ainsley heard that Kaliyah was very gentle, excellent, and understanding. When Cason and his grandpa fell out for Kaliyah, Kaliyah was very sensible and tried to persuade Cason. Later, Ainsley had an agreement with Cason and got married to him.

Seeing that Ainsley did not want to talk about Kaliyah, Lainey propped up her chin and changed the topic, saying, “But Cason is very generous. He gave you houses, cars, and 12 million dollars.”

Lainey looked up at Ainsley and said regretfully, “But those are not what you need.”

After Ainsley’s father died, Ainsley was too lazy to take care of the company, so she handed it over to her cousin, Matteo Easton, to manage. She herself comfortably enjoyed the bonus. The outside world

thought that the Easton Group had become Matteo’s possession. What was more, because Ainsley had signed a property agreement with Cason, the Easton family had always thought that Ainsley had nothing.

Ainsley said, “No one will complain about having too much money.” She was a little absent-minded.

Seeing that Ainsley was simply dressed, Lainey was somewhat sad. Lainey said immediately,

“That’s true. Aisy, take the money you get to buy bags and clothes. You should say goodbye to the Baldry family in style. But Aisy, have you thought of what to do after leaving the Baldry family?”

There was a deep look in Ainsley’s eyes.

Ainsley studied both psychology and music when she was in university. Later, when something happened to her father, she dropped out for a period of time. After a year, she received her graduation certificate. At that time, she had already married Cason, and then she became a full-time housewife for three years…

Ainsley had never thought about what she would do in the future.

Lainey held Ainsley’s hand and said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter. After leaving the Baldry family, you can take your time thinking about what to do. Right now, the most important thing is that I will take you shopping after dinner. In a few days, I will take you to Riverside Mountain to hunt.”

Lainey blinked mysteriously and was a little excited. She said, “You must not know that Manuel will be going on the hunt in a few days.”

Surprise flashed through Ainsley’s eyes. Manuel was a member of the Gage family, a real estate tycoon. Manuel was rich and had always been mysterious. It was rare for him to be interested in this kind of activity.

However, Ainsley was only curious for a moment, and soon this thought dissipated.

After having a meal with Lainey, Ainsley was in no mood to go shopping. Ainsley swiped her card and asked the clerk to send all the things Lainey liked to Lainey’s home.

Before leaving, Lainey suddenly reminded Ainsley, “By the way, Aisy, Professor Wade hasn’t been in good health recently. You were busy before, so I didn’t tell you about it. You should visit him when you have time.”

Professor Wade was a professor at Ainsley’s university and could be considered her guide in studying psychology. Ainsley remembered it and drove back to her small apartment.

After moving out of the Baldry’s home, Ainsley lived in her small apartment that was very close to Lainey’s home. Usually, people cleaned it, so she temporarily lived in the apartment.

Unexpectedly, just as Ainsley arrived at the apartment building, she saw Cason leaning against the car waiting for her.

There was also a woman sitting in the car. She looked graceful, charming, gentle, and delicate.

Ainsley looked at the woman in the car. She thought that woman was really Cason’s type.

Seeing Ainsley, the woman got out of the car and walked toward Ainsley while holding Cason’s hand. She smiled gently and kindly, reaching out her hand.

“Hello, Ainsley. I am Kaliyah Packer.”

Ainsley stopped walking. Her expression was calm, but she did not shake hands with Kaliyah.

Kaliyah looked slightly awkward.

Cason, who was at the side, opened his mouth to help her out. He said in a low voice, “Grandfather knows about us and asked you to have dinner with him tonight. Your phone was off, so I came to pick you up.”

“I see.” Ainsley glanced at her phone. As expected, it was turned off. She nodded. “I need to charge my phone. I’ll be there in a while.”

She did not intend to go with them.

Cason frowned. “Why don’t I wait for you…”

“No need. I can go myself,” Ainsley smiled and interrupted him.

Seeing that he was silent, Ainsley looked at Kaliyah and said, “Tomorrow at nine in the morning. If it’s convenient for you, let’s go get the divorce certificate.”

For some reason, Cason felt a little restless in his heart.

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