Chapter 2 - Starting with A Divorce

Starting with A Divorce Chapter 2

Chapter 2 No One Is an Easy Target

Ainsley heard the conversation outside the study and lowered her head.

After marrying Cason, Ainsley did her best to take care of Lindsay and Kaitlin.

Back then, when Kaitlin was in a car accident, Ainsley was the one who stayed with Kaitlin for several days in the hospital.

Ainsley was respectful and attentive to Lindsay.

It turned out that no matter how much Ainsley did, it would not change the Baldry family’s attitude toward her.

Not long after, Lainey Salter called Ainsley. Lainey sounded a little tired.

“Aisy, are you really not going there? I remember that you used to like hunting in the wild. What’s more, you can find a chance for drag racing.”

Ainsley was stunned.

Some of Ainsley’s memories were brought back subconsciously.

Before Ainsley married Cason, she did like hunting in the wild, drag racing, and drinking. Later, she met Cason in the Salter’s home, and then she fell in love with Cason at first sight.

After falling in love with Cason, Ainsley gradually learned from other people that Cason liked gentle and virtuous women.

Only then did Ainsley slowly quit these habits.

It had been three years, and Ainsley had almost forgotten what she had looked like back then.

On the other side of the line, Lainey said without stopping, “Aisy, if you really don’t want Cason to know it, you can hide it from him. You don’t have to quit all your hobbies for him. Besides, Cason…”

“We are divorced.”

Ainsley interrupted Lainey softly.

Lainey seemed to be shocked, and then she took a deep breath. Lainey said, “Have you thought it through, or is Cason crazy?”

Ainsley smiled and said, “He demanded a divorce, and I agreed.”

Lainey was stunned, but she couldn’t help but feel that Cason was crazy.

Lainey thought, Ainsley is a perfect woman. Cason is lucky enough to marry Ainsley. I don’t understand why Cason wants to divorce Ainsley.

“Congratulations, baby,” Lainey said a little excitedly. “I will pick you up in a while and celebrate that you are finally single again.”

Ainsley laughed and hung up the phone.

Ainsley looked at the master bedroom without any trace of Cason. Although they had been married for three years, Ainsley had been living alone.

It was indeed time to end the marriage.

Ainsley walked to the guest room to pack her things. She did not have many clothes. After the marriage, she did not have that much time to dress herself up, so she packed up her things soon.

Ainsley took off the wedding ring in her hand and placed it on the cabinet in front of the bed. There was no telling whether her eyes were filled with regret or relief.

Ainsley walked out of the room with her luggage. When she passed by the living room, she thought for a while and wondered if she should say goodbye to her former mother-in-law. However, Kaitlin said something first in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

“There is someone who is finally willing to leave. Doesn’t she know who she is? She has stayed in our house for so many years, and what she wants is just money. She comes from an impoverished family but wants to live a rich life…”

Ainsley stopped walking and picked up the cup of water on the table without hesitation and splashed it at Kaitlin.

The cold water completely drenched Kaitlin. Kaitlin was exasperated.

Kaitlin shouted, “Ainsley, are you crazy? How dare you do that?”

Ainsley slowly wiped away the water droplets on her fingertips and looked at Kaitlin.

Ainsley said, “There’s nothing that I don’t dare to do. No one is an easy target.”

Kaitlin opened her mouth wide in shock. She probably did not dare believe that the woman in front of her was Ainsley, who had been bullied by everyone.

Seeing that Kaitlin was surprised, Ainsley was a little happy.

During the three-year marriage, no matter how harsh Kaitlin and Lindsay were, Ainsley always did everything she could to satisfy them. She did not have any complaints.

Ainsley was always humble and gentle, listening to their harsh scolding and cursing.

After this went on for so long, probably everyone forgot that Ainsley was a woman with a lot of character.

After enduring for a long time, Ainsley didn’t want to endure anymore.

Ainsley chuckled.

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