Chapter 10 - Starting with A Divorce

Starting with A Divorce Chapter 10

Chapter 10 We Don’t Need Your Ride

The barbecue lasted for more than three hours, and they toasted many times. They had a lot of fun with great wine.

During the barbeque, Ainsley slipped out and picked gifts under the company of the staff.

According to Manuel’s rules, she could take the pony she liked or other animals raised here.

Although Ainsley liked horses more, she eventually picked a deer.

She subconsciously felt that the horse was not suitable to be treated as a pet. After she was done and came out, she was stopped by a bodyguard. The bodyguard was respectful. “Ms. Easton, Mr. Gage wants to meet you. Please.”

There was naturally not another Mr. Gage.

So it would only be Manuel.

Ainsley followed the bodyguard to the second floor. Manuel was leisurely sitting in a chair by the window. Roman was attentively mixing the wine. The ice was immersed in the purple wine, reflecting a charming light.

When she was coming, Roman’s eyes lit up. He said with a smile, “Well, there’s really something between you and Mr. Gage. He doesn’t invite people to drink.”

His words were provocative.

Hearing this, Ainsley looked at the man in front of her seriously.

She had never seen such a beautiful and enchanting person, so when Manuel spoke, she was dazed for a moment.

When she came back to her senses, only she and Manuel were left on the second floor. Manuel smiled lightly and spoke.

“Ms. Easton, I want to ask you for a favor.”

Half an hour later.

After Ainsley came down from the second floor, she found people had already dispersed.

Lainey sat in a chair and waited for her. Seeing her coming, Lainey leaned over and asked curiously, “Aisy, who?”

Thinking of the man’s request just now, Ainsley was stunned for a moment. Then she came back to normal, and she smiled. “Nothing, just a friend.”

Lainey nodded in confusion.

It was getting late. Ainsley was also ready to go back. But they had drunk a lot of wine just now. They couldn’t drive. Ainsley took out her phone and was about to get a taxi. She heard a gentle. female voice.

“Ms. Easton, Ms. Salter, why don’t you come with us? It’s so late, and it’s hard to get a taxi.”

Ainsley raised her head and saw Kaliyah holding Cason in front of her. Kaliyah smiled sweetly at Cason and said, “Cason, let’s give them a ride.”

With a deep gaze, he slowly said, “Get in the car.”

Behind him, a few of Cason’s friends looked excited, as if they were waiting to see a drama.

Ainsley frowned and refused, “No thanks. we can go back ourselves.”

Lainey also said, “Right. We don’t need your ride. We can get a car.”

This rejection was a bit rude.

Kaliyah’s tone became a bit more careful. “Ms. Easton, I don’t mean anything else. It’s just not safe now. And you two are girls…”

Cason silently held her hand, his gaze becoming gentle. Three years had passed, yet Kaliyah was still so thoughtful.

He looked at Ainsley and said lightly, “Get in the car. She is doing something good. You don’t have to get mad and risk your lives.”

Ainsley felt a bit more irritated and her tone became colder. She stared at Cason and said, “Mr. Baldry, I said no.”

Cason’s face darkened. He got a little unhappy.

Kaliyah, who was at the side, looked down and did not speak. But she seemed innocent and appealing.

The several friends behind them also darkened their faces. Seeing that the atmosphere was somewhat tense, Lainey rolled up her sleeves and was about to make a move. Then they heard Roman’s teasing voice. “Hey, what are you girls doing here?”

He shook the car key in his hand and glanced at the group of people in front of him sarcastically.

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