Chapter 9 - Starting with A Divorce

Starting with A Divorce Chapter 9

Chapter 9 She Owes Me a Favor

Ainsley looked up and met a pair of beautiful eyes.

The man looked very handsome and easygoing. When he smiled, he was as cute as a teen boy.

Ainsley did not know such a man within her memory, and Lainey looked at him suspiciously.

Roman was very nice to them. He smiled, put the roasted black goose next to them, and introduced himself amiably, “My name is Roman Heyman, and I’m Mr. Gage’s chef. Mr. Gage asked me to cook the black goose you hunted and serve it to you. Have a taste.”


Ainsley looked up, wondering why a chef would wear a watch worth millions of dollars.

Lainey blurted out, “Roman, are Mr. Gage’s chefs all so rich?”

Roman helped them cut the black goose as he said proudly, “It’s mainly because he is rich.”

Lainey and Ainsley couldn’t help but laugh.

The laughter of the three people was heard by Cason, which was repulsive to him.

He observed Ainsley was getting a piece of roasted meat with a silver fork. She was smiling and sending it into her mouth. Her eyes lit up. The handsome man seemed to have said something. She slightly raised her head and listened carefully.

In an instant, the roasted meat in his mouth became tasteless.

The past three years he had been with Ainsley gave him the knowledge that she was gentle and considerate. But he never knew that she was so lively. The scene was filled with joy.

“Cason, is the man with Ms. Easton a friend of hers?” Kaliyah followed his gaze and asked


Cason’s friends were also with Kaliyah and Cason. One of them looked in the direction of Ainsley when he heard that. He was surprised. “No… Ainsley doesn’t seem to have any friends, but it

seems that Ainsley likes that man.”

“Is he pursuing Ainsley? Or her boyfriend? Well, it’s a good thing that Cason divorced quickly.


The one who spoke saw the change in Cason’s expression and immediately stopped talking.

Cason’s face darkened. He gradually clenched his fists as he looked at Ainsley with a sneer.

He figured it out.

He thought, no wonder she was willing to divorce me.

His gaze was deep and cold. Ainsley and Lainey naturally noticed that. When Roman left, Lainey couldn’t help but glare back at him. “What the hell is this jerk looking at?”

Ainsley also frowned slightly. However, the scenery of the hunting ground was very good. In joy, Ainsley didn’t want to think about that.

She drank two glasses of wine and was a little tipsy. She lazily replied, “Maybe it’s because I’m so pretty.”

Her words got into the ears of a man on the second floor. There was low laughter around the barbecue.

The man looked up slightly with his long and narrow eyes. He was smiling pleasantly. He seemed to be in a very good mood.

Roman looked at Manuel in horror. In all these years, he had only seen Manuel smile like this once. It was when the Burke family collapsed, and more than half of the Burke family died.

“Mr. Gage, please, don’t laugh like that. It’s a little horrible.”

Manuel looked at him with mercy and asked casually, “Have you sent the black goose over?”

Roman nodded and touched the tip of his nose, puzzled. “Mr. Gage, why? You asked me to come all the way here to cook for you and make a dish of black goose. Which one of the two girls are your into?”

Roman was a straightforward person and did not like to beat around the bush. Since Manuel asked him to serve them the food, he felt it must mean something.

So he asked.

The people around Manuel listened with fear, but Manuel looked normal. He stood on the second floor and looked at the endless forest and lively things. He thought of the missed arrow and looked at Roman. He was deep in thought and said slowly, “Nothing. I just want someone to remember that she owes me a favor.”

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