Chapter 10 - Stay Around You Now And Forever

Emily was still physically weak and struggled to stand.

Kate was too fast and before Emily realized that there could be something on her neck, Kate was already grabbing her collar.

Kate was not gentle with Emily and with one yank, she let Emily's neck in view of the others.

Wendy sneered in her mind and emphasized, "My godI Emily, your... your neck is covered with so many love bites!"

Emily couldn't hide it as she was dragged down the stairs by Kate. Before she could explain, Charles was already next to her.

You... you... what happened!" Charles stared at the love bites on Emily's neck and collar bone. His fingers were trembling in anger.

These where the ones on her neck, there must be even more elsewhere.

Wendy immediately acted proper and pretended to be concerned, “Emily, what happened to you?”

Wendy looked at Charles and he was already fuming from anger.

This daughter of his should always consider her father first, "What you did, what will it do to my reputation?2”

Kate immediately tried to calm the situation, “Emily, you have hur† your father and our family. lf Hunter Jackson knows that you did this evening, it will be the end of this family!"

"You... you want the entire Gale family to be buried with you?” Charles finally exploded.

This daughter's shameless actions could be the final nail in the coffin for the Gale family!

"You unfilial daughter, you!” He lifted his hand and was about to strike her.

"What makes you think that the man l was with tonight wasn1 Hunter Jackson?"

Emily's words made Charles freeze in position, with his hand raised, "What did you say tonight the man you were with was Hunter Jackson?"

Emily did not answer. lf she could help it, she wouldn't have anything to do with that piece of crap.

But what happened tonight to her body, Kate and Wendy would never let go. She certainly will not risk having them look under her clothes.

"Dad, impossible... it can't be Hunter. Why would he want a woman like her?”

"Why not? Why cant he like me? Don't tell me that you don't think that i'm not as pretty as you?”

With all her makeup removed, these words were indeed convincing. Charles was not blind.

At a loss for words after being repeatedly rebutted by Emily, she looked at Kate with a pair of bloodshot eyes. Wendy was in shock, when did Emily get so confident?

Kate sharply said, “Are you taking us for fools? How low do you view Hunter Jackson? A great family like that would never stoop to such lows. Hunter Jackson would never....

She paused, after all, she is a lady with stature, some words should not be said. But must be said!

"Even if he wanted to do that with you, he would never risk the ceremony for the sake of a quickie with you."

She looked at Charles, and immediately changed her demeanor, 'Charles, she must be lying!"

Charles was flustered and started to think about what to do. Kate has a point. Hunter Jackson is a person of authority; he wouldn't do something as reckless as this.

"Do you know Hunter Jackson? How do you know for sure the he wouldn†1?" Emily pushed away Kate s hand who was holding onto her collar and laughed coldly.

"Hunter Jackson said that tomorrow he will explain everything. It's almost 1:00 PM now. Why don't we wait for a few more hours and listen to what he says?"

"No, Emily must be planning to run away during this time. Charles, she has done something similar beforel"

Kate was determined to deal with her tonight. She will not give her another chance. With the arrogant look on Emily, no one would want her.

"Charles, she is not repentant for the trouble she has caused. Tonight, you must give her a good beating! Otherwise, she will never learnt

'Sir' The caretaker hurriedly ran in, panting, 'Sir, Master Jackson is here.'