Stay Around You Now And Forever

Stay Around You Now And Forever

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Read Stay Around You Now And Forever by Hollie Lee. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereAfter marriage, she did all things for him but did not get his sincerity. She was tired and chose to divorce. But it turned out to be a conspiracy. After rebirth, she... Do you want to konw what happen?......Revenge?Romance?Join us,we will let you know.   stay around you now and forever stay around you now and forever novel stay around you now and forever book stay around you now and forever book pdf stay around you now and forever read online free stay around you now and forever novel hunter jackson stay around you now and forever novel read online stay around you now and forever wattpad stay around you now and forever novel pdf stay around you now and forever novel hinovel stay around you now and forever webnovel stay around you now and forever novel online free
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Chapter 1: Divorce? Over my dead body!

"Lets get divorced.” Emily Gale was disheartened as she looked at the dashingly handsome man whommost women wanted to be with but she was now divorcing him. Hunter .Jackson, the most eligible and desired man in Bentson City, was rich, handsome, sophisticatedand one of the most respected men in the city. But after being married for three years, she had givenup hope that he would ever truly love her. After th

Chapter 2: Missus, threatened Master

Emily opened her eyes and found that she was reborn. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her body felt unbearable hot and her face was covered with thick makeup. She was wearing a plungingV neckline gown, the time on the clock was exactly 7:48 in the evening. This was all too familiar, and Emily shuddered at the memory. She revived from her death and found herself back in her 18-year old body. This night w

Chapter 3: Hunter, You scum

Time stood still in the car. Emily's hand was trembling and Liam, the driver, broke out in cold sweat. He was worried about the cuton the master's neck. Only Hunter remained expressionless and emotionless throughout the encounter. He glanced outsideat the two men and said, to Emily and Liams disbelief, "Drive!" "Dri... Drive?" Liam was shocked. Was his boss really being threatened by his future wife? Mr. Hu

Chapter 4: Behave yourself

Ah... Liam flinched and the car almost mounted the curb. Unacceptable, this is totally unacceptable! Never has there been any woman who dares to be sodisrespectful to Mr. Hunter! Will the master throw her out of the car? Emily squinted her eyes and stared at the dashingly handsome face, her breathing was fast andlabored. Hunter's face was ice-cold, his fingers pinched her chin and lifted her face. "Who did t

Chapter 5: Woman, you asked for it

Finally, Liam found a place and the car stopped by the seaside. Liam jumped out immediately. With afirm thud the door closed and locked. As fast as Liam could, he disappeared into the darkness. In the car, the man's shirt has become ruffled. His expression remained cold and emotionless but sweatstarted to bead down his forehead and cheeks. He looked Irresistible seductive. His sweaty hands grasped her tiny

Chapter 6: Brave Enough to leave

Blackness. When Emily Gale awoke, she was the only one in the car. The evening gown she had worn was tossed aside and torn into pieces. A sense of unease welled upinside her, how horny was she back then? What had she just done? Was she who tore her evening dress? Where did she get such strength? As soon as she sat up, she frowned at the pain. The fragmentary memories gradually became clear. She had just, sa

Chapter 7: In one glance, shocked by her beauty.

Emily Gale really had no idea what he hoped by driving away from Hunter. | mean, abandon Hunter? How could ¡it be possible? How could any girl do that? But now, she could even think about being with him again. The mess in the car just then was anaccident, a mistake. Now that she had come to her senses Ìt was time to get out of here. But what the hell is going on with this inexplicable downpour? Was this sup

Chapter 8: Second sister, what did you let me drink

"1s Emily here? What's going on? Get her down here immediately!" As he arrived home, Charles stomped his feet in anger when he heard that Emily was upstairs in herroom. He thought that his youngest daughter had met with an accident with or without Hunter .Jackson.But why did she come here alone? Does she intend to abandon her marriage? What the hell was goingon? That good for nothing girl! She isn't even th

Chapter 9:  What is that?

What would make you dizzy, body heat up and feel strange after drinking it? Charles' attention was now on Wendy. He was almost fifty and he wasn't a fool. What drink did shedrink and why did his second daughter give it to his youngest daughter? Wendy was full of guilt, she shook her head, "Father, | didn't drug Emily, how could I..." Emily blinked those big round eyes and stared at her accusingly but innoce

Chapter 10: That man, that's him

Emily was still physically weak and struggled to stand. Kate was too fast and before Emily realized that there could be something on her neck, Kate wasalready grabbing her collar. Kate was not gentle with Emily and with one yank, she let Emily's neck in view of the others. Wendy sneered in her mind and emphasized, "My godI Emily, your... your neck is covered with somany love bites!" Emily couldn't hide it a