Chapter 7 - Stay Around You Now And Forever

Emily Gale really had no idea what he hoped by driving away from Hunter.

| mean, abandon Hunter? How could ¡it be possible? How could any girl do that?

But now, she could even think about being with him again. The mess in the car just then was an accident, a mistake. Now that she had come to her senses Ìt was time to get out of here.

But what the hell is going on with this inexplicable downpour? Was this supposed to make her and Hunter hate each other even more?

Thinking of the trouble she might have put him into, Emily's hands shook, and she almost crashed in a panic.

She didn't want to have anything to do with Hunter, but she also didn't want him to hate her.

She knows what kind of person he is. This would never end well if she pissed him off.

The road was bumpy, and finally, she managed to drive the car into Gale's Villa. Emily stepped on the brakes, stopped the car.

Getting wet in the rain, she left the parking garage quickly and hurried to the main house. The rain hit her face and washed away all her makeup.

She couldn't see clearly in front of her. Suddenly, and with a loud bang, she hit her head on someone's elbow.

She was struck by the rebound and fell. The other one was also pushed back a few steps by the impact.

"You...', holding an umbrella, Manson .Jackson's face went dark and was about to blame the maid who was being so reckless.

But after seeing the maids face clearly, he was startled and suddenly shocked by her beauty.

When did the Jacksons hire such a beautiful maid? Her small face was so lovely and delicate, and the features were amazingly exquisite.

While soaking in the rain, her petite figure looked so fragile and made people want to hold her in their arms and take good care of her.

Even Wendy Gale, known as one of the top beauties of Benton City, was still less than one-tenth as beautiful as this lady!

"Miss, you...' Manson Jackson was about to help her.

But this little girl got up on her own, ran away quickly without even taking a look at him.

There was a small garden in front of the garage where the flower bed turned the trail into several paths.

In the blink of an eye, the beautiful girl had disappeared.

But the little, fair, flawless face was deeply imprinted in Manson .Jacksons heart.

The grandparents of the .Jacksons and Gales were playing matchmaker, and each of the .Jacksons sons were being matched with one of the Gale's beautiful daughters.

In the Gale family, the second daughter, Wendy Gale was the most beautiful one. The eldest daughter was not bad. Still, she's not aspretty as Wendy.

But the third lady of the family is a freak. She wears too mụch makeup, and people want to vomit when they see her.

But, that doesn't matter, who is this maid?

Not far away, Wendy Gale had just gotten off the car. She came over with an umbrella, "Manson, why are you here?”

Half an hour ago, Liam called to tell her that the engagement banquet was canceled. Wendy just couldn† be happier. She was in such a good mood, she couldn't keep the smile on her face down.

Manson usually liked to see Wendy s smile. Every time she smiled, his whole world lit up.

But this time, when he looked at her smile, he felt something was missing.

He shook his head and said to himself, she's still the second lady of the Gale family, not somebody that an ordinary maid could even begin to compete with.

The engagement banquet was canceled, and he had nothing to do tonight, so he thought that this would be some good time to get some personal time with Wendy. Of course, Wendy had seen through his intentions. Over the past few days, Manson was chasing after her so desperately, he almost surrendered to her deadly charm.

Her original plan is to use Manson .Jackson to get closer to his brother Hunter. But considering the engagement banquet was

canceled, she now knew that there was an opening she could take advantage oí.

Why go for the Beta member of the Jackson family when you could get the leader of the pack, Wendy thought. She really didn't need Manson anymore.

“Father and others will be here soon. Manson, I don't think tonights going to be a peaceful night for our family, maybe you should leave."

Due to the fact that Emily escaped from the engagement banquet, her father must be furious right now. A very important meeting was about to take place.

She really did have a lot of things to do. Manson .Jacksons presence at the meeting would complicate things if she was going to get Hunter.

"Manson, I'll see you again tomorrow."

She thought that it would take a lot of effort to persuade Manson .Jackson, but surprisingly, Manson agreed without hesitation.

“Then I'II go back, see you soon.'

Looking at the main house in the distance, though his eyes, Manson seemed a little disappointed.

The face of the little maid just then had been wandering in his mind.

He gave Wendy a quick glance again, nodded and turned away.

Wendy Gale was a little surprised, the way he looked at her just then. Somehow there was no passion at all, was her control slipping?

But it didn't matter. Now was time to focus on the work ahead. Her father, Charles Gale had just arrived.