Chapter 5 - Stay Around You Now And Forever

Finally, Liam found a place and the car stopped by the seaside. Liam jumped out immediately. With a firm thud the door closed and locked. As fast as Liam could, he disappeared into the darkness.

In the car, the man's shirt has become ruffled. His expression remained cold and emotionless but sweat started to bead down his forehead and cheeks. He looked Irresistible seductive.

His sweaty hands grasped her tiny hands tightly and a muted voice said, "Emily, do you know what you are doing?”

"I..." Emily shook her head, she didn't know a thing.

Hunter s eyes squinted, "Do you know who l am?”

Little did he expect that there would be a day when a silly girl caused him to lose control.

But he wanted her to know clearly who the person before her was.

Emily sighed and turned her watery eyes on him.

Who he is? He... "You are... Jack Hunter.'

"Very good!" Hunter finally released her and started to gently take off his shirt.

This is the first time he willingly took off his clothes in front of her. Ever!

Emily was dumbfounded, she already knew that Hunter was attractive, but she didn't expect him to be so devilishly dashingl

But his glare was still so frighteningly cold.

The true Hunter is cold, calculated, composed, and bloodthirsty as a wolf!

Emily suddenly realized that she was about to be devoured like prey. Her hot desire for him was swiftly dampened by his predatory glare.

She couldn't help but shiver and retreat, 'I...'

"Why? Weren't you eager for it?" Hunter pulled her back in.

Emily shook her head and used both her hands to push him away. She felt his hands touch her and they were warmer than hersl

"I...I'm fine now." The man in front of her is dangerous. Scary. He is one of those once involved with, you I'll never be able to escape from.

Oh my lord, he is Hunter! What happened to her just now? Why did she seduce him?

Her body was hot and yet chilly, chilled by her fear of him.

What happened in her previous life came back to her in detail. Emily could not help but tense up. This is someone who she definitely could not offend. Why didn't she run far away from him?

"You have inflamed my desire, now you are playing hard to get?” He said threateningly as he lifted her face by the chin.

"Little one, are you toying with me?”

"I, of course not..." Emily struggled uneasily. She wanted to push him away but was unable to.

"I shouldn't have done it, Hunter, please ... let go of me...”

She was panicking and wanted to flee but she couldn't resist any further.

"You double-minded Iittle thing,. Hunter gazed down at her, Woman, you asked for it!"